Gunmen struck last night in Race Course, Clarendon shooting six persons, three fatally.

A 13-year-old girl is among the dead. She was the daughter of a policeman. About 9: 30 persons were at a restaurant and bar when gunmen entered.They opened fire hitting the six persons.

The teenager and the bartender died at the scene. The other four persons were taken to hospital where one of them, a man, died while undergoing treatment.


  1. Weh this girl a do inna the bar them time a night? Anyhow my gosh these people really a gwaan bad inna Jamaica!

    1. Could me summen as simple as someone ask her to help bring een stock, give a message to someone, bringing or picking up food. All mi know is when dem slowly kill off dem own nuh outsiders going to inherit JA. Who deh a farrin and nuh plan fi go home back will dead deh, maybe dem will go on vacation here and there. But at di rate dem going in 40-50 yrs no original Jamaican ppl going to be living there. When you hear bout genocide is usual tribal ting or outsider, bt dem vampires dem plan fi wipe out dem own ppl fi live and see strangers inherit it. Di meek will inherit the earth fi real, cause you nuh hear a peep outta Di outsiders gense the violence, dem simply a bide dem time patiently and quietly.

  2. All the bar tender get duss out, who only a try mek a honest bread pon di work…
    Them gun man come in like some real eeeediat, how dem fi jus a shoot an kill innocent people, anno so gun man ting go… The wild wild west is here to raarss… Judgement iah….
    A Dat Mi Seh…..

  3. People might be wondering what a girl child doing in a bar at that time. She could have been sent to buy a Ginger Beer because someone had an upset stomach. School is on vacation so being out in the rural area at that time isnt strange. We as a people have forgotten how it used to be growing up in the country. As a teenager you could be on the road until late (during the summer). Now we have to cloak and gloves up our kids. RIP to them.

  4. We strongly condemned the crime and violence in our society especially against the most vulnerable! Can you imagine getting killed on the first day on ur new job!!?Can you imagine your little angel slain n her crime/sin was being out late at a neighborhood shop at night! !?

    Jungle justice looking like the way to go!

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