THE SHOCKED congregation watched as the wild pastor appeared before them. He had pins all over his body, he was carrying spears and raging about evil spells.
The pastor reportedly lunged at a 5-year-old boy with a weapon and the congregation could do nothing to save Hlumelo Matiwane, who bled to death.
The boy’s father, Nkosiphendule Matiwane (40), who was not at the service said: “I got a call from my ex-wife to say that Hlumelo was dead,” he said.
Nkosiphendule said his ex-wife, the boy’s mother, had told him Hlumelo had hit his head against a wall.
“I only heard later what had really happened,” he said.
Apparently members of the Nazareth Church in Libode, near Mthatha, Eastern Cape were at the night service on 19 April.
“The pastor was very strange that night,” said a member of the congregation who was at the service.
“He had pins all over his body and he was carrying spears. He was screaming about people casting spells on him.”
The service continued as the nervous church members prayed and worshipped until the pastor spoke to Hlumelo.
The woman said that as the boy turned to him, the pastor grabbed a spear and struck.
Hlumelo fell to the ground as a result of impact to the head.
She said while they were standing around shocked, the pastor said: “Okhe wathetha anduzu xakwa ukuba ndimthini.”
“It means ‘whoever says anything about this will be taken care of’ but I could not keep quiet,” said the woman.
She said she is a mum herself and decided to tell Nkosiphendule what had really happened.
When Nkosiphendule heard the story he immediately rushed to the cops.
When they did a post mortem, a sharp object was implicated in the death.
Hlumelo was buried on 3 May.
“Burying my child was the greatest pain I have ever felt,” said Nkosiphendule.
“I want this man to tell me why he killed my son.”
Police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Dineo Koena confirmed that a case of murder was opened following Hlumelo’s death and that cops were still looking for the pastor, who has since disappeared from Libode.

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