The Latest on the investigation into a shooting that left three people dead and 12 wounded, two gravely, at a restaurant operating out of a converted home. (all times local):

3:30 p.m.

Los Angeles police have arrested two suspects in the shooting that left three people dead and 12 wounded at a restaurant operating out of a converted home.

Police said 33-year-old Mowayne McKay and 25-year-old Diego Reid, both of whom are Jamaican nationals, were taken into custody early Sunday. They are expected to be booked on murder charges.

Investigators believe a dispute between a man and at least two other man led to the shooting early Saturday at a birthday celebration attended by around 50 people in LA’s Jamaican community.

Police said one man was shot, then several other shots were fired indiscriminately in the crowd. They said other party-goers may have returned fire in the direction of the suspects.

One of the dead was the man who got into an argument with the suspects. Of the injured, police said one man remains hospitalized in extremely critical condition.


10:07 a.m.

Los Angeles police are searching for at least two suspects in a shooting that left three people dead and 12 wounded at a restaurant operating out of a converted home.

Officer Jenny Houser said Sunday that detectives are still trying to determine a motive for the gunfire that erupted during a birthday celebration attended by more than 100 people.

A preliminary investigation determined an argument preceded the shooting early Saturday.

Police questioned two possible suspects shortly after the incident, but officials said later no one was in custody. Investigators have not released suspect descriptions.

Three people died at the scene. Houser says two victims were in critical condition late Saturday. Two of the wounded were released and the others had wounds that were not considered life-threatening


  1. What I do not understand, I read in another article that they have these two so call suspects that they say they have enough evidence to charge them but again I also read on and they also say that the two detained are not the ones that killed anyone, so if that is the case why are you charging these two individuals if you she claim that they didn’t kill anyone, that doesn’t make any sense and that’s what I read from news media and also that they are still looking for the suspects which we all know are probably on the road to we do not know where and they have to blame someone since the mayor had to come in and say something, DA and police want to charge someone. All this shit could of been avoided why did you have to shoot the man at the party that started a big shoot out. I heard someone also passed away from their injuries now there is 4 dead in this senseless killing. Some men just do not have no smarts to them I swear. Now you ruin dancehall for everyone, Jamaicans are going to be on the police radar all parties my be interrupted because of this bullshit, just because one man feel she he want to shoot the man because he shoot his friend in the foot, the friend still live, he didn’t have to kill the man. Some Jamaicans more time are real ignorant for them own good, I swear… Jah Knu man

    1. U have up to 72hrs fi hold a person with- out charging them, probly time a run out and dem have substantial evidence on dem so dem just charge dem fi murder fi get more info from/on dem….Charging dem fi murder nuh mean seh dem must find guilty ina court.

  2. Two Jamaican nationals are accused of involvement in the mass shooting that left three dead and 12 injured at a makeshift Los Angeles restaurant.

    Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, were booked on suspicion of murder, according to KTLA.

    The Los Angeles Times says that police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened in the chaotic gun battle and aren’t sure which victims the two men shot, if any.

    However, The Orange County Register reported, “Detectives believe McKay and Reid opened fire after the initial shooting, and that the gunfire from the two men and possibly others left two more men dead and others wounded.”

    The mass shooting occurred October 15 in a home that also doubled as a Jamaican restaurant.

    Now you have a bunch of critics talking shit about who gave these two people visa. White people I swear like to talk shit and do not know nothing. Now the shooting is drug related now. Now the two suspects they say was shooting after the 1st shot and they do not know if the gun they had killed anyone. So eye witness and video put them two shooting. That is speculation.

  3. Mi a Wanda if Jamaican police did a get dem good pay dem woulda go as hawd as how foreign police go… Dem Nuh waste time.

    1. Latty, if Jamaica Police was geting respect and assistance from victims/citizens/victim family then the pay wouldn’t even factor in so much. No motivation = minmal production.

      1. But local police in America nuh get respect PP, even though I get ur point other persons probly a read u comment wrong…the dfrnc is America is COMMITTED to stop heinous crime and jamaica doesn’t. America is COMMITTED in finding out what cause the crime and how can they iradicate such happenings in the future, Jamaica doesn’t. I can go on and on bout dfrnt ways how both country carry out policing and investigation.

  4. This Lady really did her investigation.. So the house really transferred in Indian name already? What a stress in the West!

  5. This Mary Cummins lady fast u fuk. If your name got listed in any police or new report she looking up your life story…SMH

  6. I’m impressed how this woman put this article together in a matter of days. Thorough. Great read but sad ending. You live the life you love. Ohhh

  7. Lord let me nuh ever do nutten fi Mary Cummens look me up cuz she through nuh Bumbo!! My girl have everybody entire life story

  8. That.s why you dont associate yourself amounts inna hole hustling ppl lke Dilly….if yoi respect your life…cos ppl lke those respect life r ppl security…instead of cooperate with the police and tell what him jwn..tht fool said him was hading behind rubbish pan huh

  9. Did u guys click on the links Mary had up? Am I the only one that read the article regarding Gretta could be the missing girl from 1991 in Oklahoma. What a way the so call wife go put up Video with her children so Mary can finish her Article.

  10. Greta is from from Jamaica not Oklahoma….but Miss Mary shi do hat research cash shi know almost everything….

  11. Well looks as if ‘Mary Cummins’ gathered all her information from here..(the two post pertaining to Radigan) will soon be a movie..

  12. Y’all need to come off daddy name!! N the big pussy gal them wah a talk unu shut unu f**k mouth! His girl has to put up pics in good times cause unu same drancro was going to find the worse pics to put up. N most ppl wasn’t sure he died so she gotta put it out to others that was in disbelief that he’s dead. Rest in peace daddy. Raddigan gone too soon. We deh yah a while it!! N ps-we know who a write the worse in here, unu hurt how daddy stop mine unu right??!!!

  13. @#1 comment: How American law works is you don’t need to be the direct shooter to get charged. If you are apart of the crime situation everyone can get charged either as a accomplice or discharging your weapon during the commission of a crime (in this case you notice the media keep saying its a drug deal gone bad). If you and a friend get into to a fight with 2 other persons and your friend dies, you can be charged with his murder. If anyone from the other party dies you can also be charged with the murder. It is up to these two guys to go to court and prove that they fired back in self defense and not as a ongoing criminal situation that lead to the shoot out.

  14. This woman Mary Cummings don’t play wow I didn’t know Mark Bogle had any police record wow, she sure when she ready dig out information… I’m truly shocked right now… She even found out Dilly’s wife and all them name, where is Dilly’s wife anyways, the man want sell the home and go back a Jamaica.. .Jamaica is no bed a roses right now Dilly for you to go back…

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