Dear Met,metters and Peepers,

I’m convinced women have a natural and instinctive ability to outsmart/outthink men. I found this out a hard way and it has left me with an unpleasant feeling.Tuesday gone mi run eeena a longtime female fren who fresh off the plane.It was in our community so I accompanied her and carried her bag to her home.She asked me to follow her to get a cab and while we were at the taxi-stand,she went to look at a Dancehall poster on a light post.
She ask me abt the dance and I said that gone wha day.The pic had a top man posing with this fat chick with his arms around her waist.She innocently ask but you never see a next chick him did a spar with the night? β€ŽMe go sey “who the brown slim chick?”
Sametime she sey yea n she kinda short u know her mon,her name Deh pon mi tounge…

Me: oh you a talk “k###sha
She erupted like that volcana that mek them abandon Montserrat.

The Dutty bwoi a tell me bout marriage mek mi lef mi nice clean house and babyfather a farrin and a not one but TWO bbc puttycloth mate me have inna one Dance!!? Watch me and him bbc lata,yo tek mi number and come pick me up lata…me a go show him!

Met u know mi nuh go nuh way but now me a fret out hell that she gonna carry mi name back to him plus his frenz saw me walking with her and did a frowns and run off them mouth.I will inbox u their names but just know if anything do me,if me as much as ketch a cold is them Dweet zeen. Honest to GOD she trick me hands down cuz the whole time she just a smile and sweet me up and looking into my eyes kmft.


  1. Dwl, yup wi good like that. The things I used to do I tell ya

    Too stressful tho. Can’t bother fi ah work mi brain so hard

    Was ah deal with one whey when him and women ketch up, him nuh eat from dem…. mi laaf afta him inna mi mind till one day mi did get tired of him and mek him to know sey a woman will have yuh up fi months and u none d wiser, so if mi did waa do him sum’n I could have….so him late

  2. she a go tell di man wen him fren har up an gi har too whine, yard dick is a serious ting. on a different note she choose you fi trick cuz she know yuh love the chatting cuz a different man wuda ansa”yuh know mi know bout dat mi girl, mi neva guh di dance enuh, so u nah nuh US pan yuh.” tek note general, deny den beg. good luck

    1. Mi pick up what u saying in my eyeball so I hear yuh.looking back when a ur time a just ur time because it would be impossible for me to recall how many women I’ve tricked so whatever.

      I assure u clearly I never knew she had a yard yute since she said she and her bf mashup overseas. Chatting too much made me get 90 and made me lose 10.I love MY odds so chat cant too much!

      1. lol, @ “chatting too much made me get 90 and made me lose 10.” Bad sender we gots you round here so him the farina man step to you, we got u.

      2. Writer, cut yu eye pass who say yu chat too much. Chat too much don’t have nothing fi do wid the fact say you and the girl a friend and you were having an innocent, honest conversation.

        What a great majority of women have is not wits, but an innate “Jezebel/Delilah/Eve” gene… Always up to no damn good :nohope:

        Gwan run de post dem :kiss

        Hi Met.

  3. You chat too much ” see and rass blind talk and bloodclawwt dead”…… See weh you mout get you because you like off man ooman? Man a gossip like gal too much a dat a kill unno. Beg a piece all she can seh a yes or No…..unno gone chat other man business and still no get no crotches smh

  4. lol, (like a volcano that mek dem abandon monserrat,) YOW Jamaica rich rich with comedians, hear how him describe her and put him eena trouble that was not intended, SHE now, not alone in what she doing but it a so we woman have to help out our Jamaican folks so be it

  5. lady you are not the only one man a Jamaica fool, yardick is serious, now she left her babyfada and her clean clean house why u gone there like ppl a Jamaica house dutty, whatever u do yu choose to do it sake a yard dick full a cheese, now u going to cuss him mind baxiding nuff gal have to run wey with marks on them body gone a ja gone tek people man, sex dem and fly for sex is good for everyone to release the feel good hormones

  6. :ngakak *tears*______________________________________________________________________

    I don’t know why I’m laughing. Maybe is the way the sender write it.

  7. Sender, is suh women tricky bad (not me though πŸ™‚ ), but they’re can be really tricky. Hush yaw, yuh think them easy?

    If you can, just take away yourself for some weeks or months, because I won’t say she won’t let you down, because men have something that can make even the most shrewdest of straight women act a fool & give away their whistling bird.

    1. You on point as usual.

      Writer fi fling 2 unda har fi she confuse and hold him name in secret so she can get more again :ngakak :ngakak

  8. Mi cudda tell u say a draw she a draw u out from she start the quizzing. Thats why mi, “I dont know nutten!”. The woman dem cuss mi almost everyday say mi know too much bout woman n mi this and that when dem cant go round mi or them a try charm out supn out a mi lol. Woman naah ask man no str8 question the whole lot a them a lawyers, better yet prosecutors bcuz we eva av some charge fi ansa to. Sender be the knight in shining armor, gi ar some good sunshine cocky a dat she come fah.

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