Jamaican disc jockey charged in lottery scam investigation

Federal authorities in the United States have now charged Jamaican disc jockey, ZJ Wah Wa, in an ongoing investigation into a lottery scam that targeted elderly victims in the Dakotas and elsewhere.

The disc jockey, whose given name is Deon-ville O’Hara, is among 26 people who have been indicted by a federal grand jury in North Dakota. According to the Associated Press, he is charged with three counts, including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, as well as money laundering. The indictment lists as a victim a North Dakota woman who sent cheques for nearly US$158,000 after she was promised $19 million in winnings.

ZJ Wah Wa was arrested earlier this month while visiting Florida. Attorney, Herman Frank Rubio, who represented the Jamaican for his initial court appearance in Florida, says he has agreed to be transferred to North Dakota.



  1. Dem love fast money that’s why dem a charge people fi play dem song if u lay u bed hard u affi sleep in deh hard

    1. That is why everyone and their brother is involved in this lotto scamming. It is better than drug dealing, with very little risk involve. Once you start collecting, you are hooked. All you need is a lead list and a telephone and you can watch the dough come flowing in.

      I guess he was not aware of the indictment and hand himself to the FEDS by entering the US territory. I wonder who are the other 25 persons? There are a number of people afraid to travel to the US now.

  2. Wow he just had his first child bout 1 month ago what dat girl ago do? Baby ago grow without a daddy

  3. Dis ah weh happen when you dyam craven an bad mind. Nuh waan earn yuh money di right way an build yuh empire…..wid dem longbelly microwave mentality. Hope yuh like di new mike weh yuh ago DJ pon inna prison…:#cravendoglosehimbone

  4. Dem scamma yah need fi get some serious time. Was inna Kansas City pon a business trip weh day an identify miself as a Jamaican an de fuss ting one a dem ask (jokingly unda sykes) is if mi a one a di scamma dem. De scamma dem a help fi destroy wi reputation. Some long sentence wid restitution need fi drop and publicize all over Jamaica.

  5. When did a charge/indictment become a conviction? You’ve all become judge and jury…assuming this person is guilty. Give the court system a chance to prove innocence or guilt…jeez…

    1. In case yuh is new tuh JMG. Metters have an unblemished record inna fi wi jurisdiction. When de docket land pon JMG de correct verdict get dispensed. Suh wid a resounding yes, he will be found guilty. If a yuh fren, tell him fi save de likkle much him have inna de spaniard jar fi buy him pickney nappy and dash sitten inna him commissary. Yuh can help wid yuh prayers and pray fi 5 years widout nuh restitution.

      JMG dash out de verdict fuss. Juss one of de noble service we do roun here.

  6. Kunta without de Kinte, yuh nuh easy a bloodclaat !!! You jus talk out de tings dem and defend it to de max, and a suh mi like it.

  7. SCAM them they are too greedy they are the same ones who lich black people in the sixties they never knew they would become old and stupid one day,
    They stole the world resources to become wealthy.
    They became civilized and rich on the bcks of our ancestors .
    They invade countries start wars because of greed.
    Now they are old the,fifties and sixties are gone a new generation is here to take bck what they took from our ancestors,they were greedy then and still greedy now.
    The biggest scammers are banks what these amateur are taking is pocket change

  8. This is what befalls ppl who want something for nothing.What he thought, his stealing would have gone unnoticed? I was just telling my son this adage today which my father use to tell me. I remember as a little girl when my father would hear some ppl tell stories of how they were ripped off by con artists he would turn to me and say “when u want summn fi nuttn” ( not that he was justifying a thief ripping off their victim, but it was his way of cautioning us to say look, there’s no short cut when it comes to earning ur bread.

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