Exotic dancer from some of the most popular night clubs in Jamaica turned in to a millionaire over night… Some may call it saltiness but in her own words she says it’s god that is on her side…. it all started early this year when the dancer most popular known as lady fantasy went to a private health center to do an hiv test , after waiting the time period given to come and collect the results she got back her results…. she got it back and it was saying HIV POSITIVE.. After going home she tried to kill herself and was taking to the black river hospital where a next test was done and the results were HIV NEGATIVE… she wasn’t satisfied with the results so she did a couple more by other doctors it was the same HIV NEGATIVE.. Being broke as she was she decided it can’t stop there so she took it up in with her lawyer… after going through the whole court days she is not the same girl as she was before… she walked aways with more than 3 million….


6 thoughts on “YOU GO GIRL

  1. God bless you sweety and I pray continued blessings on you…met the doctor dem a yaad a gwaan bad cause dem always wrongfully diagnosis pple a nuh di first dem do it caah dem do it to a lady and her baby couple years ago

    1. Technically, the doctors are not the ones doing the actual test. They send the blood samples to laboratories that do the test, so you are off base to be accusing doctors for these type of misdiagnosis.

  2. 3 million jamaican dollars $40,000us alone for all that stress.. I kaint.. I’m very happy to hear she’s not hiv positive tho. Go shake your body for the Lord now please!!!

  3. God bless you darling dear. Do not return to darkness, you might not be able to endure the consequences thereafter. Be mindful of how you react towards favor, mercy and grace. Blessings upon you.

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