8 thoughts on “YES CAVEL

  1. Yesss ma everyone does make mistakes I for one and tideh tideh I’m righting my wrong… I’m done sleeping with you Mr . married man, it’s over and done no more a dis yah punash yah. :cd :hoax2 :alay

  2. Him Lef u cause u dunce, caan spell or punctuate n now a embarrass him pon social media wit d proof. Dat prbly worse Dan wht u perform at BRT.
    Pssssst any Metters have di videooo?

  3. Don’t worry he will come back. Pray give it time, give him space(not too much tho) true love never dies.

  4. Cavel, Henry must wanted to leave you long time ago. That little dancing that you did in California wasn’t bad. All you did was dance with the guy. If Henry that righteous he should hAve never had sex with you without marriage.kmt. you was just having fun.Beyonce says if you love it put a ring on it don’t be mad if u see another nigga, touching it. Cavel I have seen u acting out like this numerous times at parties. With man and woman. Cavel the world know you are an open bisexual, you f..k man and woman and you love 3sums. Suh Cavel u must give Henry a few 3sums so Henry must know u don’t have no behavior. Cavel mind a Tanisha image Obeah yuh because she want henry .because a same suh Tanisha image Obeah yuh and teck rohan and breed fi him although the DNA result nuh come yet because fi years them sey a nuh rohan pickney.Tanisha image please teck yuh spell off cavel and leave the woman with her man henry.u is a wicked girl Tanisha image why u love Obeah suh fi young gal. A same suh Tanisha Obeah rohan and a try mad him now. Tanisha stop it u too evil remember you have families and a child u going to Meck tun back blow catch yuh child.

  5. Met – I read this and thought to self, she really really loves this man, wow!

    Henry – I would like for you to sit and get a pen and paper. Please write down all of this woman bad ways NOT what people tells you but what you have experience for self and then turn the paper over and write all her great qualities down as well. See if the bad out do the good and if it doesn’t forgive her now and cut that shit out! I am sure you have done worst to others and have not asked for forgiveness because of shame. This woman is one of the realest I have seen yet. The bravery to come on FB or any book and pour no she threw her heart out to you and admit that she was just a little too happy with the happy juice, come on man go get your woman before one of your friends whom have been side eyeing her does! There is always a friend who wants what you have – and wants what she has as well. This is where you will see the lies and truth mixed comes out against her! Your no damn saint I am sure of it just a good damn man that in her eyes she wants with her all mind body and soul. Love is a hell of a thing and I love feeling and being in love with that said.. Henry Henry yes you Henry hay hay pay attention….PLEASE right now go get your woman.


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