Met this is tyrell,one of Bronx finest.When u talk about whore check tyrell.Him don’t want nobody but this pretty brown thing.Now this Rasta girl and him a hide and do the tinz,she just appear out of nowhere a act like she’s miss prim and proper when she hide a f**k nuff man.The girl in the bathing suit is his baby mom who couldn’t take the bunn nomore so she leff him an engage now,go on big vacation an the man propose.Tyrell muss shame.Neisha body up still met but the face !!!! Him love browning so mi no know how him did choose Neisha cause she not all that.tyrell u start mind the baby u have in Jamaica yet? Well boasy and fashionable cause him no do normal 9-5,clears throat!! Mean like a DOG! Wander what him use to catch that Rasta wanna be good girl.mi hear seh him size nice still cause mi friend did a f*k him but him neva want to eat the cat so she leff!


15 thoughts on “YOU FRIEND TOLD YOU A LOT

  1. But I really wanna know why beautified Tina sending shit in lol
    Is she same one wanna know what this nigga up to lmfao that’s her boo

    1. Ukkubit dearest mi nuh know how them forever nah learn that pinkwall ppl can see thru every angle,every sikes,if the adding up ok or subtraction lef off pon every story that land here.

      Poor ting but we encourage the senders to keep sending in n we will help yall pick sense outta nonsense.

  2. So what if di rass a tek fi her share of tyrell??? Is he not every body something? Kno that girl from Bcc days and she nice but bad..a church girl wha bad under the quite!

  3. stop mix church wid she.Kmt.sketel like dem give church bad name!neva know she go church. Two youth I know f**k her out.Two friends too!

  4. What happen to the slim brown red lip girl she use to spar wid??? She me want a wuk offa!! Saw this dread she pretty an ting but i wouldn’t f**k she Saw her at all white barbecue in the summer she and a bleach out whoring one an a yute wah run taxi at food town! ,like she a f*k the taxi boy or a the dread a f**k him.One of the two tho.Everytime I see dread is a next man I see her with

  5. Ain’t nothing classy about Ozele..Pretty girl with a dirty character! If that dirty ass taxi man can f**k her i don’t see who can’t!

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