Zim prostitutes sell sperms in South Africa at $30 per bottle
Prostitutes’ clients in Gwanda and Beitbridge should exercise extreme caution when hiring thigh vendors for their X-rated services following sensational reports that prostitutes are on the prowl in the two towns collecting sperms from their clients after sex.
According to reports, the sperms are being exported to South Africa where they are reportedly in demand by sangomas who are said to be using them in their traditional rituals to bring luck, enhance good fortune and boosting business or preventing detection of criminals.
Some claimed that the sperms, which are allegedly going for US$25 to US$30 per 250ml bottle, were also being collected for sale in Dubai, where they fetch even higher prices.
Sperm hunters first surfaced in Zimbabwe in October 2011 when police arrested three Gweru women after they were caught with a staggering plastic bag loaded with 31 (thirty one) used condoms full of sperms. The women after being hauled to court, revealed that they were well known prostitutes and that the used condoms had been used on them by their clients who they had sex with, the court heard.
Following the bizarre incident, more than a dozen attacks on men by alleged female rapists, thought to be for ritual purposes, have been reported mainly in the Midlands, Harare and Masvingo provinces.
According to a panic-stricken man, the reports of the alleged sperm collection sent shivers down the spines of men who recklessly disposed condoms after having sex with prostitutes.
“A wave of panic gripped the town especially among men when news filtered through claiming that prostitutes were making brisk business by collecting and selling sperms they would have got from their clients after sex. This is so because the sperms’ real use is not clear although some say it is intended for juju or traditional rituals by sangomas in South Africa,” he said.
“In one case last week, a man reportedly went unconscious for hours after having sex with a woman he had hired at a local night club, a move which many people suspected he was drugged by the hooker before being forced into repeated sex for the purpose of taking his sperms,” said Mr Dumisani Mhlanga from Jaunda suburb.
Mr Last Zulu said the sperm harvesting craze had also spread to married women who were also reportedly forcing their own husbands to use protection during sex so that they could collect their sperms and sell them.
“So alarming is the sperm harvesting craze that even some married women have also joined the trade by forcing their husbands to use protection during sex so that they can collect their sperms for sale,” he said.

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