Dear Met,

Yuh have Dis girl name kimone, weh live ina New Haven, weh deh wid one Coolie man round the road from r, weh make she gwan like shi deh pon a high horse. Shi can gwan like shi better than people.

Tell if dis right you n Yuh man deh fi couple years n ave A child, then fi find out say him go have next pickney otta road weh all younger than yuh Ute n yuh ave to live wid it true yuh waa live ina hype live ???
Tell mi if shi Anu one big idiot. And shi cyaa make him know shi a f**k pon him enu. Not even ago get ina dah one deh Cause shi would a drop right off a r high horse.

Big 20 add year old gyal still live with r mada n naa do nth fi r self more than depend pon man weh a gi r bun till it look silly. No sah real man clown to BBC. Gyal like unno make woman look like idiot truu uno love likes.
N she love people business n fi r own a spoil. Wooiii n it nu done yaa suh nuff more to be said but mi like get mi info rite.

7 thoughts on “WTH – YOU LOST US FO SHO

  1. Sender…what is wrong wid yuh?? Is Kimone yuh want or har coolie man? How yuh mean big 20 year old still live at har mumma yaaard? Den weh yuh tink Prinny Bimma, har one time bestie Marie pon Bronxwood, and countless other dancehall rat bats live? Right ah fi dem mumma yaaard and dem ah either near 50 or ova. Sender, please tuh go take up ah book cause man and ooman watchings doe fit yuh…:travel

    1. How dare you Prinnny Brimma is renting that basement from mama. So that’s her landlord. Lol. Sender yuh salty over Kimone and di Coolie though. If him gi bun and breed gal, she fi gi him bun to. Equal opportunity bunner she is, lef har.

  2. Prinny should own a home bout a rent from mother. That’s why they have all that money to waste of mr designer and mr liquor company instead of building something for self. MFs got their priorities all f***d up. Not to mention the numerous DH men who live off women n when the women don’t have no more to give…..it’s on to the next one. Wutliss piece a johncrow dem!!! Prinny cmon do better n lef DH men.

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