In a suspected use of juju, a fruits vendor at renkini Bus terminus courted the ire of fellow vendors when she was allegedly caught red handed sprinkling her wares with urine. The incident, which is the talk of renkini terminus, happened on Saturday afternoon.
The vendor was reportedly spotted by other vendors squatting and urinating in a container. Thereafter, it is said that she sprinkled fruits mainly apples and bananas with the urine.
It is suspected that she is using her urine to draw clients to her stall.
When reached for comment she could neither confirm nor deny the allegations but said she heard people talking about the incident.
“I don’t want to discuss this matter with you. I heard people talking about it and I don’t want issues bothering me since I am still mourning my relative who recently died. Please don’t write that story because I am not feeling well and two of my relatives are also not feeling well,” she said avoiding the question whether she sprinkled the fruits or not.
A fellow vendor, however, confirmed the incident saying she was called by other vendors to see her in the despicable act.
“The rumour has been going on for some time that she is in the habit of sprinkling fruits with her urine but i had never seen her. iasked her what she was doing and why she was doing it but she could not give a satisfactory answer,” the source says.
The source added: “She later admitted when we engaged our committee members to reprimand her.”
A male vendor said he had been buying fruits from her since he started selling at renkini and is disappointed that his family has probably been eating contaminated fruits all along, “I buy fruits for my family from her every day. This is disheartening and I feel for the masses who have been buying fruits from her stall,” said the vendor

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