Wedda a $180 for it or $1.80 don’t it f***in buss same way. Dem sick mi to bloodclaat cause if mi pay dat fi a jeans, it suppose to mek outta foot bottom material. But u notice a weh buss???? Di cratches part weh always rub dung ina jeans when it wear an wash nuff nuff. Dwllllll. Dem post till dem nuh know wha fi post cause if yuh put on weight more dan likely di button wudda buss weh before di cratches give way.Dat jeans was looking for a reason to surrender

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0 thoughts on “$180 CANT STOP DI RAZOR

  1. The sender talking the truth… you can clearly tell that the pants crotches did ah wear out… she might be gaining weight, but that is ah wear out pants crotches, lol

  2. Senda have nuffin fi do. The debate of wear out or weight gain. Uno good yes smh.. Further more that is the right part weh bust if a person gain weight.. It doesn’t matter if she gain weight or d pants old. What’s the point

  3. That is not even the pants crotches smh………. Shavon left the gal alone she can change har jeans , did the bald spot looking like jancrow draw break inna it in your head miggle grow back yet?? Go worry bout dat, TRU TV MIGHT NOT PAY YOU FOR THE NEXT ASSING YOU ASKING FOR

  4. U hear met says . This gal have nuff enemy why u call ppl name shevonne don’t remember this grass hopper face gal . I look at her in party real close up she looks like a grass hopper & love fck ppl man .

  5. this big bitch don’t need to wear any jeans she need to stick to her spandex tights over grown bitch love walk and f**k don’t even have any thing to show out a the f**k them nasty monifa freezer bag face bitch sucky sucky dog bitch all the suck you suck mi man him still not going anywhere all the 3some them you give he is still my man you was only a treat bitch you tricks are done man royal drag queen pussy dude bitch the next time you suck ppl man dick make you get paid you should a choke at phillips when you a eat with ppl man dog shit hoe

    1. If she is the treat ur the TRICK dumb ass just think of it like this she suck him koki n spit inna ur hole meck unnu fool fool n no hab no sense so lawd man

  6. Nothing to do with weight gain. Thats comes from too much dry cleaning. I happened to pair of my jeans as well.

    At least she can laugh at herself.

  7. Monifa an SHEVONNE a dancehall biggest dutty gal MET dem 2 a di MOST WUTLiSS inner party SUCK Puss,ASs , C*ck,DoG ,gOAt anyting 2 Bums Monifa u don’t have no clothes !!!

  8. Dwl @Suger not Sugar, salt gyal, if yuh get yuh man back how come yuh can’t get over Monifa lol sum ah unno woman dumb no f**k cause yuh seh di gyal ah dis and dat but still tek back di man back. How f**king stupid are you, learn fi read and write illiterate ass.

  9. @Sugerrrrrr what a way u hot fi monifah .dwfl….do tell ????was monifah di hottt water whey take di sweetness outta u tea?? Lmao come talk uppp ..my girl if u have back u man y is it u still on di people dem wall a cuss monifah shouldnt u be goggling balls and perfecting di same threesome whey neva hold him in di first place ! Bitchhh get a life

  10. Monifa go a your f**king bed boys will be boys a you should have know your self aren’t you getting a little too old to still be taking people man at your age you should have been have your own man now monifa change your whoring ways and wait your honey moon over I dont see you going on vacation anymore the man find out say your pussy dont have no abiding place

  11. Mo mo like sugar say your tricks have ran out your time expire like spoil milk now go back to your little corner like a obedient little puppy should and while you at it loose some f**king weight you fat f**k

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