He abandoned me during pregnancy, beat my mum blue-black —Woman

beating, woman“My lord, I’m better off being alone than stay married to my husband who derives pleasure starving and beating me to a pulp. I pray the court to separate us so that I can have peace of mind.”

Rukayat Adeyefa had dragged her husband, Teslim Adeyefa to court seeking that their four-year-old union be terminated.

Rukayat alleged that Teslim was irresponsible and in the habit of beating her. She also prayed the court to grant her custody of their only child.

“I’ve known no peace or rest since I got married to my husband. He cares less about my welfare and that of our only child and constantly shirks his responsibility in the home. Any time I draw his attention to his lapses he gets annoyed and descends on me with punches.

“He didn’t stop beating me even when I was pregnant. I moved to my parents place when he almost snuffed life out of me. I was then three months pregnant. He never bothered to check on me till I put to bed. My parents were responsible for my antenatal care. They also paid for the medical services I received during and after delivery because he never showed up.

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“I went back to his house for our child’s naming ceremony and he started misbehaving again immediately we were through with the ceremony. I, therefore, went back to my parents’.

“My lord, he came to my parents’ house two weeks after I moved back there to harass them. My family members held a meeting and warned him never to come there again. But he returned a second time to beat my mum blue-black.

“I’m tired of his shameless act, I plead for divorce so as to put my life together again, “the plaintiff said.

“My wife is a pain in the neck, “Teslim told the court.

“She’s troublesome and in the habit of gripping my clothes and tearing them into shreds anytime we have a misunderstanding. She also fights our neighbours and as a result, we keep moving from house to house.

“I have reported her to her parents on three occasions but they took to her side. Her mum was the brain behind her moving out of my house.

“My lord, she lied that I shirk my responsibilities at home. I paid her regular visits at her parents’ house in order to give our child feeding allowance. When she didn’t feel like seeing me again, I started giving her mother the money.

“There was never a time I raised my hand to beat her or her mother, I’m a gentle man, “the defendant told the court.

The court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, after listening to both parties, adjourned the case till July 5, and asked them to return to court with their child and parents for judgment

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