6 thoughts on “WUP WAP WAP A MAN SHE WANT

  1. This situation is not funny this child ran away from home and have her family worried and a man yard she deh all this time. See all the big man dem weh nuh stop sex Likkle pickney dem fi dead

  2. I really f**kin hate this beating in public these rass parents do! That is not going to help!! Bring your friggin child home and deal with them. An when since did beating stop ppl frm f**kin

  3. Heller mi nuh wrong the mumma from wap out har clath. Mi just imagine how much sleepless night and days without food the homan haffi endure because she worried bout this likkle gal yah. How feels it knows, look how time serious? No parents want to berry their child no matter how bad them be. Maby if it was me I would’ve done her worst. Stinking likkle unruly shit

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