1. Senda stop cuss the woman Pickney ,, what the Pickney do u ?? Hope your ass not ugly :bola :bola :batabig :batabig

  2. cute e clothes combination mother n son as ffor da senda wat is there to b won is da man a CEO or banker does he have money assets does he own a bbusiness n if he work iis he making 6figures just askin

  3. Let mi just say if she did time mi know fi sure har apartment wasn’t waiting on here neither was di landlord, so therefore if she even send him to her mother fi a while sender wats di prob? Is har mother not fren or foe.

  4. Wow whoever send in this image with these vile words in reference to a child really have a wicked heart! I just look on the girl page and her son is adorable. These words are disgusting. Based on her IG posts, she seems to be a good mother. I dk but nonetheless, who is you to chat her pickney? Even if her mother in Alaska and she feel to send him to her SO WHAT??. Some of y’all recall need to do better and leave the people and dem pickney. Steupssss

  5. Kizzy you send this in cause you mad the mab you so in love with won’t stop skipping to Brooklyn to sleep with my friend bitch bye

  6. Sender you mad cause jayx spend a lot of time with his son more than you think bitch he ain’t leaving this Trini bitch alone no matter how many obeah you work . you mad cause you saw the text lmaooo

  7. Kizzy stop tell ppl zalika is a scammer so what your man don’t have a problem with it and why you mad!? You don’t got any credit cards for anyone to swipe bitch stop call the scammers to beg clothes for your kids we all know each other bitch clear up your balance before you talk shit foh man clown skunt

  8. Kizzy send this in because she is upset that jayx mother and sisters love zalika baby and always spend time with him more than they spend with kizzy kids. Kizzy keeps using apple to call zalika phone block.apple keeps calling zalika cussing Dalila and her child because apple found out zalika still speaks to jicon on the phone but its nothing personal they just do business together. J icon just pay zalika to have phones delivered at her address that’s all

  9. I don’t think sender is Kizzy. Senda come here, is unuh same one was talking when shi get ketch with her son and when she sent him guh to her mother. Now unuh same one cussing her now that she have him in her possession again. Mek up unuh mind nuh. Damn if she do and damned if don’t. I think her son is cute and I love the matching outfit. Unuh must keep calm sometime man choo

  10. i know we dont talk about kids BUT
    is that a little boy in the picture above ? why does she have him standing in the same effeminate pose and dressed in identical outfit

    1. outfit is similar not identical. he looks like a lttleman to me. I love the look. My only suggestion is that she should tone up di belly lickle bit before showing.
      As for the senda should she have taken the child to jail with her instead of having her mother care for her grandchild?

  11. Omg mi tiad a unu weh a f**k the same man n a dis each other not one a unu have nuh rass sense n who is jayx fi fight over I wudnt want him if he was the last one on earth unu give these boys yes boys bcuz they not men too much authority over unu life y’all need to wise up seriously

  12. Well the father is a batty man and she is a single mother dressing the child like. The man that left them smh she’s sleeping with roger one thing I can say is that this girl love being a mate because roger has a woman

    1. @Bubble up they are Monika Chaing Imena sandals. They are very nice in person, but the zipper is very hard to go up and down. I had to put vaseline on mine lol, but they are very beautiful.

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