Dear Met,Metters and Peepers,

Monday Oct 24,2016 will go down as one of the darkest days in Jamaica’s judicial system history.Not since the kartel case has a case so captured the Jamaican people interest and this was on display mainly from yesterday into today.I went to the pharmacy and people in the line and people sitting down were talking abt it.I went to buy a coconut jelly and ppl were talking between sips.
The primary focus was the main witness saying it was foggy and him never see a who fire plus plusthe police them tell him what to say/lie!The long and short is that the Alleged shooter walked free on all charges.Met I was downtown and a bag of ppl just a bawl a go whey so,picture the weeping wall inna the holy land where ppl do pilgrimmage go bawl.I tried to console this Rasta Man who kept on literally crying out over and over…”How can Rasta sell out Rasta??Rasta sell out Rasta!The taxi man resembles a Rasta as such I refuse to say he is Rasta.Downtown schools let out early due to potential unrest as this verdict was seen as a Travesty of justice. It was way too emotional so I got in my car n drove out but about 8 or so minutes it happened!

I started thinking of the things I heard,know and believe….then the TEARS began trickling at first then whooosh! Think on these things…..

1)The man was charged not just for Khajeel’s murder but attempted murder for the same Taxi man.Thus in truth and fact the man was trying to really kill you the Taxi Man.How much money could someone pay me /you off who did want kill me,kill you?

2)The very night of the incident it is being alleged by my cousin’s best fren that the Taxi Man was approached and threaten to take $J250000 or he would be harmed.He took the money Inna the bar off Mannings hill road according to further allegations.
3) The man refuse to turn over his gun for ballistic testing so it could be examined to see if the casings and bullets in Khajeel matched.There was even a high ranking cop implicated in the X6 killer mess whappen to him?

The Dpp,the current commissioner of Police are the most worthless fartlings to ever serve the public.their level of Bundling and incompetence are unmatched in World history.‎Met believe me that I feel it fi the yute ppl and I cried so till the tears block mi vision and I had to pull over to the roadside and have a cry.This is a watershed moment in our history for the haves vs the have nots.This verdict has made a mockery of a system purpoting justice for ALL.We respect the court’s decision but can’t shake how wrong it feels!The judge did the job as the law stipulates so we understand.

I went in the office and this fool fool secretary ask me if it a rain mek mi face so wet.I told her yes is just mi face it rain pon since mi clothes dry dry.Jah will fix what Man cant,he will make us whole again as we are so broken up over this.Rest in Power Khajeel.


  1. Wow I’m tearing up just by reading this rip young man …and to the families of this young man i kno it’s hard to come to grips with the outcome of this verdict a killer walks free , but take it to heart that no matter how long it takes he will get his just reward,(An eye for an eye mi seh)

  2. Mi seh all who was on the jury a member of their family must get gun down and them feel was the youth family feel..fcuk di witness right is right and wrong is wrong he did shoot the kid and buy ticket and leave the island that’s what matters most..if him never guilty him wouldn’t run…bwoy a tell yu Jamaican people nu easy

    1. You can’t “blame the jury. The Judge told them there’s no evidence, therefore, they should find the accused innocent”. The exact quote I heard on Cliff Hugest this morning.

    2. You cannot tske the jutord to task! They didn’t have a job because the big ptaxc taxi man throw the case. Dpp strength was the taxi man. The judge couldn’t go any further because dpp withdrew the charges cause again, taxi man sell oiy yhe entire case.

      Writer, virtual hug for your grief. My grief is with people like Wright. Sell out fi nothing and the ignorance of me people.

  3. The taxi man claimed he does not know the victim, however, his mother claimed otherwise. He’s well known to the family. It is obvious the taxi man was bribe or threaten hence the reason(s) why he recanted his story. The only victory the DPP has ever had in my opinion is the Vybz Cartel case. Other than that I find her to be very incompetent. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of cooperation her department gets whenever witnesses refused to give statement because of fear. Whatever the reasons I find them incompetent.

    1. DPP/Prosecutors office has had countless victories that aren’t high profile cases. Not all cases make news and contrary to unu propaganda Jamaica no worst than no where else.

      Big big merikka have george zimmerman a walk road, england took 20 years to prosecute only 2 from a group that murdered Stephrn Lawrence.

      Courts cannot function without witnesses and that was what gave Lizard justice, not Llwellyn.

      1. Which case DPP win.Mi jus memba,di one weh di man jump ova Jamaica house fence and tief some ackee and yuh can continue comparing America wid Jamaica(300million to 3million people.

        1. Ackee case? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          How DPP fi win ackee case when the job of the PROSECUTOR is to represent the people…ie the country. Ackee case was base on the man “stealing” from the “people/state”.

          :ngakak :ngakak

          A could a 2 -20 people heaven are hell the comparisons are relative.

          From the kartel case me know me people ignorant of laws especially parliamentary ones…this even drive it home.

      2. Phantom, I am not one to insinuate that Jamaica is the worst, I know what goes on around the world. Also,I indicate in my comment that one of the reason for cases such as this, is the lack of witnesses and people recanting their testimony or claimed police force them lie because they are scare of reprisal.

      3. PhantomPhoenix Just stfu . Where are the witnesses in Kartel’s case????????????????????????????????? Where is Lizad’s body.

        Just shut up. KMT

  4. Today’s Gleaner

    The Police High Command has recommended that the Firearm Licensing Authority revokes the gun licence of businessman Patrick Powell.

    Powell was yesterday freed or the murder of schoolboy Khajeel Mais and shooting with intent in relation to taxi driver Wayne Wright during July 2011 incident.

    Jovan Johnson picks up the story:


    According to the Police High Command, as part of its preparation for the trial which ended yesterday, on July 10, 2011 it executed a search warrant on Mr Powell’s Havendale home.

    However, the police say his weapon was not found.

    Mr. Powell was picked up at the Norman Manley International Airport on ‎July 11, 2011 following his return from overseas. ‎

    The police say he was taken into custody and questioned that same day about the incident and the whereabouts of his firearm. 

    According to the police, on the instructions of his attorney, he refused to answer and was subsequently served with a notice under the Firearm’s Act to hand over his firearm.

    The police say he indicated that on the instructions of his lawyer he would not hand it over.

    AND… The police say the database at the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) was checked, but the ballistic signature of Powell’s firearm had not yet been captured.

    The police say at the time of the incident, the FLA was just implementing the new system and had only reached surnames that began with ‘C’. 

    As a result, Powell’s firearm information was not yet in their database.

    AND.. The police say it also investigated allegations that a Deputy Superintendent had assisted Powell to hide the murder weapon.

    According to the police, the Anti-Corruption, under the leadership of the then Assistant Commissioner Justin Felice, launched an investigation, which included a search of the house of the Deputy Superintendent.

    It said in the end, the Anti Corruption Branch found nothing to support the allegation that the Deputy Superintendent was was involved.

  5. Is it true that Patrick Powell is related to Assistant commissioner of Police Powell?

    Why wasn’t any casings,bullets recovered from the scene and car?Did the shooter stop to pick up everything?If so what happen to the bullet shells in the car and in Khajeel? Why were none recovered?

    1. You can’t conduct ballistics comparison if you don’t have a weapon to compare signature markings with. Didn’t you read that the gun never made it into evidence?

  6. Did you know that under the Law,specifically the Firearm Licensing act,ALL license firearm holders are to have their guns checked via Ballistic tests Yearly?? Since it is a requirement to have have firearm,why wasn’t Powell’s weapon tested for 5years.

    No warrant or lawyer’s instruction could trump the law becuase failure to do the yearly test leads to a revocation of the license

    1. Where unu miss that his gun and ammo were illegal and part of the charges?

      How they going to test an illegal fire arm they don’t have possesion of? Kmt

  7. Are you aware that the taximan drove off and the X6 killer drove him Down firing several shots?It wasn’t a bump and he came out shooting no no nooo.

  8. I don’t understand how the then attorney general (Patrick Atkison) who is representing that beast Powell could have authorized his client to not turn over his gun…..and how could he be practicing private while he was attorney General. Jamaica a one a di slackest country mi know. Why up to tideh the gun nuh turn over ?
    Then dirty fla ago sey them never reach surname P so they don’t have the ballistic file for Powell cah in 2011 they where at surnames starting with C ( everyone in this country should boycott Patrick Powell business…let us take a stance a send him a strong message!!!!!!

    Metters please inform us of the name of his business establishment and let us boycott his rass and mi him dead fi hungry !!!!

  9. It is so sad on so many level, some say the young man had a rape charge, some say he stabbed someone. I don’t know, some say Powell is a well connected bad man. If he’s well known bad man ! Why wasn’t taxi man put under witness protection??? . AndAfter powell walked free, why wasn’t there a press conference??, all those judges/ police/ politicians, hang in the same circle and know each other dirty secrets.god is gonna deal with the whole lot of them one by one.

  10. Technically he did not walk free, because for the rest of his miserable life this man will live in guilt, This world wide WEB, the internet must be some people worst enemy because not only Jamaica know that this man should be in Jail, the entire world knows, for His sake and how Jamaica is, I hope him cover him head back! I can imagine how he is going to live in fear and that is worst than being in Jail.

  11. Honeybee…if there was lock of evidence the case would not made it to trial..there wouldn’t be a trial so if a jury was sitting on the trial the judge should not instructed them to not find him guilty….look at the kartel case..there was so many people didn’t cooperate the police tamper with evidence from his phone to put evidence of Facebook no murder weapon no body just vicenote n txt message…come on now how can he kill the kid like that n walk free wen crime is at it’s hightest in the country

    1. It wasn’t me who said there was lack of evidence, it was the presiding Judge. I actually heard it on the radio this morning.

  12. I am so upset but ,them say wat goes around come by around ,u can hide from man but not god ,they will get what them deserve in time u see that licky licky taxi boy ,how him sleep a night time

  13. I am more upset at the taxi man he got a chance to live and couldn’t help the victim get justice, I’m disgusted with Jamaica system. This is so sad and unfair to poor ppl. I was planning on visiting the country for Christmas with my family but due to this case we all change our minds. We can’t take these risk as a tourist going there anything could happened to us an we won’t get any justice.and yes anything could happen in any other country as well but 9 out of 10 this won’t be the outcome

    1. Yes, I Heard the same theory . I also heard that the reason patrick powell refuses to turn over his firearm is because ballistics would ELIMINATE his license firearm as the weapon and make him a less likely suspect which would then point to the other person who has access to his car . His son .
      By the way is son is also on bail for assault charges after him and his friends allegedly beat someone until they were paralyzed uptown . Little powells lawyers claim the charges were puffed up , since the prosecutors took two years to charge little powell (because the victims statement was “vague”) . champagnie (little powells lawyer) said that charging his client was just an attempt to lure his clients father back into the country (at the time he was still abroad). judith pusey quickly shut that theory down and told champagnie to focus on matters at hand.

  14. Correct … And it is alleged that both of his sons already have charges … Also the bullet that killed the young man did not match the fathers licensed fire arm so basically they searched his house and did not find anything so the lawyer argued that his gun does not need to be tested it was already ruled out .. The prosecutor did not ask if there were any other drivers who had access to his vehicles

  15. Met the case is over,there will be no appeal due to double jeopardy.However there’s some new info that can buss this case wide open.the police and DPP need to subpoena Powell’s travel docs on the day of the incident.Even though he admitted to firing shots,what if the records show HE wasn’t even in the island at the time.

    Clearly then another driver and shooter was in the x6.launch a full investigation into the alibis of his sons and whoever had access to the car that date.New trial,new suspect DON’T frigging mess it up eediots!!

    1. Same ting mi hear fram day one.
      They put out the story that after the shooting he left the island. Officially it was said he then returned and was arrested upon arrival at the airport.
      What has been said here in the comments is the same story I heard. “Mr politician fren” was overseas on the day of the incident and after setting up his plan he returned and was arrested.
      Everybody is dissing the taxi driver but he is watching his family neck-back. He knows “Mr contribute to political party” was not the driver, and often when ppl page you, you are given an offer you can’t refuse. Often its delivered by a messenger who was trained in Twickenham Park and advised his next visitor would be man shining a Bright light. No doubt the taxi man was given something to sweeten the reality of his position but he is still a loose end and in time will make the 7 o’clock news.
      And although some might not like the reality of this travesty of justice don’t expect too much noise from one obvious party because it was also suggested, it was not just the taxi driver that was made an offer and accepted it.
      The real story is the taxi driver thinks he’s protecting his family and the irony is “Mr Overseas @ di time” also thinks he’s protecting his family memba who was driving the x6.
      Time will tell…. but don’t hold your breath.
      Memba two pregnant women, in two separate incidents, were both shot and killed unlawfully by policemen in St Thomas and all now poor people pickney cyan get nuh Justice after how much years.

  16. Pple please relax …everybody knows that is Patrick son do the shooting …did you expect the man to sell out his son ? Patrick was not in the country when the incident happened .Read the facts and stop mek anger get the best of unnu.There was no case against the man!!!

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