1. True true. Mi notice har FB tun up. So she done mourn??? Seems like she back on the market/prowl.She’s a pretty lady but dem say har behavior not pretty. So I heardddddd. Don’t quote me cause heresy cyaan go a law. Who know her personally can come give a character report. Pls and thanks. :2thumbup :2thumbup

  2. Bunch of idiots bout bleach tun up wtf wrong with the world. Self hate is such a pity. God bleach the brains of these dumb ass women all over the world bleaching. Don’t y’all realIze people can tell the difference between real light skin and bleach? Lmao…

  3. Noo damn light skin kmt she bleaches! And nooo you cant really tell the difference anymo boo boo!

  4. Kim Kardashian effect… Most women have the desire to look like this celebrity….Like she is the blue print of how a woman must look… ????????

  5. Sender mi no c di point a u storey stop hating,di time unnu use an a watch out other people life y unnu no use dat energy an time fi sort out fi unnu life an spend time taking care a unnu body di girl look good an can go look on some a unnu wah deh talk

  6. @ boochie cant you read? The sender say Lisa on fire and har body look good, there is no hating in the caption. SOme a y’all too miserable and dunce, next time read properly before u open yuh tinking mout. U a talk bout watch other ppl life why the fcuk u on here reading then if u nuh want hear ppl business? Cause I know it aint for the morning inspirations.

  7. lol, she favor day ghost, no amount of bleaching can’t bring back her years, she look like she in her early 50’s please uno be real. Call a spade a spade, she look damm ugly like duppy. KMFT

  8. She looks good the body is nice but the bleaching wasn’t necessary because her complexion was nice to begin with but all and all she looks great whatever makes her feel good sweetie then do it… Live life to the fullest we never know when will be our last and if you can do it then do it!!! Simple

  9. #SMDH same thing I was thinking. And please the old lady comments are kinda boring!!! Really love? Just pray that your life span last 50yrs. She’s seen people come and go she knows how lucky she is so she’s doing it her way good or bad. But why the bleach girl why.. If your reading this Miss Lena f**k em damd if you do and damd if you don’t. But please sister STOP BLEACH

  10. She looks like a witch to me with that smile and all that make up. But her body look tun up thou

  11. I am not a Lena fan, in fact I cannot stand her – but I must be honest, she has never looked better. Very feminine look, fowl may even look her way after this lol

    Only thing I must agree, the bleaching never necessary…..

  12. She looks pretty. Nothing wrong with being a woman of a certain age. U better hope u can look that good when u reach her age, all those hating. I always thought she was light skin, so don’t believe bleach is an issue here.

  13. When a young person dies u hear that ” they died too young” yet people make fun of people who are up in age. Like a real dunce. Pray a night time seh God mek u live fi see 50.

  14. Lena you love send in your pics it seems..met must start charge you lot for advertising yourselves on her website.. You too nuff

  15. @Country @1:10 p.m. same thing I say, agree with you 100%… She looks great, keep up the body as long as you can and enjoy yourself Lena… But no more bleaching please and tanks…

    Bless weekend everyone!!!

  16. Something ask mi if mi can’t read whatever whoever u b am not even gonna say u name cause not even a second a recognition u not getting from me so go take several seats in di Back row booop

  17. Nothing is wrong with her face, omg…because you have nothing to say about her body, you start criticizing the face. Not a f***g thing nuh do the woman’s face; she is not f***g 5.

  18. No amount of clothes or surgery can cover up all the wicked deeds from da informer dash way belly gal.

    She never support Fowl when him get the big sentence, plus her wicked brother who kill the girl over drugs.

    Lena desperate and wicked nuh bloodclart, when Her friend Nardia went to prison she never show her no interest.

    Look how long Lena ah f**k since da Ras dead, she nuh have no pussy principal, ah pure mix up & corruption deh round da alcoholic gal yah.

    The big bug little miss run Lena wey fi go sort out her green arm problem, Lena arm and pussy stink up the dance.

  19. Grey hair take over Lena head & her pussy, everything about get fake. Lena ah f**k Blue from Tottenham.

    She dash wey 2 belly for Mikey flava now she desperately want baby. How she would look after it because first thing as she wake is a spliff & brown bottle. Gal smoke & drink like a dragon

    Never see ah gal love attach har self to ppl, Met me nuh like da gal yah from long bout her I am Lena British as if anybody cares.

  20. Nuh loyalty gal, your police links dem large, you can truck everybody else but we meaning you & me know sey you ah de biggest informer.

    Lena you is damage goods, just like the Clothes dem you ah walk & thief.

    You wear out Mitchie Boo clothes & Carry dem back stink, eeh stinky from the arm, pussy & mouth.

    Lena your house dirty, insecure whore.

  21. Kmt Lena irrelevant . She fi go undo her wicked deeds dem.

    Spider run di suck pussy gal, Lena stinky British yuh dead stop sending pictures to met nuh Jody nuh member yuh.

    From drug dealer to shop lifter. Kim west excited over you that’s why you can send her out to thief cheap clothes.

    Love how Mitchie step up on you & Kim nasty bloodclart.

  22. My question is how nuh body nuh stay? Big stinking water Pussy, uneducated gal.

    Dancehall Carlene will know what to do with you soon. Stop call up Aiana name, the girl is younger & better than you.

  23. Why Lena send in her pics to seek attention……. Yuh liposuction weh yuh put inna yuh batty Mek yuh feel young, we’ll go fix yuh face too bitch

  24. Stinking arm mouth and pussy Lena weh f**k from bounty killa movado and bout 20 more man in a Jamaica party dem need to go have a seat wid har old self

  25. It’s true met Lena don’t have any loyalty, when fowl get sentence she f**k chin su, Buju Banton, Bernie man, bounty & the list goes on. If she was looking after fowl it wouldn’t be so bad but she use fowl money and mine man. Rent ski bike for chin su & the whole of orange villa. She mek the man dem f**k out fowl bed. That’s why him show up look good Sonia & flop stinking arm Lena when him leave prison.

    Remember Nardia her lesbian girlfriend, Lena never looked at her when she get her sentence Lena just turned her back & moved on. Run friends run. Lena tell lie then cry over people friendship. One bloodclart sick Psyco alcoholic gal who ah Live in the pass.

  26. You see da wicked gal here, she need fi fix her heart. Badmind fretting over ppl tings is rotten ing out her inside

    Met why you have Lena up here after she so f*** irrelevant . Met Lena stale stale stale,

    She expire, time to bin her, pathetic bitch

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