Reports received are that a thirteen year old girl was shot in the head this evening in the area of The Ward Theatre as she sat in a Robot taxi. Witnesses have stated that the police man got upset when the taxi operator used expletives at him and fired into the taxi. She is said to be hospitalized and in stable condition. Stay tuned for updates

Central Kingston is said to be under locked down as residents are said to be demonstrating about the incident. Reports from the JCF have disputed the claim and are saying that the child was shot by a gunman pretending to be police

14 thoughts on “13 YO SHOT IN THE HEAD BY POLICE

  1. Central police station the demonstrations did a gwaan Met. North parade, east queens street,mark lane,ward theatre pure tyre a burn from evening.Police pon the road nuff now.

  2. Was this mad man in plain clothes? I don’t see a standard uniform, blue fatigues, bicycle uniform, kakhi officer in his right mind doing this. One news say she’s 15.

      1. she is not dead. her surgery was successful and she is now in icu recuperating. people need fi get them facts before dem run with shit

      2. My little cousin had said she died but a guess not. Happy she’s still alive and well. Lady down the bottom calm your nerves it’s not that dramatic like how you acting

  3. why would a police officer fire into a car of civilians, no matter wat the cab driver said? mi hate see wen dem a chase the cab and bus drivers, it too dangerous and not worth it for innocent ppl to lose their lives.

  4. Speedy recovery young lady. Praying for your parents to remain strong during this nerve-wrecking time

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