A 60-year-old Gokwe woman recently stunned a traditional court when she confessed begged a chief to get rid of her goblin which she said had turned her family’s lives into a living nightmare.
Margardelyn Makainganwa of Gwave village under Chief Nemangwe made the shocking plea when she was dragged before Chief Nemangwe by her two sons who were accusing her of witchcraft.
Obey (40) and Obert Makainganwa (43) claimed that for a long time they had been subjected to ‘spiritual thrashings’ from unknown things whenever they went to bed.
“The children narrated before my court how in desperation they had turned to a local sangoma who pinpointed their mother as the culprit.
“Makainganwa first refuted the allegations and demanded that the sangoma be called in to accuse her face and he complied.
“After she denied the allegations we were forced to call the sangoma who after searching Makainganwa’s room emerged with a clay pot that had some blood and animal furs.
Upon seeing the pot Makainganwa broke down and wept confessing that the pot was a shrine where a goblin resided.
She also confessed that the goblin had been tormenting her and the family for years and begged for help to get rid of it,” said Chief Nemangwe who revealed that he did not formally charge the woman and suggested that the matter be resolved amicably by the family.

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