A woman who was banished from headman Musonza’s village in Goromonzi following her witchcraft confessions is now stranded as she has nowhere to stay.

Euna Dabalanga, 47, and her husband, Taurai Muponda were both ousted from headman Musonza’s village last month after they both confessed to be involved in witchcraft.

Euna says they sought refuge in Damofalls in Harare, but have since been asked to move out by the owner of the property since she came to know of their past.

“We sought refuge in Damofalls but then the woman found out we were in the paper over witchcraft and said we had to look for an alternative place to stay.

“My past is now haunting me. I do not like this evil spirit which is in me. I am appealing to the public for help. Anyone who knows how the spirit of witchcraft can be exorcised should help us.

“Sometimes I hear my dead mother’s voice calling me and when I follow it I see myself in the graveyard. Sometimes I see different creatures even when I am just sitting.

“I have gone to see different prophets and traditional healers but none of them could help me. I even went to Magaya for help but I did not see the results of it.

“Currently, a traditional healer in Goromonzi said we should bring cattle so that she helps us. The problem is that we do not have money to buy the cattle.

“I really want this evil spirit to depart from me and my husband. I am told that ndine mubobobo wechikadzi uye ndinobuda husiku zvichinzi futi murume wangu ane mubobobo wechirume.

“All I want is to be able to be accepted by the community so that I will have a place of my own to stay. I want help that is all I want. My situation has also affected my child’s education as she is currently not attending school because we have no permanent place to stay,” she said.

Well-wishers can get in touch with Euna on her mobile number 0734 240 823.

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