5 thoughts on “WUP WAP

  1. Mi a listen to di radio 103.5 and charlamayne give Bob costas donkey of di day cause him say use in bigger than bob marley..a must listen!! cause a two different league still a musician and track legend..

  2. I think Bob was trying to say two famous people from the same Country.Not necessarily comparing a musician to an athlete.He is a legend and the most famous person from Jamaica at this moment in time.It doesnt take away from other legends but it’s just that right now is his time.It is clear that Bob is in awe of Bolt in his interview and also has utmost respect for him as an athlete.Some interviews of athlete you can tell the interviewer just doing a job and could care less.No negativity is needed some times we need to look at things from a different perspective .People interpret things different.Charlamagne need to have several seats always trying to make something out of nothing.
    Yes Bob way to go, acknowledge what is right.

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