I never believe the bolt and Yaniquecurvydiva story until I saw them together at fiction Saturday night , she n the girl weh him post on his snap couple months ago weh did a try kiss him neeky a cut eyes off each other. Mi nuh wrong bolt f**k n freak out them rass yes the things they do for money.


  1. Met mi read seh she a link wid Errice man and a go tun dancehall artist…Annoying bad. Wonder how dat batty will look when age ketch up wid har.

  2. What a uggggly dress!

    As for this post…only when unu catch bolt wid a hood in him hands will i be shock about him already nasty ways. As for this girl :travel

  3. Yanique will phuck anybody who can bring her fame and fortune. These hoes don’t know anything about being a classy lady; they only know how to be trashy groupie..

  4. Mi hear ppl a talk bout this….mek we gwaan pree!

    Kasi you nah come like up Yanique pic dem like you did do wid di white gal and Usain!?

  5. Why Kasi delete her page? I mean we see him stick him neck dung gyal throat inna London so this shouldn’t mek she feel no way. Even though mi cyaan stand di one Yanique.

  6. leave the man of the year alone.. a fi him buddy. obvious its jealously and it looks bad haven’t u flogged him enough I Still don’t think he got the kind a Jamaican welcome that he should, look how much country want a bolt to sho off, and we no stop lambast him come on we become famous for bashing our stars shame on us

    1. He isn’t getting the “welcome he deserves” because his classless behavior overshadows his athletic ability and talent. When he learns to be more mature and discrete about his personal life he will gain more respect from the public at large.

      Too damn careless & nasty. KMT

    2. Bolt will never get maximum respect. A see wha jinx was eluding to. There are plenty like him alive to tell the tale if being up today, down tomorrow;being the life of the party isn’t forever.

      many amongst us will stoop low fi all dog. While some of us constitution not strong to deal with bolt and his shenanigans. Money tun up while pride drop dung.

  7. Me noh wrong er nuff a uno a fck fi nuthing nuff a uno a whore fi nothing nuff a uno a have one man …an is like uno noh dah bout till him wah puzzzy …at least shi a collect

  8. Mi sey dis gal nuh normal she did f@#k the married doctor for all this time then did run dung the married politican now bk to bolt…

  9. This girl looks ridiculous. Got a bunch of surgery then gained about 40lbs lol. She thought surgery was the answer.

    Looks like a big butterball Turkey !

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