Daniesha diamond dem say u look like a big battyman u f** out all a bull bay who no get it a who no want u an u dea a foreign a gwan like u a somebody ppl ask anybody bout har from bull bay the old zar Dem wea wea f**k out an dun out an suck out Miami a Dem she affi run to everybody ugly and mouth big and stretch out like f**k out gal u fi make yuh Fren Dem know say u no av no status an stop entertain Dem man booth heel yard and abroad sh*t house nothing nah gwan fi u a pure lie u tell pon man which man Eva own u up yet none daniesha u a transgender u fava man u finger big u foot big u head big u face is a perfect man the ppl Dem a tell u lie Dem a trick u a Facebook it name no make Dem hype u up Cruz everyone a Dem a liar Cuz we all know ur history


Trica bless u an r is the same thing u need to get the f**k outta young ppl thing me nah stop say u old an days dun the time u take inna this u go find yuh babydaddy Dem Cuz outta all a yuh pickney Dem a two alone I think have them right father u need fi stop give the boy jacket everything a jacket who anno chinny a coolie go clean up yuh house u dea a foreign an u dutty no ra** house is a mess get the f** outta young ppl saga unno f** out an dun out no rass a unno a lead me just a come unno fi low ppl alone go suck unno mother dutty batty man daniesha ppl eye water dea on u Cuz u kill off the boy all the jordon u bye still couldn’t mk u get recommend all the money u put inna the house still no carry u no where a back u dea same way

59 thoughts on “FACEBOOK SHELLDUNG

  1. Big hole Julia suck too much cocky, she bring har Fren them name to them man and then try fe take the man, she a mascot , she a hype from wah day yah with har old car , julia mouth stink fe true and her teeth them dutty and her pussy stink. The gal a ghetto introduce her to her big man and she tun round and suck him cocky and f**k him the same night, the badmind the gal a true the gal nuh have nuh backitive that’s y them deh pon her case, but me wnt the gal pay somebody fe f**k up she and her dutty look bad sister kmft all a them deh a ghetto a suck hood fe make one end meet, julia suck hoox morning noon and night fe take care a sister and her pitny because the man weh she go breed fah nah look pon har from she breed. Julia and her ugly sister a nuh bad gal. Them full a mouth, darret beat them a scheme and them can’t do nothing bout it and dorrett live bottom side them. The gal se she a recover whore do unuh can move on now, kmt , the boy sister talk everyday se a Daneisha she know bout she nuh know how unuh jingbang come in play.

  2. Kmt, Daneisha have money fe mind Yankee, kmt unuh full a shit and lies, unuh need to Lowe the bloodclaut gal, umuh thirsty fe attention, every day unuh and somebody in a mixup, unuh life sad like. The gal a live comfortable a that a mad them. Julia and her sister look bad like them need to hold a seat

  3. Hey one night julia hug me Fren, bloodclaut me Fren se the gal smell like them throw shit pon her, se the gal stink no sah, a true the bloodclaut gal deh a foreign and things a gwan fe the gal them a hate pon her , kmt a beer lie them a make up pon the gal , but the gal a do the best thing and nuh answer them, them a crauses Julia nuh stop walk and shot people boy pitny and she a loud up like she a bad gal, she stink like

  4. Julia big hole sister need to give her pitny to the right father where is the right father please the people them wah know,Julia go small island go sell pussy and come back a hype like a big foreign she go, she can’t suck enuff cocky fe send her yet, all gal julia a f**k now, look like man done pon her she suck gal and a bear 3sum she do,

  5. Yow me a see them post from yesterday ennuh and a laugh and when me hear se them se the gal look like man me know se badmind get the best a them, one thing that gal always clean and out , me did think she hype but it look like she chat to everybody , but them 2 gal deh need a beaten and me ago deh yah fe see it

  6. Julia u check the doc yet me hear se u a walk with 45 no sah, unuh look pon jigswag on Julia how she look like ninja turtle in a her spandex material knock off Pink outfit Like she a go attack lizard unuh go siddung yah man , unuh can’t walk in the gal shoes unuh nuh in a her league the gal look good nuh bloodclaut old badmind elephant and catapilla

  7. The gal throw up one status and the mad house them tun mad ants it bun them about 50 status them put up with all video and all now Daneisha nah look, the gal a put up her videos at party and a laugh after them, them dunce and look fool fool like

  8. Everybody did know bout Daneisha and Yankee all a the setup a fe had name call make the babymothe them look bad, and dutty julia wasn’t there because she couldn’t take the heat, a true Daneisha nuh know wah fe tell the johncrow, she run up pon Yankee and f**k him and a gwan like a Daneisha take her man, kmt them too f**g nuff and gean like them bad. When Yankee send fe him woman all a unuh hide , we never see unuh and every weh we see Daneisha and Yankee, unuh need to go chuck off now

  9. Dwrcl i see di mix up an all now daneisha an har fren dem dont even fart pan dem..lol unu nuh shame gwann bad mind a kill unu..may god go wid unu..

  10. Big hole julia we ago sell some old clothes and buy u a ticket fe go back a cayman go suck some more cocky and sell your big hole and come back with your 45 in a your bighole, all u wear a olddutty clothes. U stink and your teeth dutty go brush your dutty mouth and come offa the gal good good name

  11. Dutty julia a bear chip up furniture u have in a your pieca house u so hype u need to fix up your old house little sucky ducky u a bad gal fool bitch go read a book waste gal

  12. First of of Julia and Monique please come over here come declare weh unno have.please unno have a car title a house title unno go pay land tax a month time uno don’t even have a bill in a uno name because uno tief light and water.badmind is evident the amount a time us embassy turn uno down but even if u all get the visa unno not going to look better or do better because pussy selling and chat off mouth uno good pan alone the time uno tek a talk bout the girl uno go beg unno mada some free condom from her workplace.ps julia one a me gay fren say u hug him I’m a one party aready and u mouth smell like batty a that stage it gone now stop hype in the old rental and the people dem business money from foreign u give a a hype gwan mek dem boost u like supligen grimlin looking gyal

  13. Oh o please I live in NJ the last time I see daniesha I saw her with her real estate guy looking at houses that does not look like a non progressive girl to me

  14. Dutty Julia, lol, unuh shame , why did u put this on pink wall, kmt, unuh see u is a attention freak, a julia and one gal a cuss Sunday enuh and she a call Daneisha name in a it and when the gal fling up her status pon fb julia and her sister nuh stop jump like them a frog, julia look like she nervous pon all the video weh she make, kmt, unuh did get a one f**k and agwan like a you a the right up gal, the man dead and gone and unuh still siddung pon the gal name, but as the gal se she too busy a handle her hair business and ago wuk…..

  15. Julia the gal a shooterhill done u Sunday all now u can’t fe her but a Daneisha u have strength fah true she nuh live yah, Monday u man beat out your rasss over your yard se u suck too much cocky u nah talk bout that, Tuesday daneisha right u off pon fb and u and your old house tumble down sister a pitch up like fly a run in, nobody nah look pon unuh , the gal write one status and she keep moving , unuh a talk bout the gal fe come a ja. So the gal fe fly down just fe in a atguemeny with unuh becuz that’s all unuh ago do , unuh nah touch the gal . look how much time she come yah and unuh missing and u se a long time she a trouble u, kmt, if the gal wah buy her man Jordon she buy it a the end of the day him did a mine her, we see she drive him car them and she stay in a fe him house when him send fe her , where were u at that time bighole julia, u was missing . the gal nuffi look your way, u a waste a time u and u fool fool sister web dorette beat

  16. Daneisha we happy fe u and what u are doing with your life, make the old faat them gwan chat off them mouth, that’s their problem them use that mouth of theirs 2 much.make we see how far them stretch out pussy can go.

  17. Monique u need to take the word trendsetta offa your name and go do a nip and tuck, your belly big nuh bloodclaut, u can’t even look in the mirror and see your pussy. Kmt, them gal yah a real waste a time, julia your batter ears frrn from Cali a pick up people business pon her head, we all know Pearson suck cocky fe a living a Cali , she favor dwarf unuh need to look a life every day then siddung pon fb a argue with people unuh Lowe life slut, gingbang and insect, julia house dutty and frowsy a that she fe worry bout and leave the gal name out a her stinking water lele mouth Monique and julia people tired a unuh now

  18. This is monique is the first im hearing bout this site someone cll me and tell me that me and my sis on it…realllyyyyy
    Mi nuh ave nuh time fi go do far pon this to make a point nor fi hide my chat wen mi a talk mi call gyall name and mi mek dem know seh a me cuz mi nuh fear noone julia a annuh biggest problemmmm weh unnuh get tha chip furniture arguement deh from and ole piece a house no sah dat naaw cut it wi house nice and clean ask any gyal dat all me now wen mi a talk mi jus a monique this julia sistaaaa mi naw hide and bout mi fi go find mi bby father oh please if i was even searching mi find jamarie lehoste longtime plz unnuh nuh try mek dem post deh look like a me or mi sis bout we a mek up lie pon danesha ask anybody a nine mile weh knoe she dem gyal a longtime ole farttt…and now its about yankee thay boyy neva even like woman so much jus weed and liquor unnuh seh im and julia deh and mi tell har fi own it cuz unnuh nae go seh a lie mi done wid danesha from how long and bout me a idlers anybody diss mi sis mi a back har to the fullest…mi graduate high skool and leave with 14 subjects leave ncu with a degree in pure and applied pharmacueticals currently employed by cigna health insurance company from scranton pennslyvania mi unnuh call idlers if julia a sell pussy thats a good way wen a gyal f**k fi free its a problem shi pay ova 30000 per week gi drink out without a job and her bank book is growing both ja and us god a wrk and the embassy part wi neva go embassy yetttt…wi nuh foriegn minded a rassss god a bless we rite here unnuh affi write and name unnuh self secretlyyy a rass monique thisss julia sista

  19. Big hole Monique your sister nuh have nuh mouth, how u nuff so, yes u ho small island and come back with the belly and give coco, we all know a jacket u give him, can u take a DNA please, we want to know a who a the write father, unuh se Daneisha nuh have nuh weh fe stay so how she stay in a her father big house every time , the last time me check me know se the gal have her house a lane one, so y the lies, the gal a shooterhill a prepare fe u julia any weh she hold u mash she ago mash u up, look pon Daneisha wall the gal se she nuh have time fe waste gal pon her fb page she have too much descent people on her page Monique we all know what time it is, how unuh never make nuh video fe the gal weh done your sister Sunday night ohhhh a Daneisha unuh have strength fah the gal live right under unuh nose unuh go fe har nuh, we wah see please, since unuh claim se unuh bad, the gal nah look pon unuh, every time the gL come a Jamaica the gal clean like a whistle , all u Monique me hear se u same One se the gal pretty and clean so all of a sudden u se the gal nuh look good now u sound bad mind. U broke and hungry. Thank god fe your sister stinking water mouth because a she a suck the cocky them fe help u and your pitny because u or your man nuh have it. Julia Steve left u from u a breed , u see him did a mine up him woman u run ho f**k him catch a belly and him left u right after, u carry him go family court and u did a get 6000$ u get greedy and go back se u want more and go back and end up get less, u bighole gal, we have your file round here, come jump pon this wagon make we tear off your head.

  20. The whole a unu go and suck Daniesha pussy, unu badmind nuh bomboclawt. A hope julia tek the whole a unu man and shot him and leave unu fi bawl. A one person wrote all that comment. Suck pussy Trecia guh find yuh baby daddies with you ocean pacific old long time pussy. If you ugly one more time, dwfl. Julia a mad the whole a rass unu, all a unu beg har like dog. Member she feed unu like her child, unu ungrateful bitches. Nonprogressive whore unu been f***g and not getting shit Julia hype and hot a thar a mad unu. Daniesha you tun up you and julia a hot gal. One hot a yaad and one hot abroad. The rest of these f**ks need to go fetch a bone like the hungry dogs you are.

  21. But wait a wah do some aunuh stop the bloodclath f**y now man weh unuh a celebrate the bloodcath struggle its obvious daniesha hve her fans dem on pinkwall for this one cuz everybody know dan dan ano trouble maker but me really no think a monique and julia send this in the sender a look problem cuz it say portmore THIS FABRICATED the same person a weh do it a mek alot of comments tooo d whole aunuh want go dwn a bob marley beach go drown boboclath mix up ppl NONE PROGRESSIVE ELIMENTS

  22. Unu badmind no rass just cause nothing naw happen for unu. Unu guh suck Julia pussy. I hope she tek weh one a unu man mek unu can’t get nuh income. Hurry and lazy rass unu. Stop watch the likkle girl pussy and go and f**k and suck cocky for what you’ll want.

  23. Monique stop call jamarie name inna yuh buddy mouth everybody kno a jacket u gi di boy go ask pam yuh mada inlaw weh dun yuh an tell yuh seh is not har gran pickney we all kno lol go find yuh right full bby daddy johncrow yuh tough an look bad like…gweh unu badmind daneisha an har pretty fren dem unu cum a tlk bout di gyal look like batty man well she is one piece a pretty batty man gweh a unu look like batty man..dutty buddy mouth julia weh di gyal a 7 miles rub yuh out sunday and yuh bad sista was no where to be found..the di gyal write yuh off sunday an me neva see unu make nuh video gweh daneisha a star, one status daneisha mek an unu start run up an dung like mad ants lol buddy mouth julia sunday inna unu drink out java supreme dun yuh pan di mike an di whole crowd laugh affa yuh inna u own drink out gweh poppy show lol me seh if i love dat girl weh dun yuh sunday pan fb one more time esi gweh buddy mouth julia u run go breed fi steve an the next day afta yuh breed him left yuh gweh weh unu kno bout keep man run gone a family court wid steve lol now u a get less dan weh di man use to gi yuh dunce bat tru di man nuh want yuh lol steve still love natalie from 11 miles we all kno dat u couldnt tek har place buddy mouth julia…badmind a kill unu we all kno gweh gweh gweh…yankee love daneisha we all did kno dat suh ur one f**k neva did a go no weh gweh u nuh stop run up inna sashna gweh sashna nuh wah nuh fren from yuh stinking arm badmind julia..di way how unu can gwann me ago deh yah fi see smaddy pop unu rass dorette beaten wasnt enough..

  24. Them se anuh them put this pon pinkwall se a the first them a hear bout it and then them se the first time them ho pon it a Daneisha put them up, u see se unuh a liar, unuh get unuh fact straight nuh, how unuh so f**g lie, a u julia and your tough sister Monique put it up, unuh a try look a hype, unuh stink like, nuh body nah cuss pon them fb becuz them have too much descent people pon them page, duttty julia come over yah so, Monique u a waste a time nobody nah look pon u, your head big like u heel back, all unuh a run competition with the gal the gal nah look, the gal nuh have time fe unuh.the gal better than the 2 a unuh together kmt

  25. Stinking pussy julia and badmind monique unu live a ghetto an nobody dont like unu gweh an lowe pretty daneisha di gyal look good nuh bloodclaat she an har pretty fren dem badmind a kill unu..go make video an status an di gyal dont even look pan unu..unu nuh see seh unu a spoil milk lol daneisha a boss chin proppa bless daughter..tricia bless old but unu still nuh look like the old longtime big woman gweh unu young an look bad like wid unu miserable life unu mumma susie need fi fast an pray fi unu bout she a christian..gweh unu a tlk bout house if a neva unu mumma weh walk an sell har pussy an suck cocky an tek out a bag a loan unu wouldnt have a roof ova unu head we all kno unu cant fool nobody mad ants lol dutty arm julia yuh fren chrissy an tek har man an shot di man di yuh stinking pussy an chrissy ppl dem go right a yuh gate an dun yuh weh u an yuh bad sista did deh weh di video dem deh fi all a dat gweh yuh teeth dem chaka chaka like bout yuh buy car gweh we glad fi yuh but yuh late lol all unu me fraid a unu…daneisha an har fren dem have unu weak one status a mad unu gweh unu fi name one status affi rate daneisha coz daneisha have unu a run up an dung like mad ants..

  26. One status we ago start call dutty julia and Monique, one bloodclaut status Daneisha put up and unuh a scatta like mad ants unuh nervous or something Daneisha nuh pay them none progressive gal yah no.mind yah ☺

  27. Duppy kno who fi frighten julia an monique need fi sid dung an stop look attention unu a nuh bad gyal…unu need fi move outta unu mada place an go pan unu own coz julia did seh she rich lol weh unu kno bout pretty kmt susie an clutch bring too vipers cum yah fi haunt ppl everyday unu an smaddy inna tings unu miserable like..tek a page outta daneisha nice clean book an lowe di gyal gweh badmind a wop unu from left to right…one gyal read out yuh file pan fb sunday julia an shame yuh like dog u cum a look a cum bak affa daneisha gweh unu nuh have no status..gwann go know how fi keep friends an know how fi be happy fi ppl susie nuh grow unu good..generation of vipers the gyal a 7 miles a wait pan unu coz unu seh unu a bad gyal weh unu know bout badness a badmind unu know bout..unu hungry an ugly an look bad like.

  28. A wah unuh badmind danisha faah through she a frequent flyer or because Yankee did choose she over you big hold julia, big hole julia u and yanique was good bloodclaut Fren and u take pic in a yanique house, u cook food and naam a the gal yard and tunn round and f**k her man as soon as she move go country , u life dutty and sad and u and your rough tough sister a throw wud pon proper bloodclaut gal,yes danisha look better than all a unuh , the gal life sort out so how unuh a compare, julia u mouth stink we know that becuz we smell it
    Bitch u nor your sister nuh in a danisha league unuh stink and unuh house stink…a bayyyyyy …true danisha nuh live yah make unuh a jump so, why when u did see her a the funeral u never jump and make noise because u did siddung way a back to nobody nuh see u u and your sister look the worst out a the bunch…danisha f**k up the funeral and leave ,she nuh need fe go front , y when she done prove her point. Unuh come offa the gal bloodclaut name and jump yah so make we right u off like a bullet big hole julia. Stop take your Fren them man u a poison.

  29. Met this serious cause dem two likkle girl deh from 9 miles weh always inna problem wid people me sorry fi dem..dem need cleanse dem heart dirty..the girl daneisha diamond i dont know her to talk to but she pretty me not going to lie i get to know her from the pretty boy dead from england say is she him crazy bout before him dead a dat me hear..so i hear a argument from sunday on fb say a girl trace off one a di girl dem from 9 miles an she was so quite but all of a sudden the girl name daneisha diamond make a status an it a cause rass a bull bay so dat daneisha diamond a mad dem clearly..met these young girls need to stop it them always in drama with people all them own friends them betray those two girls from 9 miles..

  30. Yow Danisha nuh f**k with people wnuh so how the gal yah a run een like the a bad gal, them fool yah fe get box up and piss and shit up enuh, them think a one time this when the gal nuh have links in the street, everybody rate Daneisha becuz she a good clean heart gal.them 2 dutty gal deh fe get a beaten. A bet se unuh stop go party.

  31. Yess is me again kay kay i neva did dun bloodclaat write monique an julia unu a fren enemy tek unu fren man look weh julia do sashna,chrissy,yanique hype..schinell an stacy unu beta be bloodclaat wear a julia she a old wicked wid har dutty green arm..wed day wen schinell a get fi har dun u run up inna it suh weh schinell deh fi run up inna dis fi yuh mad ants julia yuh life sad see big head steve deh dont even a look pan yuh bout u run go breed yuh hole nuh good steve tlk it dung a arcade mad ants lol yuh nuff like an love notice dung a rasta meeting u nuff up rasta juss mek him speech an dun nobody a look pan unu…turbit monique wid har big head u look like dwarf yuh premature yuh nuh born good jamarie juss deh deh coz di poor ting nuh kno betta but him soon wise up..bull bay people know bout unu spoil milk monique an julia unu nuh deh no weh no status unu no have..unu cant fool nobody..dorette beat out yuh rasss monique u nuh bad go sid dung an go born ova old dwarf lol a kay kay dis weh kno bout unu 8 mile me cum from dutty old germs unu..

  32. Mi just read one comment say ‘I hope Julia take weh unuh man so unuh can’t get no income’ a so y’all plan fi live? Go look work old nastiness

  33. Julia a wah this we a hear come clear it up, we hear se u take your Fren yanique hype man, a fe him cocky u a suck now old faat no sah u naam a the gal yard and bear things and really turn round go f**k her man from harbour view no sah, a u done out bitch, a u take all a bull bay, harbour view , mountain view and portmore the gal weh u a f**k from south web she name, because u is one piece a scandal bag u dutty and need to go in a rubbish bin u hole condem bullet in a draws come over yah so nuh chro

  34. Dutty monique an julia daneisha nuh fi ansa unnu cause unnu irrelevant..unnu done have nuff ememy dung yah aready just hold on mon.duppy know who fi frighten unnu is no bad gyal unnu a fool.

  35. Liar julia and batter ears Monique a over yah so we want unuh come, fb anuh fe mixup and bagabaga….come over yah so make we done unuh like a gun, somebody call big stinking mouth julia and bighole Monique weh se them bad come now a Daneisha unuh have strength fah true she nuh mix or mingle, we have unuh file bitches

  36. Big hole julia how u can’t come over yah so yet a who a pump brakes now we ready fe gas u and u big head big pussy sister over yah so come nuh man fb alone unuh have strength pon hold worthless piece a shit unuh

  37. Me hear se dutty tashi a comment, dutty tashi we live a ghetto since u wah defend your fren come nuh u a bad gal


  39. We all know the truth about Daneisha, yes everybody has a past but her past nuh dutty and stink like fe unuh, julia where r u big head monique where are you bear lie unuh make up bout the gal, u nuh get a one f**k offa Yankee and unuh still a nuff up like unuh a somebody, since unuh full a mouth so, come over yah so Daneisha a proper, pretty bloodclaut gal fe all a unuh y unuh nuh reach yet

  40. Julia and monique where are bloodclaut unuh we nuh do fb, we have nice clean people pon it come over yah so big head monique it look like a u alone naam off the food over deh make your sister look like crawny dog come over yah so please chro

  41. Still a wait pon them enuh, me still have more paper in a unuh file, me nuh done yet come over yah suh please are they here yet unuh bloodclaut trouble the wrong gal, unuh think a like one bloodclaut time she have backitive from all bloodclaut over.unuh never know, a true danesha a se fb is not the place for it ….

  42. Move yuh bloodclaut bout u hear seh tashi a comment so wat if tashi wah comment an defend har fren eeh dutty monique u naah defend yuh f**k out stinking mouth sista weh nuh body nuh want har ugly man beat out har rass monday a station it reach an a unnu a bad gyal no man cant cum a my yard an beat me yuh mad…a nuh tashi alone a comment nuff people a comment from all bout inna bull bay weh know bout stinking pussy monique an water hole julia..a chrissy dis a comment cum beat me..

  43. A rockfort me come from an i know that girl julia from camperdown school a piece a whore all when she did deh wid pibly and a f**k wid currency…love gwann like she bad from school days a wah bull bay people beat out har rass..gal nuh deh no where she still mawga an look bad..

  44. Them big pussy gal yah go too bloodclaut far, unuh never hear don’t wake a sleeping lion still calm over here, still have unuh file come make me ringx it out nuh man, unuh know a who this already web unuh deh, fb is not for mixup come over yah so

  45. Dem bitches quiet ehhh .yea unno come over yah si mek we done unno blooclat I wah tashi and her crew give u and turbit wah unno looking for u see how the tables turn uno wah call up plp name and nobody nuh fi call Fi uno .one ting leave Fi do is have a orgy party because all u and u fren dem do is f**k each other man old germs nasty julia and cum bucket monique

  46. Julia Grant mi want u put up ur madda pic & my pic & mek d ppl dem b d judge! I am aging gracefully & I’m proud of my age.U a d richest girl a ghetto & d last time me check, Clutch, u fadda, come a mi yaad a beg mi. U carry DJ Stone a family Court & d judge run u & say u fi go look wuk & all order Stone fi give u less money than wey him did a gi u b4! Mi ave 5 jacket rugrats wey awright emotionally, financially & physically. U ave 1 & a struggle! U need 2 make d dentist know u. Teeth fi clean 2 times a year plus a deep clean every 2 years. D ppl dem say food full u teeth & u mouth stink. U need 2 find ur roll on. D girl say last night a Promoter Tuesday, u hug ar & u smell green. U need d extra strength arm & hammer deodorant. U f**k Trey 4rm England & fren him wife. Selector Mattic say him couldn’t f**k u again bcuz u scent a kill him. Dem say u a green arm hype promoter! U nuh ramp fi chat u fren dem. House affi dutty fi clean! If u want we talk bout jacket, we sure can but just start in ur household. Julia u wait until u know say d foreigner dem a come & call dem & a ask if a u dem a flex wid!u need 2 go 2 d doc & cure that gonorrhea that u ave b4 it turn syphilis!

  47. Monique Grant wey dirt deh pon Tashi!? Mi clean nuh like mi heart! A u and ur sister miserable n unhappy…mi Caan cuss enuh cuz mi nuh know nuttin bout unuh but a unuh bad suh come fi me! Anuh like one time wen ppl fight n keep it moving. …unuh a run guh station and courthouse nah get mines! Sand steel gravel block n sand mi say! Monique Grant the gamblers dem say yuh pussy stink! And yuh waan try style me! Nobody Caan smell me cuz mi a nice clean gal

  48. Monique u lie! Tashi Shy nuh know stink! Personal hygiene is my personal care, arm clean, mouth clean, pum pum freshhhhh and cleannnnn. ..mi Caan trace and a unuh bad and love station …..high school and expansion pon mi house a mi pree…

  49. Yes them run gone, a bloodclaut me name naynay, Lisa , shooterhill crew, 8miles, Nicki boo, me have to make it look official, me nuh do bloodclaut fb drama bighole Monique and stinking mouth julia …a me read out unuh dutty file, unuh can style me, unuh think a one time this bighole, Daneisha nuh fraid anuh big hole gal, run come over yah so nuh, me have too much descent people pon me page , all a the name them a me….me like when things look bloodclaut official nastiness, me nah back, a who a pump brakes now bitch run come over yah so fool

  50. U see how long me beg the johncrow them fe come over yah so, its me Nicki boo never wake a sleeping bloodclaut lion, ringx me ringx shot pussy unuh can’t get nuh bloodclaut hype offa me, bout unuh a make video and a write up bout unuh send in post pon pinkwall , the right bloodclaut place unuh take it none a unuh can’t and will never look like good good me a bayyyyyyy , me nuh do fb, me have too much descent people over deh a watch me dutty gal them pump brakes a me a push gas bitches…


  52. 11 miles boss bitch you shut up cause we know say is u schinell an if a nuh u a u dutty fren dem..we leave shadz palmer to you go hold a seat just like how everybody a nuh better heren no better barrell u included too bout goodas dwl psalm 35 fi you..go sort out ur confusing life too..

  53. Rass me haffi a tief a break to come look over yah so dwl oh where oh where is Schinell if I laugh today u better stay out a dis because u know every body know your business nastiness fight you own battle and get the f**k out a dis


  55. All when a 1 person a write , we nuh care , julia mouth still stink and she still green , we nah stop say it, them read out her file that’s y it a bun them, them gone in a hiding now

  56. Julia and her big head sister love f**k with people too much, anything them get them fe take the people them tired of it

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