I Was Shocked To Discover That The Woman My Husband Impregnated Is

Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the seven-year-old union between a woman, Barakat Rasaki and her husband, Jelili Rasaki.

Barakat had dragged her husband to court seeking that it puts an end to their relationship on accounts of lack of care and infidelity by the latter.

Jelili, after the claim was read to him, acceded to divorce.

I dragged her to court ‘cos she easily provokes me but I…

‘My husband is threatening me with juju ’cos I told him I’m…

I left with his belongings to take care of our child — Wife

“My lord, my husband is ruthless and inhuman. He deprived me of my joy, abandoned me and went after another woman.

“He stopped giving me his attention and love a few months after we got married and started relating with me like a stranger.

“The more I tried to bridge the gap in our relationship, the more aloof and cold he became towards me.

“I felt the news of my pregnancy would excite him and draw us closer, but I was wrong because he was obviously indifferent.

“He totally abandoned me during pregnancy and left me to bear the brunt of the expenses for both antenatal and postnatal treatment. I single-handedly bought the child’s needs and paid the delivery fee.

“He still showed no commitment towards me and the child after delivery. I fed and clothed our baby on my own.

The only significant role he played was to impregnate me;…

He took a new wife, shifted his attention, affection to her…

She goes through my call log, text messages, fights me like…

“My lord, it was quite traumatic when I lost this baby as a result of his neglect. He never showed regret at the loss nor displayed any sign of remorse.

“There were moments I got so depressed and accused him of causing our child’s death. He would descend on me with blows and leave me with bruises and body ache.

She denied me s*x, made her brother sleep between us on our wedding night —Husband

“He left for Lagos after he secured a job there and would sometimes be there for about three weeks.

“I later learnt he had impregnated another woman there while he left me childless.

“My lord, I almost fainted when I discovered that the woman he impregnated is my elder sister.

“I moved out of his house after this revelation but he has never ceased to come to my new apartment to beat me for reasons best known to him.

“I, therefore, pray this court to help me put a stop to his inhuman behaviour towards me by formally separating us and stopping him from coming to harass or beat me in my new place, “the plaintiff stated.

“My lord, I agree to her request for divorce. There’s nothing to show for the seven years we have been married. I lose nothing having her out of my life, “Jelili told the court.

“She has told a lot of lies against me and tried to paint me as a cruel and heartless person.

“Barakat has never been a good wife to me despite all my efforts to make her happy. She was always seeking every opportunity to fight me. Whenever we had a misunderstanding, she would be withdrawn and keep malice with me. I always take the first step at reconciling with her. I would beg and placate her till she warmed up towards me again.

“We once fought and a gang of boys came to her rescue. These were thugs living in the neighbourhood and who are her friends. They beat me and broke my arm. I was incapacitated for weeks.

“My lord, I’m also through with her, “the defendant said.

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