Your beginnings has determine your now!
God has created the world in such a way that wherever there is a beginning it must be accompanied with an end and where ever you find an end there must have been a beginning.
With the above principle in mind, it is safe for us to conclude that every situation that we encounter as it relates to challenges, be it small or great must have a beginning, source or origin. If that source, beginning or origin has not been addressed, then whatever method is being used to fix, repair or resolve the present situation that obviously has a history which is connected to a beginning will place us in repetition of that situation.
History has revealed that in order to correct, improve or to determine the future of anything one must investigate its beginnings. Thus, the solution or answer to our current matters has its roots in our past or history. Therefore, we can coin the phrase, “There is a history to our on going misery”.
In the world of business, such as insurance companies, medical institutions etc, one of the immediate set of questions that you are asked is, do you have a history of a particular illness in your family? Even the business world who are not considered spiritually suave, understands the importance of connecting one’s past or history with present day and ultimately future events.
Unfortunately, this potent revelation/information has been neglected by the Christian community and as a result has kept many of them in bondage to sickness, failed marriages, the successful attacks of witchcraft in their lives, bad relationships etc, In spite of titles such as, Christian, prophets, Pastors, Evangelist, Bishops and the like.
You see my friend the Christians or Believers of Jesus Christ are failing or not achieving the success that God has destine for them not because they are fornicating, lying, being hypocrites, or just plane dishonest. In fact the source of their repetitious defeat and failure to dominate what’s been dominating them is “THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE” Hosea 4:6.
Satan’s greatest weapon is to keep folks ignorant of the origin or genesis of their problems. Every problem has a history and it is the knowledge or mystery of that history or the lack thereof that will determine if the cycle of failure will be broken or will continue. Scripture says to us, “Our Fathers have sinned and now their dead, but we (this present generation) are left to bare their iniquity or punishment” Lamentation 5:7.
The above scripture is clearly saying to us that most of our problems or situations are as a result of what our forefathers has done in the past and now that they have passed on, it did not end when they died. Instead the baton has been passed on to us unknowingly and we’re paying for what they did. In other words we have inherited the sins of our forefathers. This now explains why we’re in a financial mess, marital mess, relationship mess, difficulty with getting a promotion and experiencing all hell just to advance in life.
The day you discover the history or the origin of your stubborn problem, will be the beginning of change for you, as a reminder the only thing that sits between you and the solution to your problem is undiscovered hidden knowledge. This knowledge is intentionally being hidden from you, because it is the key to your progress. Without this knowledge you can not progress, however with it, you are unstoppable. Proverbs 24:14, says that there is a reward for your knowledge and in this case that reward is freedom from bondage, due to a lack of knowledge.
It is so unfortunate to say, but many churches have added additional shackles to those that are seeking freedom. Everyone is just focus on the surface of the problem and has completely discarded its origin. Look! In order to recover one must discover, discover what you may ask? Discover the root, genesis, beginning or origin of what is being manifested as the problem, in order to recover what you’ve lost. You will continue to lose if discovery is not made.
What is it that our forefathers had done that is causing us this hell we’re catching today? Where did it all began, there has to be a root or beginning? You see, the moment you were born, you were shackled with generational curses that has been governing your life up to this very moment and has placed limitations on your life. Scripture confirms this when David said that he was born in sin and shaped in iniquity, Psalm 51:5. Therefore he began life at a disadvantage, in spite of all the plans that God and others had for him.
Ask Mamma and them, what evil they were involved in, in the past such as, some Obeah man/woman fortelling the future, reading horoscope, turpentine, Florida water, grave yard dust, voodoo dolls, witchcraft fourway crossing tying a black string around the babies wrist to prevent spirits from tormenting the baby. What about walking around your property with salt and pouring it in holes. How about this one, placing moth balls in bottles of ammonia and placing it behind the doors in your home as a sign of protection. My friend these are all sources or the beginnings of your now problems, which has placed a curse on the family? That has now caused, the entire family to have limitations placed on their lives. No one can go forward but are prune for going around in circles and going backward. Again, there is always a history to the mystery of your misery. “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils” 1 Corinthians 10:21.
What about when your parents said to you, with such passion, “you’ll never amount to anything” “You’ll suck the seeds of sorrow” “You will regret these days” “You are so dumb, stupid, ignorant, foolish” My friend it is these types of saying that was said and done out of anger and frustration that we’re living today.
Our fore fathers were writing the scripts to our lives when they did and spoke these evils in and over our lives ignorantly. As a reminder, scripture did not say, death and life is in the power of the tongue only when we want it to work. Once it is released from your tongue particularly with passion, anger and hate, you have set the wheels in motion for the manifestation of your words.
Finally, scripture says God knows the end from the beginning of all things, Isaiah 46:10. So ask God right now, “Lord, what is it that has me delayed, what is it that has me going around in circles, what is it that’s causing my family and I not to succeed and whatever he reveals to you there are three thing that you must do.
1) Recognize that it is a curse, 2) Repent of the iniquities of your forefathers and yourself that has been fueling the curse and 3) Ask God to destroy the root of its origin in the name of Jesus so that you can be set free from these limitations this curse has placed on you.
Written by: Kevin L. A. Ewing
[email protected]


  1. U know Met, u nevah too young/old fi larn. Met dis article mek mi have a new perspective pan certain tings suh tank u again. Bwoi whatever rangs, evil mi foreparents commit mi nah guh find out,1st, nobody not going to chat and or membah,plus mi did only know one a my grannyparents, all di rest dem dead from b4 mi born. Suh mi just going to guh str8 a di 1,2,3, even though mi nuh know of dem doing any rangs etc per se, mi a cut di curse, non-deless..mi a covah mi bases JIC. God destroy di roots of the origins suh dat we all can be set free in jesus name amen, amen,amen:).

  2. Good Morning Metty & fambily :peluk Luv di new look Mettyboo. There is power in the blood of Jesus! Jesus died so that our past, present and future sins will be forgiven. All we have to do is accept Him as Lord and Savior and seek Him in all we do. Glory to God!!!!!

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