32 thoughts on “YM NEW BODY

  1. Them and dis insta body,these build a body bitches need to go have several back a bush seats. Every last one of them body looks the same deform way even yanique diva mi nuh get it…dem stay real real bad them need fi tek a gud look pon big batty carla a suh sexy look

  2. Can’t belive men find these handicap looking bitches sexy like serious the girl look away like a wah di bloodclaath do Bronx gyal dem they all shape alike no sah, a feel she do Jodi baby cuz a now she and jodi shape alike

  3. Mi say it already and mi ago say it again. One of YM batty jaw is a circle and the other is a square. Nothing about her is sexy or appealing.

  4. Ah deh back yard fixment dat..not a professional cosmetic job. Girl contact mi mek me boo in atl hook u up.. bc dem muck-up yo babdy baaadh.

  5. Last week I was in a jamaican restaurant getting some food before i go in to work, i walk in and saw two men sitting down waiting on whatever it is they ordered. So i got up to the counter wich was a little high and rest my arms on it. I heard the two men talking about me,one saying “its nothing like natural ” the other said “yeah thats definitely nice” then the 1st guy said “thats exactly how i like it,no made in China ” . I’m saying this to say,not all men like that big outrageous battam. It is so ridiculous how these women do their bodies. What are you going to do when you start getting old? You can barely manage now. SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE.

  6. YM needs to stop now, she looks lopsided and it doesn’t fit her at all, the doctor should band her and tell her no more, enough is enough… I’m not saying to whatever pleases you, it’s your body not mine but at the same time do things in moderation, she could of looked natural and not so fake and done up… I’m all for natural enhancements nothing wrong with that at all… But for her enough is enough with it… But I agree with one metter men is not going to look at all of that especially when it doesn’t look good or real, they want the real thing if you have or no don’t have… My man told me he likes me the way I am and no need to fix nothing… Love yourself enough not to go overboard with it… That’s all I’m saying, she can barely walk a straight line… It’s just too excessive now…

  7. Dis wah happen when women no born wid face, dem do everything to perfect the body since much can’t be done to the face. Lawd if you no too busy run come yah you need to see this. She look like if she drop she ago crackup the way she look hard from head to toe

  8. Deformed much. Yaniquediva she just a spoil up herself so bad. These bitches love attention and have mad self hate. 10 years from now di whole a unno batty a drop off

  9. Look like an overpadded, knock knee donkey. All the biege from lip to toe mek her look wursura. Lady stop! U look deformed. Wonda how much har batty weigh??

  10. Mi sah wen mi si her mi nearly dead omg its nithing about hate it donttttttttttt look good at all she look like a ants jesus christ shi dont stay right simione look good but michelle dou cheap work an spoil up her body

  11. For all di Metters, Peepers, Bloggers and Visitors…..not very many men like the “hampa” bottoms. And for most of us who read, we know the trauma these women will experience as time goes by. No hampa fi di I.

  12. In my years on here I’ve never really seen a pic/post of YM’s face…it’s always her ass or whatever.Can I plz see what she looks like,maybe she has a pleasant smile or soft eyesthat will compensate for all that!

  13. Yardielovethug she is an attractive woman (no homo)but di body overdone shi really look like muma ants and di worse part is when di friend dem a Zoe har pon ig bout yes Michelle yuh on fire,yes Michelle yuh lit but look pan who a compliment har di wul a dem whea dem body parts mek a China mnl

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