Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has listened to the prayer of divorce of a woman, Omobola Adegunju from her husband, Adewale Adegunju.

Omobola told the court that her husband was troublesome and nonchalant about her welfare and that of their children. She added that she was fed up with their relationship and wasn’t ready to go on with it.

She, as such, appealed for a separation from her husband and requested that the court made him responsible for their children’s upkeep.

Adewale agreed to his wife’s claim on divorce but disagreed that she had custody of their children. According to him, he had not enjoyed their marriage for a minute since they got married because she was troublesome, disobedient and had no respect for him.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, after listening to both parties, observed that the love between them had waned.

Ruling, he dissolved their nine-year-old marriage and granted custody of their children to the plaintiff. He mandated that the children be put in a boarding school.

The defendant was also asked to be responsible for their education and health care.

“My lord, I’m married to a husband who is troublesome and always seeking every opportunity to fight me. We have always been on each other’s neck since we got married because he sees nothing good in me. Any time we fight he beats me blue-black.

‘I got so fed up and frustrated with his irrational acts that I started keeping a knife by my side at night. I was determined to stab him if he ever made an attempt at hitting me since he has turned me into his punching bag.

“He has ceased to take care of me and our children since February 2018.

“My lord, he was emotionally detached when I had our first child. I fell into labour and developed a complication which later affected my health. I had the baby but he eventually died.

“My husband felt unconcerned throughout this period and never set his eyes on the baby till he was buried, “she said.

“He has since taken a new wife, I, therefore, appeal to the court to grant me custody of our children so as to give them sufficient care.

“I further more pray the court to make him responsible for their wellbeing, “the plaintiff added.

“I agree to her claim of divorce because I never enjoyed our relationship, but I pray the court not to grant her custody of our children.

“I have never met a woman so troublesome and disobedient as my wife.

“After we lost our first child, she accused me and my sister of killing him for ritual.

“We were living separately after a court in Kwara State dissolved our marriage in 2015, that was six years after we got married, but we were reconciled and she moved in with me.

“Shortly after this we had a quarrel again and she attempted to stab me. I sent her packing again.

“I was informed that she was sleeping in the mosque with our children and this led to one of the kids developing an infection of the heart.

“I took her in after much plea was made on her behalf by our family members and friends but she took to blackmailing me immediately she moved in. It took me no time to throw her belongings out of my house again, “the defendant stated.

“I was away in Canada for a while and was always sending her and our children allowances through her account for their welfare. My intention was to take the children along with me but she denied me access to them and likewise denied them the opportunity of travelling out of the country.

“I stopped sending her money from March after she got married to another man, “he concluded.

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