A Harare woman who was accused of killing her co- wife’s child has dragged her accuser to the court saying she is becoming a nuisance.

Sarudzai Madzimbo dragged Yeukai Bingura to court seeking a peace order against her.

“Yeukai is my husband’s second wife. Ever since she married my husband i have had no peace. She constantly insults me and belittle me before everyone,” she said.

“She lots a child and she always blame me for the baby’s death. She accuses me of killing her child. I do not know why she would think i would do such a thing to her.”

“I have never insulted her or told everyone that she has already married three times, my husband being the third man she has married. She comes to my house to harass me. When our husband comes to my house she comes to drag him to her own house.”
Yeukai denied the claims.

“I do not insult her. I last spoke to her at my child’s funeral. I only went to her house because i wanted our husband to pay back the money he borrowed from my neighbour. We are in a polygamous marriage and she just has to get that in her mind,” she said.

The magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi ordered Yeukai to refrain from verbally abusing Sarudzai.

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