Gunmen opened fire during a robbery at a St Elizabeth establishment Tuesday night killing a 16-year-old student and wounding two other patrons.
Dead is Shemar Blackwood, a student of the Maggotty High School in the parish.
OBSERVER ONLINE understands that a group of gunmen robbed a licenced holder of his firearm at a cook shop in Huntley Castle district near to Newmarket before proceeding to a close-by grocery shop about 10:00 pm where they robbed patrons of valuables.
Reports are that the gunmen told the patrons to lie face down then opened fire hitting Blackwood and two men before escaping on foot.
The injured were taken to hospital where Blackwood was pronounced dead and the men admitted in serious condition

0 thoughts on “16 YEAR OLD KILLED IN ROBBERY

  1. This is really sad. They robbed them. They didn’t have to shoot and take life. People nowadays have to be scared to live. Just sad.

  2. Is them folks here the police need to target. The didn’t have to shoot anyone they were lying face down but God is going to deal with them.

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