1. Metty, for some reason mi like this outfit; it different and it looks nice on her..bold choice of color, but I like it!!

  2. Is she casting to be on the next Hungry Game movie…… She not a bad looking woman…. She pretty…. She shape good….. So only God know…. Why she tas up…. Herself so

  3. Bitch flop herself big time trying to copy my Trini p style gtfoh and stop calling down my phone leash is with me now move your mothercunt

  4. mi devum get fe sey mi regular greetings nd de comment up dat jus shat mi fi six a sey good afternoon tuh youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hi,hello,howdy?!?!?!

    wah a leash de dawg deh pon dats him unleash in disguise a weak nd is not in de knees,bwoy unno can pass round de dancehall man dem hood like a way a life e’ den dawg a smaddy fi waan done him babymada next man wife oba no tuh bloodpipe.

  5. Yes leash is intitle to move on with his life Sunday to Sunday this Cunt calling down my phone my family can’t sleep in peace.I gave the creature my address sheon her way weeks now.this bitch should be thanking me because my taxes pays her rent .if she keeps calling me I’m going to contact section8 , im going to let welfare know she use the money to rent club.yack please don’t make statement that I’m a fake Jamaican bitch I was born and raised in Trinidad the man I’m engaged to is Jamaican he don’t want you bitch you was just the frog he had to kiss to get to me the real deal .I don’t need to keep wack party to seek attention I see the text you send him sat morning no he don’t want the little money you made. You can’t buy him back go steam out your underneath with Florida water.

      1. Woiiiii the whole wi frighten fi hear sey Sir Leashhhhh is engaged to rass, I myself personally would never rejoice so, you have no idea who a man really is until you start to go through bad times….

        Simply words of womanly advice

    1. Bu bu butttttttt a whey di rawseeeeeee a gwaan here a Sunday eno mind unnu meck mi rice n peas bun up ya mainnnneeeeee
      Hi hello lady owner fi di man is wat is ur name u nayyyy hear say marriage n dogleash don’t gree but jesas is wat this man

      1. U know mi hear say yakini did a war leash ooman Fi true but mi waa know if a ring engagement or leash engagement

        1. Met like really Yakini really a fight sumbady fi dog leash whey do har so bad n say him n her r never ever x neverrrrr everrrrr gonna get back together no sahhhhhh a lie dem a tell pon har man

          1. Leash engaged to Trini who and cause yakini to dress more outlandish? Da Sunday ya mash right up pup up

          2. A she do him bad not him do har bad…she disgrace him first and him tek it to facebook..If she want him she shudden do him so bad

  6. most dem dancehall ppl live inna housing section8 n luv cum hype offa decent hardworking ppl like me n u weh pay tax to unclesam n guh tru life independently dats y dem have so much time fi harass ppl fone

  7. Dah getup deh fi straightup bun. Dancehall dunglerats mi ah wrerk pon ah open field fi bun oonu confusing costume dem, but still kaint find a open field big enough. In di meantime start packup di garbage dem. Dat include you tuh Twinny and Amy goodas…..

  8. I’m not worried at all I don’t live for no man so anything can happen and no matter how it turns out I will be good. I don’t have to pay him to come home or stand next to me in public.he wasn’t good to you because you accept what you’re worth which is a penny.you don’t scare me with that witchcraft talk because leash knows if I go on the plane back home you start role up shit real shit to smoke.don’t text me bout voodo everyone in back home knows my family is not the family to f**k with

  9. Why ever woman that tek the black mouth DOG go crazy over him from lorita 100 da one ya a queens yak yak now ms engagement a soo uno love worthless man . Dog leash spineless & has no seed bag for a man every bitch put him ina a house & beat dat .

  10. Miss engagement aka annonymous while I am not condoning Yakini for harassing your phone. I hope Leash has gotten a sneak peak of the kinda woman you are just by you coming on here telling his child’s mother to wash out har underneath with Florida water. So what if she text har Pickney father phone Saturday morning. Leash make this be a warning small things are signs of greater things to come. Dis yah one mouth nuh too nice either. I hope you and har nuh lef else yuh faught. And no I am not Yakini and I don’t know either of them I am neither Trini or Panamanian I am Jamaican. But unuh listen to the content of the woman conversation. A she first baby mada ever call.

  11. @truth told a woman come on here disgracing herself on a man’s behalf why o you feel the need to pull the man in and start with the disgrace.

  12. @ano 2.01pm the word is entitle not intitle. And if your family wuk o eah t nuh mek you any better than the woman in question

  13. So because she name babymadda dat mek she can fass wid the woman and she nuh fe defend harself? really!!! First of all she neva value har baby madda status or she would not have called cops on the dog or a harras him so. I guess miss baby madda neva think the man did really ago left so now she get weh the duck get!!

  14. Yes I have a problem with her calling him sat morning texting him about offering him money she made from the party yes I have a big problem with it. Don’t try to bribe my man .I don’t care what anyone has to say she keep f**king with me I’m going to defend myself to the max, that babymothe title holds no weight. She call my phone saying she going to burn down my house she mad cause she can’t pay rent when Obama comes out of office she going to be homeless.ugly yack yack hurry come to Bronx

  15. Yo ms anonymous remember me tell u this all dogs have teeth remember that good luck . Dog u his a trouble trust me this voodoo princess will fixed u cunt hope u read her comments cause me know u dey ya a spy.

  16. Oonu stay dere leash forever married never to be divorced, who looking marriage…him dun married!!!!!!
    Love and hiphop…….NOT
    Yakini was now she’s not!!!!!!!
    !iss trini, your next!!!!!!

  17. An dem lie….where u man deh since satiday an tideh….u lub talk bout FLORID!A
    Me ah guh mix u up like trini cookup-rice!!!!!!

  18. Scammi don’t have no shame.u still trying to fey back with sir leash after u diss him and say u gonna calll ice on him.girl I didnt know u and dogleash could leave.scammi u was the one forcing the love .we all know digkeash wasnt into u.get a life man.b yourself and stop look hype from dancehall people.concentrate on being a mother to your kids.get your big son in school and stop party with him and his friends.you always talk about people they soon find u out
    Im happy leash realize your garbage and b with someone who wants him . There’s more nen leave in dancehallthat u dont sleep with.dogleash is very happy with his woman so go find yourself a boo

  19. Why this man never stay with his wife? Look like she is the only one don’t have the scandalous behavior. What if the woman feel to bribe him with her party money it’s not you she bribing and you don’t own the man. Seems like you are still insecure of that woman. Had that been me and she offering my man money both me and him would laugh it off. You couldn’t wait for the woman pic to reach up here u run in. She is not the 1st or last to be on section 8 so go call obama you sound so stupid. You yourself sound like a frigging mischief maker

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