A 16-year-old schoolgirl, her father and stepmother were brought before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for reportedly engaging in a fight, which allegedly stemmed from the teen’s refusal to wash her underwear.

The schoolgirl and the common-law couple, 43-year-old Donovan Prince and 31-year-old Denise Drysdale all of Bull Bay, St Andrew, appeared in court on a charge of affray.

All three reportedly ended up in a fight after Drysdale reportedly attacked the teen and the father intervened, while the police was at their home on May 28.

Allegations are that during the fight between Drysdale and the teen, Drysdale took up a piece of wood to hit the teen, who retaliated by hurling stones at her stepmother.

The father reportedly intervened in the fight to defend his daughter and all three were taken to the station and charged by the police.
Prior to the fight, earlier in the day Drysdale reportedly had an altercation with the teen and had reported the matter to the police, which saw them turning up at the house when the fight broke out.

On Friday when they appeared before Parish Judge Judith Pusey, Drysdale told the court that the fight occurred after she told her stepdaughter to wash her underwear and it caused an argument.

She told the court that she normally does the laundry for her two daughters, aged 13 and nine, along with her stepdaughter’s.

However, she said that on the day in question she had returned home and was not feeling well so, after washing their clothes in the washing machine, she told her stepdaughter to wash her underwear, after which she went to rest.

“But when me get up she never wash dem and me turn to her and ask her why she no wash her panties and she turned to me and say me fi f… me mother,” Drysdale said.

Drysdale said she returned to her room and shortly after, was leaving the room when she tried to pass the teen, who was in the way. She alleged that the teen attacked her.

“She collar me and pop off the whole a me blouse,” she said.

Drysdale told the court that the teen had been living with her since she was five years old, after she left her grandmother’s home.

The judge then turned to the father and said: “She is your daughter and she is your wife … what a calamity.”

She then asked the father if he approved of his daughter’s action and he said ‘No’.

Parish Judge Pusey then asked the teen: “Why you behaving like this, you don’t like her? Don’t answer.”

But the teen quickly replied: “She don’t like me either.”

The judge then told her: “When you are 16, anybody who stands in authority over you don’t like you.

“But there is a right and wrong way to do things and you can’t be a big woman in the woman’s home,” she added.

The judge then instructed the probation officer to arrange counselling with all three and extended their bails for them to return to court on September 1.

But before they left, the judge gave the teen a warning.

“Talk to the probation officer, because the direction in which you are heading is not good and you must not be ungrateful,” she said.


  1. Bwoy these young people. Mi can’t bother look how the women was washing everybody clothes. All she tell u is wash your OWN panty n a su u behave. But the women wrong to pick up wood after the child that’s not righ. Dear lord the judge is fair.

  2. Lilly Gal go wash yuh dutty panty… big ole 16 year old naw wash out har draws all Mi 7 year old niece a beg fi wash out har likkle panty

  3. At her age I was doing my own laundry. Why was the step-mother doing her laundry and they even have a washer. I was doing my own by hand. All dis and she still acting entitled.

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