So met I get to understand say is jr dillinger make the fake screen shot of the girl asking for Tommy lees number but wasn’t Dillinger and Tommy lee at war the other day ? So now them a friends and Dillinger a make fake screen shot ? Well well well Tommy lee remember you and jr fall out once and you must fall out a second time with him and him will come talk say a u tell him to make them screen shot just like how him did talk a bagga things on u when you and him did first fall out 😂



  1. Really? I don’t think it’s fake honestly ! Mi a Pree dis ..
    Something is missing from the equation .. mi nuh care Weh she seh !!!! Nah back tommy lee he probably is a maniac for real but d gal a hide very important details !!!

  2. Tommy Lee a mad man anything dem girl yah get from him dem deserve it. Yammy Lee look like a heroin addict but from you have a little fame the groupies follow right behind. (Men AND women)

  3. After she a tell people the man is her baby them guh DM the man and true him a beg pussy she bex bitch yuh too bloodclaath nuff

  4. Okay met I know this is completely off topic but I don’t know who else to ask since I know of the individual from the site. So a friend and I was talking today and I don’t remember how but the convo turned it fake girls and plastic surgery. So the person says to me look at this for example there is a man right now that do up to look like woman and it stink in the street because he/she is everywhere. So me with my fass self quickly ask is who. So he started directing me to the persons ig. So low and behold met is Kim possible him a talk. So even thou I never met or seen her in person. I have seen her here quite a lot and I have never heard any of the pink wallers say anything like that. So I start defend her and say no man I don’t think so. So my question is met am I right?

  5. This does NOT look fake!
    And how did this blow up like this??? I dislike Tommy Lee but Im not feeling this chick either. U didnt want him but u uphold the f***y for days probably weeks.

  6. Lol @stockychick how you asking met if Kim possible a man or female how met fi know that boy I tell you these people :ngakak

  7. Mettyyyyy cum ansa di chile……..dem ppl ya bad an mad inna 1 tpc…good evenin metty an folks…mi aguh eat mi dinna an come rite back yasss…met weh yuh really a delid :cool :cool :travel :travel

  8. Lol whoever made these screen shots is so stupid she didn’t have that pic up in January, she didn’t have a party in January n her b-day is in the summer. Wheel n come again. Ya’ll reaching I swear smh me can’t stop laugh

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