Cricketer Marlon Samuels has again gone overboard with his social media antics towards Yanique the Curvy Diva Barrett. Samuels last week issued an online bounty on the head of Yanique for the general public to search for her and message him her location with the hope of a monetary reward that increased on a daily basis. All this effort was to serve her with legal papers which Samuels claims Yanique was avoiding and had been in hiding.

The Cricketer took the opportunity to then issue a second bounty for persons to capture video footage of Yanique being served with the alleged papers last Saturday night at the Magnum Kings and Queens Finals at Melbourne Cricket Club.
“If you have a document for Yanique you know who her Lawyer is so sending out a bounty online putting her in danger in public is unnecessary. Having your friend bleach out backstage to give her a document at 1am Sunday Morning at Magnum final show while you wait outside in your car is second hand stalking and you need to stop” A source close to the Curvy Diva explained

The source also confirmed that these tactics by Samuels are dangerous for the safety of Yanique The Curvy Diva, her daughter and her team as well as anyone who would approach her in public at Samuels’ behest.

“Yanique’s security detail has the right to bodily harm anyone who approaches the artiste in a threatening manner, so people can get hurt trying to collect $20,000,” The source added

The source also detailed that the document in question is a letter from Samuels’ lawyer asking specifically for an apology from The Curvy Diva, the document is in no way a court document served as commencement of any law suit from Samuels which is what a few persons have been incorrectly speculating.

“All this social media antics for an apology request letter? This is obviously attention seeking behavior, a court summons cant be served after 6pm especially on a weekend so that would not have even been legal and no clerk of the court would have even been a part of that,’ The source added.

The source also made it clear that the Curvy Diva will not be responding to Samuels on social media because her lawyer is the one who has been given the authority to address all matters related to this case.


  1. Marlon mi rate u but leave curvy diva alone now. You a bring attention to her.

    U nuh see her song bout u flop and she stop get interviews fi talk bout u. That happens when ppl think hype is talent.

    Marlin u r talented. We know she did try bring down your name but leave her to God.

  2. Morning Met I don’t even know where to start with this poorly written grammatically challenged public statement. Not to mention you can’t serve someone attorney you served the person. third of all ANTICS???? This is laughable wasn’t it her ANTICS (pun on ANT) that got her here. This girl is embrassing absolutely embrassing. Well if I was her I would publicly apologize because Marlon part 2 nah go pretty for her. SMH

  3. Mi kinda slow suh unno si wid mi. Marlon muss care about Yanique’s daughter when Yanique harself seem to figet sey shi have a daughter. Nuh Yanique mi si a skin out har pussy here, dere and everywhere, Mi si Yanique a whin up pan Tanto Blacks inna di most way but a Marlon muss memba bout Yanique’s daughter. Ok, then. Mi gi unno dat one.

    Unno waan sey Marlon muss think about the harm that could come to Yanique, but when Yanique did a duh a har deeds shi neva did a tink bout the harm that cudda come to Marlon’s care or equally her fan’s could rush Marlon. Writer person, I am trying to get the fairness in your well written but baseless piece. Yu know wey duh unno, unno love start war and then wan decided how people must fight back. This might have been a knife war and Marlon a fight back with bombs, grenades etc but who are we to tell him how to retaliate. In the words of Pink Wall’s great Philosopher, Yardie, ‘guh SYM’.

  4. Funny the law in Jamaica is so different from here in Canada, US and UK. Even the dogs and rapists have rights too, what he did when offering money for here location, that is a crime, due to the fact that it can put her and people around her in jeopardy, especially if he has his fans that hates her, they can take it further. The law and court is the there to handle these issues as a man why would he not get a PI, to search and seek her whereabouts. He is too much and is going to dig his ass in a deep hole just like how they claim she dug a deep hole for herself when she claim abuse… attention seeking ass, thought he was highly eduyand have sense. Rel stars and famous people use lawyers and PI, not the media, they work and play and let their money do the job, silent River run deep. Marlon you chat too much now….

  5. A so far this gone???

    Lord Yanique just need to set the record start… apologize for her misleading allegations if it she know a nuh Marlon she was talking about in her videos.

    Dangerous situation to be in.. some ppl hungry belly and will do the most to get that reward from Marlon..

    Marlon need to sit down now and let his lawyers handle this the right way.

  6. I said it before that the papers could have been served to attorney and Marlon digging himself in a hole

  7. This behaviour is bordering on harassment for real! And some people might just take the view that if this is how he behaves publicly, then he might just be abusive in private as well. I don’t like Yanique but As to his reputation/image being damaged, mi hate him and mi neva even know him before all this

  8. All for an apology? Bwoy go sit down. Your ego is getting the best of you.. Be a man and leave the girl alone … #stalker

    1. I believe its for a retraction and apology which is legal procedure. The document was not served during the time it should have but its not a court document suh mi nuh sure……..

      1. Met tawk the God truth u no think Marlon a stress the ting did he go so hard for the other party that he sued? Why is Marlon out in his car at 2 am waiting to see if Yanique got served???? Brahhh u looking weak right now stop make u lawyer deal wid it but u really a get in u feelings now, the crack in the armor is showing now man.

        1. No mi nuh think him a stress it..He has a whole career to lose so even if that means camping out to see that he entitled. When someone pick war with someone it can go anyway…However way he want to get his he get it..thats how I see it..The only thing that rubs me is him attacking the people dem whey a talk..u cant want fame and not be able to handle what comes with it so he needs to fall back on that

  9. Remain relentless, Marlon. This will be a lesson to her and many other women who love to lie on men. I cannot believe there are people supporting her and condemning this man for going all out to keep his name in good standing. I do not care what extent he has to go, so long as he is not causing her harm or violating the law, he should do what’s necessary to teach her a lesson.

  10. Luddy, shudda tink bout yuh daughter an all dat b4 yuh go decide fi tell dem pregnant lie deh pan di man.

  11. I don’t want Marlon have him right and lose it eno…Like I said already, his lawyer should have served her lawyer. All of this unnecessary drama could have been avoided.

  12. Im a person who will build 98% a di time..some people wont..the 2% a me whey will revolt is when I feel like enough is enough and mi nuh want nobody tell me fi done it or figet it. Mi a go war and mi nah done so that is why mi will fall back 98% a di time cause once mi start mi nah stop and mi will sleep outside a smaddy door if thats what I gotta do :nohope

  13. Imma address this pussy carrying feelings issue once n for all because i too have been there…it’s not a nice place to be. ..more anon.

  14. We have to take out our emotions and set them aside. I personally didn’t know mr Samuels had social media accounts until ms barrett made the initial post, which did not say mr Samuels was her abuser but implied the person she was with is abusive. She also said he was stalking her. Then she went and copied two of mr Samuels post marking out his name and attaching it to her initial post. It was quite clear who she was talking about Even though she didn’t call his name she blatantly inferred it was him. She also threatened to use social media to destroy him.

    What I blamed marlon for, is he shouldn’t have answered her just have his lawyers dealt with the matter. The bounty that he advertised on instagram is just as if I am looking for someone who is avoiding me or even owing me money straight to gleaner and observer paying for a spread asking anyone who know the where about s of such and such please contact me a reward will be given for information. How is that a crime. It becomes a crime when bodily harm is involved.

    In relation to the serving of documents which is clearly not a court document. I don’t think there is a law stipulating time. Court documents cannot be served btw 6:30pm and 5:59 am. This document is the beginning of a process as stipulated with the revised defamation act 2013. Just like taking a tenant who refuses to pay rent you can’t just take them to court you have to prove to the court that the individual was informed and given time to address/refute claim. In this case based on correct me if I am wrong Samuels said he tried giving the lawyer but the alleged lawyer was not retained. Her manager refused to collect said document and she was nowhere to be found. If this can be substantiated the serving at 1 am could hold up in court.

    There are 3 steps in a defamation case. First step is asking for a retraction and a public apology and this is done through non-litigious proceedings with both parties lawyers Without a judge. If it can be settled a law suit is filled the judge decides if it has any merit to go further is yes it become a court matter and trial takes place.

    These are two grown people who have narcissistic tendencies I believe yanique ego was bruised first and she decided to go full swing with damaging Marlons ego. I hope this fiasco ends soon tired of it now.

    P.S. I didn’t know yanique had a security detail. She dropped a new song called mineable claiming zum seh she mineable is zum the new rich man in her life? What about errice I like her.

    1. Thank you thank u!! A lot of them dont know…so I would advise yanique not to follow her friends because its not a trivial apology but the beginining of due process so dont take it lightly…As to di zum ting mi waa know how zum feel knowing she did go off fi di week…di people dem seh zum stop drop di bag a money pan errice and bad to baddddddddddd errice personality nice..sneaky tekka but she is nice


  16. I think Marlon should defend himself yes, but I think that if don’t chill he’ll lose his rights. @met look how many people he has rooting for him. He should have kept it legal and not get himself involved because right now if they go to court its going to be war. Where he had ALL the leverage, he’s now loosening that airtight leverage. He could have stopped with the videos…..knowing Yanique she would have continued digging herself deeper, now she’s sitting back watching him dig one for himself as well. The offering of a reward to find her, waiting outside the show in his car, her lawyer can put a real “twist” on her lie….because if he don’t ease up they can say that, that obsessive behaviour comes from him being abusive and have lost his grip. @met I agree that he should defend himself but he needs to sit back and let his lawyers do the talking…..cause she may have started it, but if he’s not careful, she will finish it instead of him, cause right now she a gwaan like she’s unbothered about the situation. Just my views thou

    1. Him cannot deal wid when di people dem start pan him and him nuh know seh him nuffy pay dem no mind and it makes him look silly..What I would want to advise Yanique is that since she read the letter and by writing this here she has acknowledged that..She needs to follow through because this letter is like a cease and desist / retraction..its something newspapers are served and they either comply or go to court so its not simply asking for an apology , its a process. I was not going to say anything but as a woman to another woman im trying to keep her informed on this legal process..

  17. Both of them are two damn careless. Ppl. Marlon is totally heart broken. Bec if u don’t give a damn why bother wwith all this. This is such an embarrament for bot parties who call themselves media personalities

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