A Bulawayo man told a court he could not keep up with his wife’s penchant for kinky sex as she preferred to have sex in the bush, than on a bed.

Bhekimpilo Ngwenya of Kingsdale had been dragged to court by his wife, Maria Njovo, who accused him of being sexually abusive.

He denied the accusation in court and said their love life was strained because he could not keep up with his wife’s sexual fantasy world.

Ngwenya said he had to struggle to have sex with his wife as she spiritedly resisted using the bed in their bedroom, demanding to have sex “under open skies with the sounds and smell of nature around them.”

“Your honour, I am uncomfortable with such an arrangement because I feel as if someone would be watching us the whole time. She is lying that I abuse her because i just can’t indulge her fantasies,” said Ngwenya.

Njovo said she needed a protection order against her husband, saying he was a sex pest who demands sex anywhere at anytime.

“He is the one who wants bush sex and he harasses me when I refuse .I don’t want to stay with him anymore because he forces me to have sex,” said Njovo.

Magistrate Mashavakure granted the protection and ordered Ngwenya to stop being sexually abusive.

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