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  1. Damn Straight…the whole a dem dung deh a enjoy the scamming money. I remember there was a video done and all the kids down there talking bout they wanted to be scammer when they grow up…Seet deh the fruits of them labour….Well done

  2. U kno mi talk to mi 15 yr old nephew the other day and di pickle boy a go look pon mi an tell mi seh him a go start scamming mi seh mi nearly have heart attack …mi seh wah , why?and u nuh wanting a nutten him send mi a pic wid a stock a cash seh a one a him friend whose also 15 a fi him scamming money dat and how h friend build a big house already … puppa jeezas an di ting wah hurt mi dat lil boy father live a england and spoil him rotten but because a red yeye and all that shit…

    1. So what you plan fi do?

      When mi was in high school many many moons ago there used to be girls who had dem drugs man. Dem girls get chauffeur driven to school every morning. Fi dem lunch money was on a different level, dem dress in di latest fashions. However, there was no mad rush fiddi rest a wi run guh look druggist? We settle wi self and accepted what our parents provided. Teck to wi books and studied hard wid wi dreams in wi heart. Why so many young kids willing to give up them youth and dreams fi guh tun scammer? What would possess the mind of a 15yr old wanting for nothing to think this would be a wise life choice? Money alone is not the motivation, these kids have low self-worth and values, the character is flawed.

    2. Needle yuh need fi mek sure seh somebody deal wid yuh nephew PROPA. Dat mentality need to be reversed immediately cause it will surely lead dung di path of destruction. Greed nuh good and at dat tender age it seem as if he has lost every sight of ambition and hard work.

    3. Him father need to sort out him trip to England, fly dung and step all in him ass and fly him up when him ago back.

      Material spoiling of a child now a days a create adolescent and young adult monsters.

      Truth is needle… whomever in charge of that boy gave him too much freedom because him shouldn’t have age group scammers as friends.

  3. Anon 4:13 mi try mi best fi talk him out of it he told me not to tell his Dad which is my brother but mi couldn’t hide it from him at all…when him call him and ask him why he’s thinking like that him seh because him never get a new iPhone fi him birthday …tell mi now this lil boy a get every damn thing he wanted and because mi bredda nuh give him an iPhone the (newest version) him start thinking about scamming

    1. Laaks missis. I ongle hope him teck telling and walk the straight and narrow and make empowering choices for his life. As mi said on a different post, if Mark Zuckerburg did decide fi guh scam he would not be a billionaire and well respected entrepreneur today, him money will be alive fi serve up to ten generations. If di Apple creators did think small there would be no iPhone or iPad today. Instead of our kids dreaming big dreams and training demself fi greatest and leaving a grand legacy, dem think small and feel seh scamming or drug mule is as far as dem can reach. Dem prefer give up dem freedom, good name, and even life fi just a couple years of ballin. Some ppl been to tens of funerals fi scammas already, no life nuh deh desso fi no person desire. How scammas money can ever prosper di scammer when tears deh pon it. Young boys and girls weh nuh live no time have have hundreds and thousands a ppl tears pon dem shoulders nutten dem put dem hands to will prosper, nutten!

  4. Clovis should have featured the nurse in panel 2. Because those who assisted in the “birth”, or show admiration of some sort are now “scammer’s” victims.

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