Man bashes ex-wife after demanding sugar for their children

A Mvurwi man, Smart Mubvumba, is in trouble after assaulting his ex-wife for demanding sugar for their children.

Mubvumba divorced his wife Janet Mumba after his father allegedly planted a goblin in the couple’s yard in December last year and was ordered to remove it by Chief Makope resulting In the two divorcing.

According to witnesses Mumba who is now staying three houses away from Mubvumba’s house in Donje farm Mvurwi, Mashonaland Central province approached him demanding sugar for their children’s tea yesterday (Monday).

Mubvumba reportedly locked his door in trying to ignore the mother of his children, she then knocked vigorously on his door.

He was angered by Mamba’s actions hence he bashed her with open hands.

Mubvumba filed a police report and went to Mvurwi hospital for x ray but was referred to Concession hospital since Mvurwi hospital’s x-ray machine is now dilapidated..


  1. Unless it’s self defense, under no condition should a man attempt to lay his hands on a woman. Having said that plz can women avoid being petty af this year please? Why would u demand sugar from ur ex man?

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