St. James, the most murderous parish in Jamaica last year, has recorded its first murder for 2018, four days into the new year.

The victim is 21-year-old Kiron Spence of Farm Heights in the parish.

It was a gruesome sight which greeted investigators just off the Albion main road on Thursday morning as seasoned detectives were left speechless following the discovery of Spence’s mutilated body on a grassed area in the vicinity of prominent boys’ high school, Cornwall College.

In what could be described as a cult-like killing, Spence’s face was seemingly skinned and the throat slashed. One of his eyes was also cut out and his left hand was cut off at the wrist.

It’s understood that a resident of the Albion community stumbled on the body and alerted the police.

Police have theorized that Spence, whose mother is reportedly a teacher at a local high school and his father a JUTA tour operator, may have been killed the day before.

Superintendent in charge of operation in St. James, Gary McKenzie told the Western Mirror that early investigations have started but quickly revealed that no motive has yet been determined. He also added that the police are determined to make it a much better year for citizens of St. James as last year was a rough one. “We are determined to make it better,” he affirmed.


  1. I am wondering which person inna dem rightmind peel off somebody face like that. That person muss under some evil trance or coke. Mi wouldnt wish that death on my worst enemy

    1. My sentiments exactly. Something is in the air. I swear. Human beings of a sound mind and a normal beating heart could not be capable of doing these things. I swear the youths of Jamaica are under a spell. I honestly believe this. Wha else cudda cause dis. Smh.

  2. OMG what a Handsome young man gone too soon.Whoever the Evil bastard that have done this crime I bleed the Blood of Jesus on you,I pray for you to meet a more wicked end! Evil like you need to be burned alive in the square.*Tears*I could not believe the picture was real when I saw it on What’sapp…That is a sick
    Possessed person able to skin and mutilate a human body like that.What kind of drugs are people using in Jamaica? Government and Citizens this is Serious!! This year please work together to bring down crime,Evil is winning don’t let it get out of control nomore!

  3. Maybe he used those body parts to do something he wasn’t suppose to do, and thought his looks was going to get him off. When the facts come in I’ll then send my condolences.

  4. Skin his face. I bet it was some ugly jealous creature that did that. The jealousy is real, and men hate men for their beauty as well.

  5. Watching too much ID or they got it from Silence of the Lambs…must be to use his face to make a mask like how the sicko in the movie made a jumpsuit from female skins because he wanted to be a woman.
    All this original serial killer Edward Gein. What have we descended to? God help us!!!!

  6. A wah unno a talk seh?? Google zeta kartels from Mexico n unno wi si where them get it from… Hey unno nu si nothing yet.. Drive up n shoot a man not driving fear again.. This internet age a different people unno a gu si a come outta jamaica.. Wen tammy lee uncle demon n pure evil yu think a joke thing…

  7. This is a new heights of wickedness. Oh my f**king god man. How does the murderer sleeps at night knowning what they done?

  8. Same suh Max, a strong message was being sent. I cannot share condolences easily anymore, as sad as it may sound,
    cause this young generation think they can be the bigger ginnals I await the investigations and pray for the bereaved family

  9. People, I went to the scene based on experience that is not what happened. His wounds were consistent with a shotgun blast beneath the chin. Something started to eat him. Whether dog or John Crow, idk. But if you got an opportunity to really see the body or a gud picture, you would know and deduce that yourselves. Nobody scalped him or cut out him face. Bullshit story.

    1. If it was a gunshot wound to the neck as stated y isn’t his shirt stained with blood ? It’s obvious his face was peeled off and whosoever did it knew what they are doing … and that is not the crime scene either .. he was just dumped there there isn’t even a speck of blood there… something started to eat him? And peeled his face off so smoothe and perfect ? Look at the nature of his wounds no animal could do that so perfect both his eyes are gauges out and his tongue it cut out along with his ears The Whole face is gone. This man is no victim of a gunshot . Looks like they hung him up side down to me and allowed all the blood to drain from his body just like a goat .
      It’s very unfortunate that this happened to him but there must be some reason to this whether it’s a cult or not .

  10. Mi hear the Haitians a run the killing scene a yard and dem nun normal wid dem tings ya (scalping etc) this killing was based on some gal ting, him a gallis from Bay, talks were made that he is a fish and a scamming ting but its from a gal wha him inna tingz wid. Its crazy, unbelievable but wha we aguh do, a di time and age we live inna unfortunately.

  11. @max.yes the zetas are way more dangerous…they will chop your hands and feet off while you are alive then…then slice your head off..

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