Met yuh nuh hear seh Gemini mami aka her bail deny.met sade been locked up since March and all now she can’t be realease.met me hear from good source seh she also 3mths pregnant and is really sick in there.and her daughter been asking where is all started when her BBF bobette and her sister TK trump.the Sylvester scammers.


went to thief for daffy all white party,they all went on the road & was on a shopping spree.dem seh they went into all the designer stores and when they went to one particular store ( berdoffgoodman) while in the store credit cards start declining and things started to look suspicious,that’s when bobette & her sister saw two big heads from the security squad coming towards them & they took off by foot and run left Sade.met Sade in prison wid big 3months belly and not doing good while bobette in Miami for Memorial Day wknd.smh.metters Unuh come here if Unuh busy.mi shame & ah nuh me!


  1. So because Sade deh a prison the girl life ends…. Gwan enjoy ur life Robbaz Sade has a mind of her own unuh Neva force her fi come teef wid unuh

  2. So weh man Bob fi do bruk inna prison wid dandimite and get out Sade? She fi wear black dress and red draws and lock up inna house everyday like har man dead? Y’all funny. Wull a dem mek the decision fi go tief and they knew the consequences of getting caught. They live like the scammers, only for the present. Shit might go down at any time. Sad how dem a lose dem freedom fi clothes and boot tho. Next time tief a GED or a house.

  3. No pity here :ngakak :malu :ngakak she was stealing to hype on people dam thief :batabig :batabig now let me get back to my little 9-5 hats off to all the hard working people

  4. I know that everyone has a mind of their own and they should know better to make their own decisions especially when it comes to breaking the law and how it’s a 50/50 chance of getting caught but you willing went ahead and engaged in the act… I don’t know these woman but Bobette seems to be a season tief, was the other girl season as well which she missed the signs of a problem brewing. But what I can say that Bobette and the other friend did was not warn her that these men were walking over, did they say to each other it’s time to dash out, was she not paying attention… At the end of the day people do things and never think that one day will pay the price, I do feel for her children and I feel an ounce of sympathy for this young lady… I truly hope it is her first offense and that the judge is merciful on her due to her situation but she should of never part take in that knowing that she’s 3 months pregnant… SMH

    1. No its not her first offense. She’s been there 3 months now so do the math. She didnt know she was pregnant

  5. Gal or boy yuh late! nuh bout last month dem send een dis lol… shit like dat happen when yuh nuh keep up… PINK WALL STR888888 :pertamax

  6. But she stupid sah, u so fat n heavy n gone a store gone do dem type a crime deh an know u cyaan kick off boot n run…fuss thing dat she shuda think bout since her kid wasnt a motivation.

  7. in jail with big 3 month belly?? sender stop exaggerating….I dont know baout you but ive never seen a BIG 3 month belly. Most of the time people can barely tell you pregnant at 3 months

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