Office sex spills to courts


A Chitungwiza male resident Sean Bamusi has been dragged to court accused of being intimate with a ‘married’ workmate in his office.

Ishmael Jemwa is claiming to be the lawful husband of Olga Chimwe, the woman at the centre of the dispute.

Jemwa is seeking $5 000 adultery damages from Bamusi.

According to reports, Bamusi is denying that Chimwe is still married to Jemwa.

“We are disputing the said claims Your Worship, but before we even get into the merits of the matter, we would want the applicant to prove to us if he is still married to the woman in question,” said Bamusi through his lawyer.

“We have been reliably informed by Olga that their union had since collapsed and she has been staying at her parents’ place.

“Therefore it is our plea to the applicant for him to prove that he is still in the marital union with Olga,”.

However, Jemwa would have none of it and declared that he has irrefutable evidence that Chimwe is still married to him.

“There are so many people who can testify that she is still my wife and those people can come and give their testimony to the court.

“If she was not my wife, I would not have made the adultery claim against the respondent,” he is quoted saying.

The case would be further heard on Wednesday after Bamusi and Jemwa were ordered to bring in their witnesses.

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