Soo hmmm just follow dah girl yah pon ig n me say Mek me go like couple pic only Fi see say a one a Ian container gal a Cyah Badda them need Fi give him award Fi gyalis a the year!!! A him name ever gal man hahaha woiiiiii she nuh look 3bad still



  1. A wan di rass u a seh to mi, I’m coulda swear seh da next straight face ooman wah him always a tek picture wid was him only ooman but I guess not, but what a way him brite up wid da bunnings eee, a guess him like money talk

  2. Lol so who wudda waan him…man pants eva tight like a leggings and clothes…go see him a try wine in his jeans like a female..him need fi wear his size and stop gwaan like a damn bitch….or maybe a him tell somebody fi post this bcaz him a look a comeback in dancehall Ian u days expire

  3. I think Ian is an undercover gay because I know of a girl him use to deh with and she say him f**k her in her ass. I swear to god.

  4. Keisha is Ian’s woman that him live with #facts She is the only one he acknowledge on his page. Real ambitious girl and extremely humble too. Ian love progress so him nah let her go none at all #SHEBOSS Mi nuh understand how scratchie a comment bout “UP” smh, Wow some man nuh easy at all. I hope Keisha don’t see this smh Don’t want her feelings hurt.

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