Daneka u saw think when u make fake page and inbox Question wife all his dirty and she left him he was going to stay with u don’t it, girl bye the man never want u from morning he was only with u because u freaky yep suck off the co**ky good and clean. Gyal yuh should a stay wid yuh country man weh did a tek good care of u. Now u a walk a look trouble wid the man cousin how a she carry yuh name to wife when u know what u did bi*ch kmt lame ass



  1. Sender u said because they r still together who u think paying her rent paying for her school kmt lame ass bitches Lowe the girl

  2. due to how unuh lame no sah lol true the county gal have u man pan lock u mad woooie sucking dicks a the in thing mama u know say a true u nah suck him cocky thats why him lef u standing dwl rusty prissy from wata house and dirty big nose marlene unuh sad bad dirty people weh mek unuh nuh go look a life and lowe the gal lol har thing up enuh unuh wait because a bagga success a fwd har way due to how u need fi go learn how fi suck cock dwl due to how she a give unuh headache heartache and all sorta ache lol yuh pick up young boy and cah kip him wah u expect did ago happen kmt cho lol as fi u big black ugly cah keep yuh man gal weh name prissy why u a spend so much time inna the ppl them life why u nuh get one of ur own lol cho rass man due to how the whole a wata house know how unuder yuh big black rusty crotch stay girl focus pan u DNA beg god plz mek da man deh be yuh fada zeen lol due to how them a disown yuh prissy everybody f**k yuh who nuh f**k yuh a who weh nuh waan f**k yuh lol u a the worst one outta u family dem *DUE TO HOW THE COUNTRY GAL NAH LOOK AT UNUH MI AFFI COME TALK*

  3. Lol first of all how di f**k me drop in this ….me nuh member she nor this boy……lol me nuh wah know who a my father when unu a write unu put unu correct name or message me straight…nuh Ina di chattingz wid nuh keyboard bad gal zeen……and a me and unu tek di man dem a watahouse….unu lame asf…nave time fi this aswear unu need a life…..unu careless life tek me out of it cause I thought u and him dead…last time him come here and try hype up him self him nuh tell you how me f**k him up..yow word a wind action me deal wid zeen

  4. Prissy u most stop it now man see how u love f**k wid people watch what’s going to happen to u in a few days bitch Daneika nuh need fi touch yuh watch what u going to get bitch
    Go find it rightful father

  5. The man deh way across the world a make Millions an all u here discuss him.when him no care are business about u all.just hear him name on tv.all u all haters An clowns aka best topic u think just because u fling something after him mean u do him something man has him career an u think him Ago make u mash that up.ur mother An father living in states An u out Jamaica suffer kmft living in one room shack with ur 2 brothers.go get skill are education so u can help urself Byron an Charmaine Nahh mind u Charmaine run off an Byron a suffer farin also u ago suffer also.questio continue strive An kill them all with success.marlene ur stupid lady who likes attention grow up an act ur age

  6. Ppl need to get a life chreston need to put a stop to all this why him live such a careless life why him have ppl a call up in wife name all the woman ever do a help him and himkids him need fi go tek care of him kids them and own the one a country what him a hide clean up him life and tell him birches to stop walk and f**k with ppl him lay with dog him much ketch flea the big woman do a lot fi the boy and a so him deal with her karma is a bitches

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