”Jingle Bells Pink Jingle in this festive season what a way Yanique curvy Diva she a kill up har self over wa lil big nose car mart man from Mandeville Mr Right now. Me never know say she would a deh wid man we av 4 baby mother inna one year and haffi deh a road a fight like Zeena fe position. Den a wah hot after the war the sweetheart guh shopping now that’s rich. And poor curvy she a battle fe life over har page. Gal sad like funeral fe natural body gal a rub har foot hot it’s not about the 10ths of batty anyways he likes them natural u must see the wife with pup overseas. My question to u yanique u run town hot a sell u big front to the point weh a Mandeville haffi cum to ppl man eeehhh. But a guess U not going to leave because u love the hype and ur not gonna want to return the Range Rover and Go back to you beat up old piece a mark X. Tis the season to be jolly falla laalaaaalaa What a planka Mis Donna voice. The lil natural body gal a run u body hot.”

8 thoughts on “YANKEE MAN BABY MADDA

  1. Yanique she always inna some bangarang wid ppl and them man smh. maybe she’s one of the many who like the whole drama and disgrace maybe she likes the attention. I don’t think she want a man for herself as long as she a get then she good. I coulda swear she say her mom left money for her and she wanted to invest it 🤷🏽‍♀️. So how she inna man problem wid the baby mother them. Anyway this baby look very nice and so does Yanique.

  2. Yanique need to start dating some different men but based on how she behave and look she will attract the ray ray type and she definitely like them anyway. She also need a o shut her mouth about her dating life because I wouldn’t even show the range and talk how I got it. She a big woman now. I would get exhausted if I were here friend.

  3. None of thia dont look good, baby mother or not, why compete over a dirty man like this when you can work and get your own keeping your dignity….baby mother or not me not doing it!!!! 😤😤😤

  4. Yanique rich and live Ina big expensive uptown apartment in one of the most expensive areas in Kingston, rent alone fi them place deh a over 2000 USD a month, gal have swimming pool, elevator and gym a har yard, plus she have restaurant and drive range. Gal body good and she look like she a live great. Unu a gwaan like di whole a unu have a man fi unu self, this is Jamaica where good man short and gal have to share man, only bruck man single , dem really grudge yu fi you hype life

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