160 thoughts on “YES KASI REALLY

  1. yes really, a di money mek u dere in paradise, and a di money mek u can wake up every morning to dat deh morning bref, a di money mek yuh can look pon dat deh foot as kiss it wid yuh mouth, wash it wid yuh tears and dry wid u hair like Bolt was Jesus himself, a di money mek u stay wid the tiny teely and mek yuh moan and gwan like yuh a dweet wid a porn star, a di money mek yuh a lick clit(no yuh did a do dat fi free before, sorry) the money mek yuh betray u dignity and self worth fi 30 pieces of instagram boutique clothes and boot(even Judas had higher standards, cuz him cuda ask fi 30 gladiator sandals, but he took silvas) I could go on bout the $$$$, so yes gal, REALLY

  2. Who nuh know seh a money mek she stay ?
    If she did even vex wid him fe a minute him wudda find smaddy else go bora bora wid lol . Unnu wait till dung inna De future when she and one of r fren dem kick off . Dem cone spill De beans lol . Cause poor bolt neva use to ave gal a flock him suh . Smaddy seh him a nice personality . Dwfl ..look like it came with the fame . Cause he was no popular boy amongst the girls back then anyway . Fakesi is highly bothered on her millions of dollars trip lol .

  3. Had a dream people stoning Usain. And he had no shirt on! Like literally stoning him!!! Therevfaces were all vexed And there was a black silouette female following him i even hear myself speaking in tongues.then the dream transformed into samson. Disgrace!!!

    1. AWWWW FINALLY!!! I am happy for them. I mean, after all the foolishness look like dem get them act together. Here for itttttttt

    1. To show u how dem nuh use to nuttin. So long in one place not even show outside the resort. No matter where ch resort me go I always have to go outside see the locals eat local food etc. people who use to things might go fi a few days and left go somewhere else. A nuh like dem a f**k dung the place cause them de pon social media more than anything else.

      1. You sound hurt. If they want to stay their for a month big up to them. He choose to bring Kasi not Mitzy. Just let it go and be happy for them. Confident women don’t hate.

          1. Mi seh Met, every talk Simone talk shi bring up Mitzy. Mitzy a hurt yuh and kasi, because you and yuh WHORING friend Kasi caah walk in a mitzy shoes.

  4. This idiot still trying to land on balleralert with a #clapback. I dont even see the vaction on E news unuh vacation nuh hot, every real star vacation broadcast.
    Mi woulda tek 10 million picture, especially inna me bikini, but true she a pick, choose and refuse haaad which pic fi post with her fake ass

  5. My woman would walk pass me if me never tall and handsome. Even in arrange marriage people do it for a reason.
    And yes ,people go on social media while on vacation,especially young people.

    1. I agree with you. Kasi may be there for the money but Bolt would never get someone as pretty as her if he wasn’t rich. The social media frenzy is maybe both of them coming to terms with the fact that with Bolt retired now, he may stop being relevant and wants to make sure that people don’t forget him too soon. I dunno.

      The way I see it none of the parties in their immediate circle are particularly virtuous. No disrespect to big people but Bolt’s dad was a cheat, Bolt’s mother was similar to Kasi in the sense that she either tolerated a cheating baby farda or married one. I understand Kasi doesn’t know her father, wotliss man or bad choices on her mother’s part? The sister is labba labbering her family business to the press. The brother probably inna bangarang with Bolt over the fact that he dated her first. Hey, we have no pictures of the two a dem in bed so if and when this comes out, Bolt could easily dig out a cool million in his petty cash tin and pay the brother to mek a statement that him and Kasi were merely friends.

      Bolt and Kasi may never marry. If at the tender age of 26, I found myself with a man who openly said that he isn’t marrying for another 5 years, well I would pack my grip and leave because as far as I am concerned, that right there is a selfish man who cares nothing about what I want or even my fertility. Let’s face it, in our community a baby madda is as good as the wife and we know she would merrily sign up for that life. She isn’t that bad after all. Worse dan she get man and good man too, even ring. As for Mama Bolt not liking Kasi, she is hardly in a position to judge (no disrespect ) and I think she will accept what makes her son happy. But honestly, one and all, they all deserve one another.

      1. No Gabby you are wrong 100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% where a mother and child is concerned u cant seh di woman cant judge …How did that ever enter your mind??? Usain a him mother pickney full stop! She is free to say what she wants about who he dates fullstop agen..Mi neva know seh because smaddy play door mat dem cyah tell dem own pickney not to marry one??? Parents a go always want WHAT THEY THINK IS BEST for their children you nor I HAVE NO RIGHT to determine what that right is. Not even Usain can tell his mother who to like for him because she is a the first..She is his mother..If u want to talk what u want nuh bother drop the mother ina it and mek it look like she not entitled to have a say..that is trampling pan really really unfair and unnecessary grounds

      2. Bitch you gone too far now low the lady . What the f**k you mean she not in a position to judge. Did she f**k two brother. Kasi is not wife. Dumbass bitch. Obviously based on the age difference Sadiki mother f**k the lady husband and breed. Sometimes if you don’t have no f**g common sense better you shut the f**k up. How dare you compare the mother to Kasi. You stupid bitch. That did piss me off.

        1. Kasi a mad yuh. Stay hurt while she stay pretty. Kasi not even a hype pon unnu. Suppose shi fi show when Usain buying out entire stores for her? I swear you would get a panic attack so hard they would drive you to the hospital cause they fear you’re gonna die. Confident women don’t hate baby girl. Stop pushing your insecurities unto the young lady. I can only imagine how u tuff and barky. Go to the gym baby girl. Bye now.

      3. Now I know you a really Kasi and come from some loose careless woman no wonder you don’t know your father or have any concept of family values. If bolt really love you a de so you a go lose out. Bitch you can’t disrespect a man mother who him love and think him a go stay with you. F**g brite. I wouldn’t tell my one son who fi married but if him pick up a bitch I’m going to make it clear mi nuh f***g support that shit and mi nuh haffi chat to she either. When she shit pon him mi nuh want hear it.

        1. Hahaha Unnu want Kasi notice unnu so bad. I am not Kasi. I dont even know the girl personally. I am just not a HATER like you and I want to defend her. She is beautiful and Usain loves her. Why the hate!!! It’s not cute to get up everyday and hate on other females. Bolt cheated on her yet you would think that she was the one doing wrong. The ugly hate you have inside will eventually show on the outside. If it hasn’t started already. When you look at Kasi your heart hurt you don’t? Kasi a big celebrity you are an ugly NOBODY. You don’t even have a name on a BLOG. Stupid woman thinks I’m Kasi. HAHAHA

          Sad bitch.

      4. Kasi is not 26, she is 28. This is how I know Bolt lie. On the interview this January he said she was 26 when she was really 27. Her birthday past this June making her 28. Why dem haffi lie bout age man. 28 still young.

  6. The way she commented, it looks like Kasi knows that guy. Kasi, you frighten fi know how people REALLY feel about you. Bare hypocrites boosting you up, mi fi tell you. I saw Sleek post your picture, and only 3 comments complimenting you. Only strangers and hypocrites in your comments. Met you notice how her friends silent?

    People really lose off Kasi, and she just realizing. Smh

  7. My ideal is Italy, having stores close to send his money, while sipping champagne. One person ask her if she’s just a clothes and shoes girl! Kasi erase the comment, cheap clothes that is. They boring now it’s football season now

  8. Met a di one comment pon di pic alone dem send come gi you…my girl comment pon almost every pic wid she and Usain pon Sleek instagram page…it obvious she salty bad!

    On a more serious note, nobody nuh realise seh di 2 a dem deh pon social media now more than before them did guh pon vacation! A suh dem really nuh hav ntn fi do!?

  9. So let me get this right? Both of them on a romantic Vacation and they riding social media and a comment on people post? how is this even possible? Me and My man went on vacation and not even my phone I don’t want to see, we were all up under each other everywhere. I guess this is how the new generation is today? Me just don’t get it. Both of them don’t have a publicist to tell them to get off social media? or maybe both of them is just an attention whore? Stupid.

  10. It look like dem love Di life Weh dem a live at some point they both will realise somethings cannot be shared ….and there is no price on love

  11. Yuh know this gyal a piss mi off now why the f** u wasted time replying to people she really love f***g attention mi stop pick up fi her as of today

  12. Yes Met, I am not saying that she should not look out for her pickney and I’m not saying she shouldn’t care but our parents want us to be happy. If in spite of Kasi’s past, he chooses to wife her, like most mother’s she may accept it and be happy for what makes her son happy. My friend’s mother refused to come to her wedding as she didn’t like how her husband looked, that same son in law is her favourite and is close to him now than her own daughter. People change, life and times changes our mindset also.

    1. This is a whole different cup a tea Gabby…Usain have an outside bredda and it would be that his wife was with the outside bredda den di lady son pick har up married to..Tell me Gabby, which part a u could make peace with that?

      1. Kasi would have to be like the bag/ coat you checked at the door because there is no defense there..The situation is a play ground for insecurity

    2. Devil’s advocate here.

      Speaking personally, my grandparents didn’t too like my mother because she did feisty (polite for the most part but will put you in your place). She was very independent,smart and outspoken. My father still married her despite my grandmother’s thoughts. Grandparents did haffi come around. Worst when I was born, they had no choice really and eventually they had a amicable relationship. I say this to say, sometimes it don’t really matter what the parents think because the man a go do weh dem want.

      Granted, my mother’s character was never in question like Kasi’s. So I don’t know.

  13. Unnu can sidung de think bolt pay fi that trip. Bet Avery dollar mi have is a sponsored trip by puma. Bolt look like him cheap to himself my ch less woman. NJ control him money. Further more he did a interview n say he never even know him net worth. A Kasi really make him a Gwan so cause him never used to behave like this.

    1. Hi Hello! From I see the hotel laid out the gold medal chocolate displays and other Olympics related gifts, I said how this look like the hotel sponsored the accommodations???

      Celebs don’t pay for shit and with Kasi continuously name dropping Four Seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if this trip was comped by the hotel.

      Bolt nah spend a dime!

      1. ___________________________________________________________________________
        Mi did get that feeling because Kasi cudden encourage a man fi spend 6k a night and nuh buy her no property noh sir it mek sense yah now

        1. Uhmm yes she woulda prefer go bora bora Dan buy piece a land because bora bora can go pon Instagram …. Bolt coulda get a better looking girl even wen him nah try y ppl a gwaan like Kasi is the only good looking girl a Jamaica ??? If him like Indian yu have nuff a westmoreland Weh him can choose from if him love black women dem de all bout in variety ..and mi nuh like how Kasi dress it look rainbowish

    2. 1. Olympic gifts in the hotel

      2. Regular flight and not the little private jet him always a tek

      3. Constantly mentioning the name of the hotel

      4. Geotagging the location and hotel!

      5. The only media that looking at them is dailymail (who does get paid for a lot of the stories they put out). And if you ever read a dailymail article you know them always a give details (so the hotel get a nice feature)!

      6. Almost everything he has he’s gotten for free (clothes, shoes, cars, jewellery)!

      7. We all know Usain nah spend nuh money (him nuh really rate himself like that much less anybody else)!

  14. Met, it is drama personified. It’s a mess. Stevie Wonder can see that. I am not in any way disrespecting his mother, I’m just saying that there must have been a time when Bolt’s dad broke her heart wid outside pickney. People may have told her to dash him. She may have shed tears BUT in the end it all worked out well. She more than anyone may have more empathy than anyone. I find it hard that she doesn’t know of Kasi’s past, if she didn’t before, she certainly does now. Our parents want us to be happy. She may in time accept it. Who knows.

    1. KMFT which mother want a gold digger who don’t truly love her son. She woulda more support Mitsy fi take him back and forgive all his f***y than accept her bunna pikney trash way har. Son take up. You obviously don’t have a son

    2. GAB you nah mek nuh sense tapi noise.. How you fi a tell the woman fi compare her husband sistuation with kasi? Why are you guys going to have some morals. Now yall throwing shades like ooun a tell the woman lef dem alone, usian father neva did rich. Even if he was the wife was there before and she helped accumlate his wealth so she decided not to leave. Please GABBY go back and text kasi and tell her no matter how hard you try nobody in their right minds will acxept her behavior thats just down right nasty and sick. And usian should have never done that knowning his own brother use to sleep with the girl.. Gabby let me ask you a question is sadiki mom related to usain mom? No so your point is not of sound mind! You a try put something together but its way off babygirl.. And kasi will go down in history as a gold digger mi see she a put up pic pan twitter she looks old and tired like she nah get no sleep.. Tell her fi go get some rest because say like how she can tek tqo brother and sleep and no lose no sleep a same way she nuh fi business with how her charater is being exposed in publicly tell her no matter how many times she try to address the comments. She has already dash wey her morals and character for being a gold digging slut.. If I was usain mom I would be really worried Gabby? You know if she can tek usain after she finish tek the brother its hifather likely she will tek the father if he has more money than usain. Sometimes ooun need fi think with oound mind and not with ooun pussy and golddigging mentality right is right and wrong is wrong.. And if usain mother is a woman of morals she would encourage usain not to continue doing that to his brother. Not because usain father cheated its osefor her to accept the behavior of her son.. What he is doing to his brother dats is brother GABBY, not a friend or somebody him meet on the highway thats is brother. Gabby u sound like u will tek the whole a u fambily dem man.. A mek u a go so hard fi the dutty livity? Ppl refused to accept it. So tapi its nasty very very nasty.. You really think smaddy a go tek up angel and marry her again? Knowing she slept with two friends? All now angel caah recova in a one good relationship after her stunt weh she pull. Nobody no trust dem type a ppl deh..

      1. And Angel know she did not want Beenie but she run in thinking she a go come out wid house and land but got nothing more dan har son

        1. Gabby sidemlol no sah Is like she a try fi say.. Memba weh the woman tek you man? Memba how you did feel now a fi dem time fi now.. Noboda business wid dem. How ppl justify wrong with wrong? And then go laydown inna dem bed eat drink and sleep? Gab somebody haffie break the cycle! No one should live like that. Dats why mi no send my boy pickney go a ppl yaad.

        2. Nothing angel no get, she will forever be struggling because of her behavioursomeone out there will be willing to help angel but dem will think twice. And run even if she change. And thats the price she paid for that type of gold digging mentality once a gold digger always a gold digger

  15. Mi really caan understand how one deh pon vacation wid de whole a brazil man and counting and find time fi deh pon social media a guh back nd forth..hood really soft or him mouth stink but de money right yuh see you gal Kasi

  16. Except for the other women in Bolt’s harem, their friends, and his immediate family, no intelligent person cares who Bolt wife’s up or d*cks down as long as it’s not them, their family member or friends. Most people are outraged at his blatant disrespect for women and what some women with low-self esteem are willing to do and put up with just for a dollar, the fame, or some other material goods. Every time I hear Chris Martin’s song, “Pirates of the Carribean”, I am reminded of Bolt. Bolt does all this under the umbrella of a so-called open relationship that is too one-sided. Will and Ossie never publically treated their wives like this. This is a disgrace to anyone that possess intelligence and common sense. First ladies are at the forefront in a true open relationship and they certainly do not have to wait their turn for the reward of some pics or snaps on social media. He*l the other women got that much. What does someone like this have to tell their friends and family? Do they say:

    “Yeah, girl he f”cked that b*tch in a room in the Olympic Village but I got f*cked in Bora Bora” or “Other women celebrated his triumph of becoming a legendary sprint king and the milestone of his 30th birthday but I got to row him in a boat in Bora Bora while he snap chated playing a song that indicated no commitment for him while his agent was busy making sure the world knew he did not propose to me. Yes, I am really winning. All that counts and matters is my opinion. See, this is the life. Don’t you wish you were just like me?”

    Bolt is an international legend that advertising his products and campaigns to the world based on his image. Millions of children and young people follow and idolize him. I have a FAM member who used to do so and I originally purchased his book to give to him as he was an up and coming track star setting records who was unusually tall for a sprinter just like Bolt. Even has the same sweet chocolate skin (that is when Bolt is well groomed). Well after reading the sections about women in that book, I did not give it to him. I learned of this site when my two young, female cousins came to me just after the Olympics and said, “Isn’t this the man that XYZ thinks so highly of in all these pics and what is a open relationship? You can actually have a girlfriend and do all this in the public for the world to see and it’s OK?” Bolt has no respect for women and they have no respect for their selves. These are not images that youth should look up too. That is why we comment opposing views to this foolery. No young person visiting this site should only get the idea that this type of behavior is O.K. For every Bolt and Bennett that escape the risks that this type of behavior brings, there are literally thousands that do not. My family knows the hurt and pain from this type of behavior as we had our Kasi. She now dead from AIDS. We had our Bolt who was a close family friend. He now is dead from AIDS.

    I do not wish either of them any bad luck. She such a beautiful woman in her own right and he’s such an amazing talent. I just hope they are responsible and keep it wrapped up and pray. Even then they must realize that condoms are not 100% and do break. The question for anyone dating in this day and age when contemplating having sex with anyone especially multiple partners with these attitudes and behavior should be: If I knew this person had AIDS, would I sleep with them even with a condom? Just Saying . . .

    To my FAM that is on this site: I Love You and I pray and hope you get the message.

  17. the gal a comment bout how far we’ve fallen from minding our own business, when a she and har rusty foot man put it out a door fi everybody see. Kasi must be really delusional if she think say ppl envy har embarrassment of a relationship. Mi prefer struggle wid a man a work a 9-5 weh we can save and go vacation once per year when we get time off than fi go true the dirty public dragging weh her owna man a dish out to her. Usain is such an embarrassment. everywhere this dutty bwoy go him a liff up him shirt and a grin off him yucky teeth like him nuh used to nothing good. Kasi not even say make she try fi fix up the bwoy she just damn selfish and frightened just like him. two never see come see.

    1. Kasi a comment bout how low we have fallen? Lmao no sah dwl. Kasi you did not go low you went you kasi did not fall low on the ground.. You went deeper than that. You went beneath the layers passy the road pavement u gone lower than the ground. U nuh see how usain kick you inna the wata wid the baby shark dem? Kasi what is he telling you? You are his footstool you really put up deh video deh? And a talk bout a play him a play doe.. Its like when kartel light the paper and use it bun vanessa bling pan har foot inna her sleep and a talk bout the boss playing.. Lmao a dem something deh ooun condition oounself to? Kasi mother is a old gold digga, so because she old and can’t use her stunt them no more she send out her daughter. Gold digging ways of those ppl never died

  18. I disagree that Bolt wouldn’t get a woman who looks like Kasi if he wasn’t rich. Kasi is cute with a great body but she’s not gorgeous. Wayyyyy prettier girl in Jamaica. No shade at all, but it’s the truth. She’s not glamorous, she’s an around the way cute girl with clean skin and a charming personality. Don’t make it seem like she’s a beauty queen.

    Now, if you said Usain couldn’t get a girl to tolerate his bullshit and womanizing behavior, and accommodate his deviant sexual lifestyle, then you’re right on the money! Any man with a nice personality can pull a pretty woman, rich or ugly. His money is what is allowing him to get away with his foolishness.

  19. can u people give her a break like seriously are your lives that pathetic that even if she replies to a comment it makes it on here yes we all know she with him for the money but this is f*cking stale leave her alone and get a f*cking life LOSERS

    1. Your name is so fitting for you. The real question is why do you keep coming back here daily and reading the same tired topics about KaSain? if it a grieve you so much log off. What is so hard? Byeeeeee

    2. We’ll give her a break when she gives us one!

      This is the most either of them has posted on social media ever. Kasi is active on every single social media platform. IG Twitter snapchat periscope!

      The captions, photos, and comments seemingly “clapping back” are what keeps these posts coming.

      They like the attention, so stop begging us to leave them alone. Two poppy show

  20. Gabby why u pushing so hard fi Kasi and Bolt??? Especially seeing the blatant disrespect that he showed to the world pertaining to her. My question is Gabby if this was your daughter would you still be pushing the together? Would you yourself be there waiting on him? Would you still be hyping up Kasi if Bolt was just a regular 9_5guy? Please come and ansa these questions Gabriella

  21. Met, off topic – but this need some more people Dolly condition need some Shampoo, I just saw a Snap of her son going to school and he said he hopes his day will be very fundamental….what the what??!!! Someone please tell Dolly to educate herself so she can correct her child, they all make mistakes with words so they need our help sometimes.

  22. Met bolt didnt pay for that trip for real its a sponsored trip check out the SC that she post showing them walking in the room you will a tray of stuff that the sponsor lift with a chocolate statue of bolt

  23. Met, their story is so boring to me now. Attention whores. I was thinking about it and me a say who these two remind me of? No other than Yendi and Chino. You see just like how Chino use to show off like him win prize and end up get disgraced? I think this is exactly how these two will end up. We are giving them exactly what they want, ATTENTION. Tirrrrrrreeeddd a dem now man. How can I be on vacation with my man and nuh come offa social media? Everything posted with me, me under it a comment? No sah, dem need fi go enjoy each other and stop making fools of themselves. Even if me post a one or two pic here and there but fi deh all over social media a search out comments and a respond to people? I guess there is nothing to do together or in Bora Bora. Usain is a real gal clown. I am just on the outside looking in so I don’t know what is going on with them really but their “relationship” is very strange.

    On another note, Metty, that Mr. SADA, oonu see the name? I repeat Mr *sings* SADAring a weh di young gal want tun right right up me nah lie.

    by the way met, me see somebody else over here a use me name. This is the original my2cents

    1. Mi know a never u but mi did too lazy lol..mi will tell dem…whey u say sadaring??? Yendi and Chino should be a testimony to every social media ”situationship”..and a nuh one a dem shame a di two a dem

      1. @my2cents yuh kno a di same thing mi mother seh to me…u lick di nail pon di head.

        Yendi + Chino
        D’angel + Bounty and Beenie

        The funny thing is, is them own attention hungry self going kill them and mek them even greater laughing stock!

      2. Met just go pon Twitter and watch kasi live.. Why bolt and kasi have 2 bed inna them room??? The expensive resort was packed this becation season?? No single bed was available?? She say bolt a sleep not even a sneak peep she show we… She go lay dung inna the bed and no bolt me naw see all now please tell her to put the two double bed together and make it one big single bed..

        1. Him dey pon a nex gyal dats y she have so much time on social media.

          Man nuh celebrate him olympic victory wid u, no birthday wid u. And u neven mek the cocky cool off likkle u run gone back. Him liable fi tell er fi budge over mek him wuk a nex chick since she bypass anything

  24. I agree with@just saying.Exactly my sentiments on so many levels.
    Everyone have a right to decide them own destiny.We speak on them life because they put it out there for us to see do we have will have our own opinion of the situation.
    She seems to be so caught up in public opinion because she care what people think and know that it looks questionable.She obviously is confused and not sure of her self.She just going with the flow whatever her mind tell her to do or whatever her minions tell her to do who seem like hypocrites.
    When you secure you care zero what anyone says good or bad.
    This girl might be crying on bolt shoulder day and night a dead on the inside but she have to prove so she save face by doing the social media.
    Who knows him might even dump her after this “babecation”.
    She need to just chill.This the most attention she ever get in her life and so don’t know how to act.
    All this hype over nothing,you should be on a yacht somewhere in South of France or venturing out on the island sights and scenes not them cornet stages pics taken from a mile away.Paparazzi supposed to be hiding behind the tropical flowers to get a glimpse of you.We ain’t seen that therefore you haven’t made it girl.
    You just his chaperone so chill.

  25. it no matter what she get or if them married, he tainted the relationship with the public bunnings & she fk sadiki first, nothing can change all that!!!! them only look foolish, trying too hard to prove them “inlove” kmt dem fi just go easy & tek things slow outa di public & work on being convincing. This topic getting boring. MET update us when Sadiki announce the birth lol

  26. I swear to God everyday u guys dick riding Kasi u eat her for lunch,breakfast, dinner I mean what’s really going on your lives that u people are so invested in this woman’s life OMG !!!!! (Hand a jaw eyes wide open) like y’all can leave the woman now who cares if she wants to f*k 2 brothers 10 brother the whole motherfu**g bolt family it’s not our business !!! Enough is enough man. Y’all can come come I don’t give a f**k.

    1. We dick riding while you balls goggling and choking. The question is what is going on in your life that you are watching us whey a watch she?? Nuh badda put yuh hand a yuh jaw put it a yuh mouth so di balls nuh slip out

    2. hey gal wey yah do ova yah? yuh no like what ova yah wah yuh a do yah? Met yuh no have no way fi block some a dem germs yah?

    3. But Kerry. You well invested to, for every post bout them you run come! How that work!? You made your point the other night, when you decide to rush someone on here and then decide to tell Met how to run her site. Is another donening you come for to end out the week!? And exactly how can you be asking about the time we have!? For an entrepreneur you have nuff time!

      Us laughing at them at them is not your business. Yet here you are! Again!

    4. MET get clicks and the hating ass women get satisfaction thinking their comments hurting Kasi. But we all know a because dem hurt. Hurt people try to hurt people. Simple.

      1. But it a hurt uno doe? Kerry did have har hand pan har jaw, whey your hand deh? Mitzy a stress yuh a she nuh mention so tell mi where is your hand?

  27. I wonder if gabby and Kerry goes to the other sites like daily mail and tmz where 90% of the comments are roasting ksai,I mean they really tear her up. do they go there and tell those bloggers that they envy kasi,they have no life etc……

      1. Bitch just STFU. Kasi just don’t get no respect from anybody black white Cheney. And nobody jealous of her. I’m sure nobody would have anything to say if Kasi didn’t F**k his brother so go suck bolt dick n f**k off nobody jealous of Kasi cause all now I don’t see one person say dem want bolt. BUT SADIKI WHO NUH HAVE BOLT MONEY CAN GET PUSSY FI DAYS. Kasi don’t have much competition except for the other gold diggers. Nope she just disgusting slack low loose. And don’t have no pussy principle BOLT CAN DO BETTER.

        1. She beautiful and you are jealous! Jealous and badmind! I have never seen a pretty chick hate on Kasi. NEVER. It’s always the ugly bitches talking shit. So nasty and so rude. Projecting your self hate unto others. May god bless you.

  28. On a side note you know what I think is funny? Life, like and Karma. Kasi did quiet down and behave herself and carried herself like a wife when she was with Scott. I mean yes she still indulged in har threesome (anything to keep har man happy) and all these things but she really did love him. SHe only had one rule: dont cheat. SHe could never be with a cheating man or even be a sidechick. SHe had morals and principles and she stuck to them…until Scott cheated with her friend and I think there was no coming back from that. It really broke her. and ever since that every rule or moral clause or principle she had got thrown thee F**K out!!!

    She did all she said she wouldnt and participated in what she said she would not. From sidechick to Sadiki to one of the harem of Bolt to THIS. ANd now she just looks like a gold digger and an attenion whore. SHe LOVES it. The spotlight the attention the front page of newspapers everything. What she doesnt know is that all her former/old friends, acquaintances and people who know her back then look upon her with ridicule and disgust because even the blind can see what her true intentions are and she had no real class/principles or morals. USAIN BOUGHT ALL OF THEM so as of right now she is just a puppet and clown. She and the other classless/moral-less minions hyping and defending her thinks she is winning but really and truly, the only thing she is winning is her Instagram followers going up and a little spotlight.

    1. But if she had any sense she would know that from u nuh show no limits in a relationship there will be no end to certain things..3sum nah go mek no man stay

  29. ksai deh pon periscope a do q and a and when dem ask har anyting she nuh like she say mek mi block dis ya one. I guess kasi periscope is for the cheerleaders..

    no sign a cheeta, mussy deh pon phone wid tara tease…..

  30. yah mussi entrepreneur fi Kasi pus-c mek yuh ova yah inna de pink weh she nuh av leff inna it….she gave de right side a it to Sadiki plus a few den when she reach St.Leo she turn it pon the wrong side yuh knw inside out fi give him nd de many ooman fi boost up him looks and tek him money nd it still nah hold,fold or scold him, guh laminate Kasi paper hole nd frame St.Leo cocky.

    Stop bloodclaat run in ova yah,yuh see from wen mi a hold mi peace

  31. There are two rooms in the suite where they are staying. She calls one room her “glam room” and the other room is where they sleep together.

    I assume she was recording in the glam room when she was laying in the bed alone.

    But see all dem things here! Kasi no stop post things on social media and giving people things to talk. Her going on periscope last night was totally pointless. She looked tired and exhausted and she on there answering people questions. Why?

    I will continue to watch because, well, why not? LOL But she’s honestly calling all of this on herself. Personally, from Olympics time I would have closed down my accounts and kept my ass quiet. Enjoyed the little vacation with my man. But like any attention whore, there she is. She lives for people’s compliments and validation, even at the cost of the majority dragging her.

    1. My question is: why the people pan her Periscope nah ask her the REAL question dem. Stop ask bout weh she get har clothes and makeup. A wha? Dem fraid fi get BLOCKTTT?

      1. How was it with that stallion Sadiki? Him do di tings dem?
      2. Do you consider Jennifer Bolt a second mom yet? (BUSS OUT A BIG DUTTY LAUGH)
      3. Is this your first time out of Jamaica apart from Miami? Where to next?
      4. Where is your father and why him leave you and your madda from birth?
      5. YOu have white liver? Mi hear seh yuh a Indian.


      1. when they do ask the real question like someone stated above she blocks dem,suh anuh ask it nah get ask a she deh deh pon a blocking spree

  32. @Kerry
    Tek yuh rass offa di site and go back go sell yuh entrepreneur pussy yuh nuh si sey a Friday and Man get rass pay from 12 a clack.

  33. Ok, so lets reason this out.


    Lets say Kasi is with him for the money, what if he had another girl? Would it be for the money as well?

    Someone up top stated he could get a prettier girl, but if he did wouldn’t we still say “If he didn’t have money he wouldn’t have been able to get such a girl”?

    How would we determine that its not? Since we the public are the ones assuming why any female is with any celeb.

    I can and will never defend a cheating man, or never tell a woman to stay with a man that cheats. If she wants to stay then thats on her.

    None of us are sure of why she chose to stay, in MY OPINION they drserve each other. They are both attention whores, they love social media and are perfect for each other.

    I guess they’re both getting what they need.

  34. Cassidy girl (boom fist!!) I’m glad u see it as well. Its like a trainwreck you KNOW is gonna happen but you cant look away. How could you when the driver and his passenger is dallying away and hyping up the car possibly not knowing or seeing the huge ass crash that is about to happen? This has been played out in the past with other public personalities and it did not end well. So the smart, the discreet, the rich poor, fass and like KNOW what is gonna happen in the oh so near future. But dem EEDIAT CLAFFY YAH WHE MUSSI SIDDUN PON KASI CLIT FI TRY BE HAR FREN AND SHARE DI SPOILS a try condone and hype har up to make it seem like is nothing.

    MET you are right. Threesomes, giving har man girl etc did NOT prevent him from cheat…and wid har frien to (or who she deemed a friend at the time). SO that goes to show u can give a man your all, give him pass to cheat, carry di damn girls in the bedroom, give him every goddamn thing and at the end of the day he is either gonna cheat WITHOUT u or Leave your ass for someone else. And most of the times these men leave for a simple, intelligent well rounded hard working girl who may not be a Instagram socialite or is a fashionista or uptown celebrity but a little girl / woman who is just a regular degular shmegular girl with a 9-5 morals principles and who wouldnt be fraid to cut his ass off or leave him if him dis har (eg. Mitzy) So you stay deh…history has repeated itself before and it will again. Its only a matter of time….

    AND P.S. I dont think Kasi will leave bolt (she has already sacrificed her morals values personality and shame tree to him) but rather Mr. Bolt will eventually LEAVE HER to someone else who is either out of his league, or someone who has been a friend/supporter and his companion in the background, or maybe even a simple girl who may not look like all but her persona appeals to him. Either way eventually it is Bolt who is gonna leave. Desperate man cling pon straw and Kasi desperation knows no bounds at this rate. smh

    1. *** Mr. Bolt will eventually LEAVE HER***

      This. and it will probably be sooner than later. Trust,Bolt is not Stevie Wonder to the bulls+++.

  35. Met you hav nuh more story fi gi with fi di evening!?

    Cause dem ppl yah a bore me now…most a dem can’t see that is laugh most ppl here laughing at them, and that others are commenting on her uplifting herself cause dem either see it before or live it before and kno it nah go work out good, all if dem married and done!

    The ones defending her going too hard and can’t even show how the situation she in good, or look like going turn out good! Gabby mi can work wid cause she deh ya from long time and we kno weh fi har love deh!

    Them a kill di post for me!

      1. Cuban educated! Dr at Cornwall Regional 3 years now! Private practice in Miami + Consultations at Tony Thwaites a year now! Studying general surgery come next year January!

        Sorry but your statement isn’t valid! :request

        1. Educated but still ugly. Bright but still bitter. Kasi a keep her man that’s why you so hurt. Bitter Betty. Old Bitter Bitch. OBB Spoon.

          1. But Bolt a every woman man! So how that work!? And no honey that was the man you said I don’t have credentials. And besides the little 2-3 trip dem she get that’s it! I go on 5-7 days of vacation very 2-3 months. 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom house. Boyfriend drive a range and benz and I get the BMW. Just because you see people here laughing don’t mean we don’t have anything! It’s funny and it will continue to be funny and I’ll continue to speak! Funny how you find me to have strength! And I don’t care how she look. Kasi pretty just like Lisa Hanna and Yendi….we all saw how their situation played out. And looks don’t have a thing to do with treatment. I don’t look like her, but my man surely treats me better than that! Anyway almost dinner! Check you back in bout 2-3hrs!

  36. Glam room? Dwrcl kasi a think how she a go live. When usian married har and buy him big masion? She start live it now? So she a go have two closet full a shoe and ten dollar dress. A so she say a ten dollar fi hwr gold dress. A she talk it out a her mouth pan one a her video.. She is cheap so the man treat her as such a cheap slut. Kasi u lef dem dress deh to me Nd girls weh no have no rich man. U see marlo weh did deh pan Atlanta house wife.. A baay money man she sell har front to.. And she no wear cheap tings.. Kasi byeeeeee cheap hoe

    1. RichRush, I see you defending Kasi and this $10 dress controversy on snapchat. Bout thats why you nuh tell people where you buy your things and how much dem cost. Girl bye! Anybody can look at you and see the things you wear cheap and straight from Aliexpress/ IG boutiques. We see it on Kasi too. Besides the shoes and the one YSL bag, Kasi don’t spend money on clothes and it shows.

      IDK how you love take up Kasi problems on your head so bout “I just saw it happen with my friend the other day.” I thought you and Kasi weren’t friends and you never met her before. So because she buy the one likkle choker from you, you’re officially friends?

      ONCE AGAIN! Stay outta people business! You love defend things that don’t concern you and you know your name easy fi call! Buil like girl before dem hurt your feelings again.

  37. She on ig arguing with ppl bout her pieces like if it wasn’t for Bolton she would know Christian Loubitons reaally pappishow

  38. Spoon just by the way you comment on here I know you are unhappy in life. Clearly a pretty girl hater. If you so rich go do some plastic surgery and try get cute. Lipo and laser treatments are done in Kingston. Don’t curse Kasi because u ugly, curse God. A him mek the both of you. Bout Doctor. SIgh I sorry fi the pretty girls dem weh you haffi attend to. How many of them u accidentally mess up? It’s scary to think that hateful witches like you are in positions like those. You are doing a grimy job maybe that’s why you take out your stress on other females. It’s not their fault why u ugly and stay bad. Go tek up that with God. Just come offa Kasi name now. Bitter woman. How people have so much hate for people that they dont know will always amaze me.

    I don’t even have to guess I bet you are dark skinned. I just need you to confirm it for me. You are dark skinned right Spoony?

    1. So what dark skin haffi do with this argument? Some a unnu mus dress up unnu dark mentality. A condone whoring man & woman and a drop in unnu colourism shite.

        1. Really a whappn to dem ppl yah and this “dark skin” ting … Do I guess because KAsi is “light” do if Kasi light me white …. U ppl need Fi stop put Unu insecurities in others …..Unu frighten

        2. Nah Slag but me cant pass uneducated crap without calling it out. Too many a we ancestor dead for this, for people to be still thinking and talking this way

        3. You are a pathetic bitch, I am educated and very beautiful and I have my own things.. Three bank accouts two in farrin one in jamaica from I was 15 what you guys are running down me and the rest of real educated women done have, man run we done we nuh run dem down.. Man bawl fi just see we inna dem sights. Stalk we fi stay. But can never use money fi mek we stay.siomne ooun will do anything fi man even see ooun because u and kasi shape like spit not the really one the one weh come out fro. Deep down inna the back a ppl throat, Tell kasi say her pieces can’t trade anyones daughter, tell her say just because it trade her cause she licky licky and nadty. Kasi caah cusd nobody she ugly fi a lightskin gal. Kasi face wan press out she look old and tired nuh bloodclaat.. Baay line inba kasi face like usain use him buddy and draw line inna it. Kasi is a noboddie.and it bun u it hurt up to u soul we nah stop chat. Tell kasi fi go press out her face it look like crush up scandal bag

    2. What the f**k? Did she just say if the girl dark skin??? What a pathetic stupid bitch. Simone go suck yuh white mother if you can take her scent cause nuff a unnu light skin smell worse than dead fish that rotten and dash inna sewer fi maggot refuse. Stink nuh bloodclaat . Look how bolt black n him mother black but you woulda open up you maggot infested pussy go him fi knowings. Guh suck yuh mada if yuh can live thru the smell of har sewage pussy

      1. Yup. So nasty and so rude. Kasi a mad yuh. Just her beauty alone. It has nothing to do with usain. You just don’t like seeing pretty girls right? Or shape good girls? LOL Gym mek fi everybody babes.

  39. Hi,Met,I been on JmG since Melissa lavish and terriann,time.I never commented.but I’m a little shocked.I put on Kasi ig that I thought she will go to Ammatara Pura pool villa,or Burj al Arab,or a one and only resort,u know those kind of place,or even go to France or Italy and shop til she dropped.Because Bora Bora is expensive but the accommodation look cheap and unattractive and you can do the same things in Jamaica,Cayman or Bahamas.And those islands are better because you have a lot of things to keep you busy.I did not curse her or nothing,she just blocked me and put on Twitter that she is not blocking nobody tonight.What a joke,she is truly a fraud.I’m still trying to figure out why tho.Anyway Met big up yourself,for all the work you do.You don’t put up Nigerian movies like that anymore tho,and I love them.

    1. __________________________________________________ Oh Mercy Mercy me, she put seh she nah block so how u get block? :ngakak she is an attention whore..Ive never called anyone that in all my years of blogging but she win it

  40. I’ve been reading this post for a few weeks now and I must say I LOVE it! Now mam up top talking about dark skin you’re are ignorant and bitter what does color have to do with class? People like u are why little girl bleach their skin and think they’re ugly. Kasi is pretty no denying that her color has nothing to do with it. Anybody can have a sexy body if they dedicate their time to working out and eating right so cut the “hate on Kasi” bullshit.
    Stop making excuses as to why its ok for the man to treat her like shit. Usain making all these post now is a stunt where was he when ppl were dragging her during rio or his bday? Shouldn’t he defend her then? If the public opinion didn’t matter the. It shouldn’t matter now so miss us with the bullshit.

  41. She touch mi nerve. Ppl like u u Mek Jamaica cyah progress from mental slavery. As if to say dark skin bad mind light skin. If she did black she wutliss. She light skin she wutliss same way color don’t have shit to do with it.

      1. you are a damn dog shit. Wtf does dark skinned have to do with anything ? Stupid uneducated bitch. Galang! You and your whoring ass role model. F**k you! Yuh muma, yuh grandmuma, and yuh dead great grandmuma too bitch!

  42. What’s wrong with these frightened Fi colour people ? What the hell is this dark skin shit! You all see kasi a tan out hell trying to get ‘ dark skin ‘ too…. Dark skin is beautiful!! Met, I wish I wasn’t yellow like a damn banana, mi tired Fi siddung in a sun a try Fi get ‘ dark skin’

  43. Jaani honey I’m not as light as Kasi I love my skin color it’s so sad you don’t. You know your history if u did u would know you’re what they call the house slave. U think u better because u light skin but at the end of the day u still a damn slave. Idiot. Then girl is foolish! Plain and simple it has nothing to do with color. Where is her mother? A dat she teach di pickney? Fi Mek man use har like trash? $6000 a night room and not even a board house fi call har own? Ok since its not about the money and she really love him why not move in? They been together three years and they’re inlove move in together then. No? Right cause usain a wait five years till him get married. Winnie wait on Mandela and he came out of prison and still leave har backside.
    Pick sense out of nonsense Kasi if u reading or one of ur friends please mi love take your time and gather some coins not saying he’s gonna leave u but save for a rainy every woman is blessed with instincts God gave us that gift. Use it!! Notice how YOU are getting dragged? Usain can pay the media to repair his player image can you? Wise up!!! It’s not hating cause I’m not hating u I care that’s why I’m saying this. I am happy it’s a Jamaican girl he’s dating but my gosh no so! No farrin gyal nah tek dem yah treatment just so mi love. The only way them take it is if dem bank account tall up tall up and them can go pay fi therapy retail or professional.

  44. Dis light skin comment really irk mi nerve enu. Kasi may be pretty, but di character dirty. All unu haffi sehh is she pretty as har defense, so because she pretty she should mek man walk all over her and treat har like shi a him dutty floor mat? Usain clearly nuh rate har prettiness and it nah hold him cause fi him cocky belongs to EVERYBODY. Unu clearly have no principles. NONE unu nuh birth wid; no morals either. There is a lot lacking including unu self esteem & self love. Unu need fi tell Kasi fi go learn fi love herself because Bolt nuh love har nor respect har. No wonder you Simone come a cuss Mitzy all di while cause har dark skin a mad yuh. Mek a ask unu a question, which skin tone is Oprah? Serena and Venus? Michelle Obama? Mek mi dash Portia in deh to! Dem woman deh sehh powerful wid pride and dignity (mi leaving Portia cause she do what nuff women worldwide will never get the opportunity to do by becoming a country’s leader). Unu frighten fi color. What has Kasi done wid har “light skinned prettiness” dan shame Jamaican women & mek wi look like wi have no sense? Unu need fi go rebirth and come out again wid some common sense, morals, ambition, & pride.

    & before unu come cuss mi sehh mi a hater, not even bodda cause Bora Bora a nuh no weh. Mi have mi owna money and tings (call going to school and utilising my education) & mi live/visit countries nuff a unu cannot easily locate on a map or ever heard of before. Unu gweh man.

    & hello my jmg peeps.

    Met, mi want to start re blog again, how do I keep my name and relog in cause a years now and mi figget every log in info.


  45. This ting really outta hand .. I know sometimes when older ppl influence your thinking you are not able to rationalize … But u r an adult now … Being dark or light really means nothing you are from
    The same race … Kasi mother is Indian decent and she is not light … Kasi does not even look that light to me she has a clean face which is lighter than her body but her skin tone is like caramel which nothing is wrong with that.. But it’s like he did well because she is clearer than him …she is a black girl look at her features .. She also
    Has processed hair she is no different she dead stamp a cedella Marley

  46. I’ve commented a few times on this particular topic but eventually got bored only because I know Kasi Jenee personally! Since we on skintone and whatever for a light skin girl she isn’t beautiful or gorgeous. Kasi looks like a little piglet she definitely has a broad face and huge broad lips ! And Kasi doesn’t have very nice hair either ! So all that light skin talk is trash ! Kasi does photoshop her pictures she born to be thicker than a snicker if she continues to work out it will all turn to muscle she would have to do surgery to become very slim! Kasi is a goofy chick maybe bolt likes that about her because she is down to earth .. I believe deeply that she is hurt but putting up a front … When she deleted all social media one time is because she couldn’t trust anyone and she couldn’t take the rumors circulating between her and BRITZ876 who was her bff and ppl were claiming that bolt was looking her and or fcked her .. Stop making it seem like KASI is all that she isn’t I was certainly not impressed enough by her .. I always felt there was something very off ! If Kasi and bolt have a kid Simone the kid will be dark skin and the hair won’t be pretty either .. Look how Kasi hair short and she have to cream her hair .. Plz I’m not light skin like Kasi I’m medium toned more of a caramel skintone .. Mi a Apache Indian wid long beautiful hair Weh don’t have to cream and have even better features than Kasi in the face ! Don’t assume that you know who commenting or even try to disrespect people .. These comments don’t have a face and you’d be fckin surprised the people who comment on here daily .. Don’t panic bitch ! You are a stupid Stupid girl just like Kasi and some reason I think her concubine mumma is all for this fame by any means necessary. Never see come see .. Like dem live INNA rent house deh a old harbour lets be serious ! Kasi ain’t no rich bitch kmt her clothes dem very very cheap and she get the cheapest shoes dem to wear ok u have a 675 us pigalle from Christian louboutin and 600 dollar so Kate’s Kasi get him to buy u some 3k D squared and 3K Giuseppe Zanotti how about some 6k Chanel bags … What about some Balenciaga, Ferragamo, since you like dressing sexy “La Pearla, Agent Provocateur.. WEH ASOS aguh?????? Kasi Weh it aguh???? Kasi wassup with the Versace sandals (I peeped your fake Chanel sandals yea they are knock offs ) and u still a drive da ole piece a car deh wait you still have a roommate or nah???? Kasi plz do better you & I know life isn’t peachy cream .. Please get a note pad and start jotting things down the time u take to respond with ur lame come backs you start tek notes ! I ain’t with no billionaire but shit bitch my nigga goes harder than that for me .. You ain’t winning a God damn thing, even the corn dem pan usain toe a get better treatment.

    1. Lmao what a pathetic comment. A lot of stuff said about Kasi on this site is true but this reeks of bitterness. “Piglet”? How yuh hateful suh?

    2. I swear I know exactly who write this! LMAO

      I know you and Kasi didn’t work out sexually but damn you mad AF girl. LOL

  47. Mule Met stop talk bout goggle balls bcuz Memba a your ting dat met Memba u nyam pure cocky no boo that’s ur area and even if me a goggle any balls a my husband balls me a goggle a nuh random balls like u met di time u tek a daytime a try ruin people life u guh try and breed and start a family nasty Mule met u need a life u need something worth while doing this is not a job met it is not career this rite here is pure unadulterated hatred !!!!!!’ Me come pon Di site from time to time for a little laughter but u and ur hating ass followers are despicable the hate is real are met kiss me raas ass and yes me and my husband we own a legitimate business say what the f**k u want to say hoe I don’t care u are insignificant .

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