Why Yanique nuh like pay, si har stylist stop working with her, this girl is really wicked….she’s a user but God naw sleep , she should remember that she has a daughter n the way she treats ppl will come right back at her daughter….. she only thinks about herself, she don’t give a f**k about anybody else, u could be as real as possible to this girl but she will ditch ur ass in a minute….It seems as if she n her mix up makeup artist kellyj sort out things because dem did fall out big time over money weh she owe kellyj n kelly walk n tell everybody seh YaniqueCurvyDiva owe her over $100gran an Kelly was so upset about the way yanique deal with the situation dats y kalila naw work with her again (but that’s another story), this b*tch is very vain n fake, I realise she has a new manager now but that manager will soon find out her dirty ways and cut lef har to….. I realise she parring with some new girls but they too will find her out because she’s not a good person. She needs an intervention…….


  1. Are you maddddd or nah?
    Are you a tadbit jealous or nah?? u also know she was a wicked bish..But you wanted to rub nose with the curvydiva and gain off her circle..so now all that you said she did to those other people, it hit you ass now. don’t be mad. Take her to court for your money. Scandal her for your unpaid service you render to her.and move on maam

    1. Nope…..I’m just here sipping my tea enjoying the shade of it all….lol… I can just imagine Kadine laughing at this bitch

  2. If ugly bytches in Jamaica are conceited and think every man wants dem what makes you think the bytch on every SIMPS hit list in Jamaica would be down to earth and into others? Lol… A bytch on a money mission is clearly going to be bytchy and self absorbed, the moment you see her start pay fi body parts you can tell that she’s aspiring to use her looks and sexuality in order lasso in someone to use. You cant expect someone who puts so much capital (whether hers or Usains lol) into her outer appearance, to show empathy for others on a deep level. Though I think 100k isn’t grounds to go on a slander campaign against an individual but to each their own. She’s clearly aspiring to be someone’s trophy or atleast get paid very well to be so.

  3. anonymous call unique name n f**koff nuh n don’t integrate every girl the f**k hello unu hop offa bbc jcan gal dem name n YES everyman waa we cause we avbd tightest hole unlike unu foreigner have d tightest mouth n tongue suck u mada anonymous

  4. She still owe kelly some money. Kelly still a walk and tell people that say yanique dont like pay. She depend on man to pay her bills.

  5. @7
    Yea mon unnu have the tightest hole despite the fact that puzzy selling is so common placed and socially acceptable in the island huh? Which one is it? Ja girls are tight puzzy virgins? Or girls who for the most part believe in selling puzzy and being sexual promiscuous? Lol get over your delusions you dumb bytch, thanks to the dancehall party videos and illiterate bed wenches like yourself, Jamaican women are more synonymous with being whores rather than tight hole good girls. The men who are smart use unnu for flings and only the dumb ones take up unnu because most of you want your BFs to be like the dad you never had as oppose to being your male counterpart.

  6. Kelly always a chat ppl….she chat her own fren dem then she acts as if she’s the victim wen situations arise because she a look sympathy from ppl for them to think she’s the good one n she’s never at fault smh

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