1. Why would she still be in there she was just there with him right she should have said a fi har gun and drugs

    1. Not even Satan lie Suh…who yuh Mon!!??Which part pon this girl ugly n u want bet any money that her wrinkled up foot bottom looks better than you !!??

  2. This gal set up my boy years ago smh shorty still out here doing this shit kmt she bin Mia for some time now

    1. Yow cant believe this star girl still a walk a set up ppl. Omg she use to fuck a yute, my friend start fuck him and when she find out omg she stalk my friend so bad. She got the dude lock up and mash up them car and all that. My friend have to lock her up and she did have to pay back and fix the girl car. She get all my friend number call off the gal phone. The gal use to lay wait them a night time and watch dem yow that bitch is evil.

  3. Rica how yuh feel. Yuh jus wait til him done and still guh fuck Brown Man. Sadat’s why yuh always haffi tek antibiotics. But why girl also look like you. Babymadda stalker woman Saphire how yuh feel. Yuh run and Bree’s Him nuh look. How unnu feel.

  4. Outtta all the baby mothers u would of swear safiya alone he breed when that’s bitch inna party none of y’all can’t talk to him doh

  5. Anonymous 5;04 sound like u wanted to breed an couldn’t lol let me guess he fuck and duck u too just like the rest of hoes lol

  6. Old grandma Lean body Sapphire, you putting up the girl still not going let the guy want you. It doesn’t matter what you do and it doesn’t matter how many of his friends you reach out to and trying to cover your ass, he’s still not going to want you. Just let it go and move on and go take care of your child. You are a single mother so I don’t understand where you find the time to be putting up this girl everyday.
    Facts: sapphire you set up your baby father for the cops to run in on him because you know he was in the house with the girl. Your friend who you was on the phone with right before you made the call to the cops told me. You bullied every girl that the guy talk to including his baby mothers, so because this girl is sticking it’s driving you crazy. Crazy enough to lock up the guy because you thought that would separate them, but you saw that she’s still there so now you can’t stop posting her on here. How do you feel to knowing that you lock your baby father up just to get him away from a girl? Just take your lost like a champ and go find a man that can stomach to be with your lumpy lumpy self. Ok old grandma.

  7. Safiya please come offa the people them site with you bitter self. You can’t stand next to the man period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just remember say you lock up me cousin after you did a trouble har, leave the girl alone. The man done tell me the full hundred you can’t even get a phone call. Gwan chat and see if him nuh come fuck you up when him come out fi a chat shit.

  8. Brown man love woman take care of him thats why he in this mess, from ppl see him with this gal he was warn but he claim she giving him money. 90s say all she give him was a few dollars and herpes

  9. Brown man always end up with some cockroaches this gal fuck out the whole a di man dem ina cool out Sundays
    Dem say she have alligator skin cut up man sheet ,blanket and car seat

  10. That girl is fucking ugly what part of him and that Likkle batty man look like brothers come on now unno doing to much bet u it’s her friends writing this because that bitch look ugly tpc

  11. Stacia you and stay bad Tasha sound delusional than I taught how can u be with a man that’s in jail one two u can never visit him in there because u are his co defendant poor u stick around u say ?? Bitch what have u done for him while he has been in there he dint have a paid lawyer much less u don’t put money on his book so what are u really saying stacia u can try to flip the story all u want but nobody don’t believe u I don’t deal with police and best to believe if I wanted to take there with my child father I will run up on him in any dance like I always do u said I bullied all his child mother please tell me which one and even if I did u couldn’t be a match for me because u are nobody u only start spending money on my child father less than a month u are a sad bitch everyone know u set up brown man because you had a case in Nassau county they gave u the white Benz to drive with the camera inside to record the man dem while they was in your vehicle Everyman u fuck gone a jail u no man never make dem whole family beat me yet or set me up to go one party and make gal beat me up bitch u disappear from the scene from 19 how long with your flop music career that’s when u fell sick and almost dead bitch with tube down Inna your throat Your hair and eyebrows drop out and your skin turn to alligator bitch u really wanna go there u took my baby father shopping on Jamaica ave a bought him that cheap ass pyramid outfit and beg him to take u go Stevie party bitch u was just a cash cow and u knew this u a chat off your mouth like u look good bitch u are the walking dead think am anyone of these bitches with u a box mi ago box yuh pon yuh stinking mouth come pon pink wall and ah hype ah who u bitch u don’t have no ranks or no title over yuh suh u fucking police bitch he hate u like poison he wish he never met u u fucking crosses and u calling me grandma bitch your skin favor like when u soak your body in cold water for to long u outta order you fuck out bitch u walk and fuck out the whole of queens and Long Island your Pussy come a stomping ground u go as far to tell ppl u get locked up with him so u didn’t inform bullshit bitch everyone knows the informer always gets locked up to make it look like it’s not dem in the beginning then when It goes to trail boom that’s when the informer come on the stand like surprise bitch so that story not working u want a hype so bad like u is somebody and nobody don’t know u u was never his woman facts so what are u talking about stop make yourself a fool boo and this is my last response to u now go drink bleach and dead

  12. Y’all bitches need to come off Safiya fucking name ,How the fuck she could set up her baby father when she didn’t even know he was locked up until few hours down in the evening ,Yall don’t have shit else better to do but point fingers …..Get y’all facts together and Lowe the fucking girl alone ,that bitch in the pic with brownman is the one of the reason why he’s in there ,

  13. None of y’all whores who was fucking him cant even put a dollar on the man books but y’all fucking claiming him ,Smh who the fuck claim a Nigga that’s locked up not coming out ,Getting deported and never claimed any of y’all when he was out kmft

  14. Old foot, mampy sapphire since you not stopping let me tell these people some more things your so call best friend told me.
    Facts: Remember a 3sum you give brownmam with his tall dark skin friend that he spar with the night you got pregnant, and For 9mos you didn’t know which one of them breed you. Then after the baby born they both did a DNA test and it turns out to be Brownman baby. Remember he told you he didn’t want no baby from your ugly ass, but in your head you thought that would trap him. He didn’t want you to begin with, you was only a 3sum that went wrong. You can’t tell me that’s a lie. All you do a walk and fuck these young boys and thief clothes give them and think the going to stay with your longtime big woman self. At your age you should be a grandma already but you just now getting a baby. How does that make sense granny? Brownman is more than half your age and you here going so hard for him. Go find you a man your age and go settle down. You same one calling all these people crying that he doesn’t want to talk to, what did his mom told you the other day when you called her crying? She told you to leave her son alone because you evil and that you lock up her son. These are all your bestie words not mines.

  15. Safiya shut your trap. Him gal go see him every week. Him talk to har every Single day. She is who he’s with all the way, him naaa left har. You just mek him want har more every time you throw her up pon site. Stop with your lies nobody Naa pay you no mind a you alone a kill up yourself. Him friend dem and him family dem know the truth and they are all supporting him and her. So go suck you Madda and bawl cuz that’s all you can do right now.

  16. Safire the point is YOU WILL FOREVER MIND MAN!! BC U a fucking man mascot!!! FROM HIGH SCHOOL AND U NAW STOP OBEAH THEM! U need god! Look how long u did wahhhh breed and now u breed ( for a crufff) that doesn’t claim u and has mad kids u out here looking stupid Asual. Always a cry over man and wanna fight ppl!! Self hate!! All his baby mother them look better than you l!! U did surgery 4 times and u still look like shit! Big black and stink! Shit house Safire! Go get a life and take care of ur kid. Man minding mascot Ass bitch

  17. mi nuh know none but my two cents, which sane woman gonna come out so strong to cuss out the mate who supposedly set up har baby father? not even sound slightly mad at the man, it sound like baby mother a try deflect from something and er…if the slimmas a witness, isn’t this witness intimidation?

  18. Stacia and Tasha go kill y’all self the man in jail his belongs to nobody hahaha next u big mad u lock him up and that’s it abayyy no knowing over here

  19. Three sum Haha u really ran out of words to say now y’all making shit up listen to me your friend is a informer your mad Tasha member the Guyaness man did pull u out in front of chev party door u was collecting money with your belly nine months and come to find out it was never chevs baby I never had no dna done on my princess u don’t see the baby shower pics lol u crawny bad u act like u did want suck off brown man wood the way u going hard Bitxh my baby father don’t want your friend he call and tell me she set him up that’s why u vex

  20. Real talk u more sound like liesss I was in that baby shower and he was happy the pictures is on her ig and his own as well too and I know Jiovani personally he love safiya and he was the one telling everybody in the 90s she was pregnant so stop the lies no dna or threesome was involve that was his woman unno to bad man Lowe the girl stop fight ppl for ppl baby father unno favor shit

  21. Man deh a prison and di woman dem a mad smfh.
    He laughing after you bitches. Gwan cuss each other pon internet till kingdom come. Nobody really give a fuck about the community cocky you a kill up unnu self over don’t you bitches find it draining?

  22. Safire got all these bitches in they feelings as usual. Tasha have 2 kids and no babyfather she try put one of the kids on chev and he run her. Up to this day she cant find the little boy a father #sad.

  23. Omg it sad fire is one hate bitch she fuck everybody she fuck men in America ,Jamaica, England,Trinidad and Guyana lord everywhere safire Jackson give your pussy a rest

  24. Omg is this about about brown man or Safire because unno stuck pon one record now jeez it seem to me we know who the.real Woman is now because this is boring now met next topiccccc

  25. Safiya is a trouble maker from long time and a big time whore too. She fuck pure 50s and 90s man and that’s a fact. She love fight over man ad bully people, she’s a lowlife. I personally would not fuck anyone that wildbeast sleep with because a pure demon she let off. Since she got the surgeries she swear she look good with her greasy looking self. Safiya fighting over a BABY FATHER IS PLAYED OUT mama, go find some ambition and stop the foolishness. You been acting like this since me know you. You fight and trace ga over Chris, Brownman and every man you ever fuck and suck. Is like light skin man mad you tpc. Move up idiot man mascot.

  26. safiya big up yourself u a real celebrity your thing shot you a real mvp I always admire that girl she about her money and always dress nice

  27. Why uno post so long, uno can’t mek dem shorter so mi can read them quicker lol. Cho a yah suh nice. Dem n dem recycled dick and shared man lol. What a set a dance hall girls fi cuss ova man hood uno need to go look some middle East men at least oil money nuff n tap fight ova low lives worthless jamaican non ambition men dat live in the damm projects in usa.

  28. Sapphire you did have him a threesum that night you got pregnant, you claimed you so bad and you can’t own your shit. The guy did do a DNA on that child something he never did with his other baby moms. Why is that granny? You was still stealing clothes and give him so the least he thought he could do was show up to the shower and put on a show. You same one said Brownman love when women mind him so please cut out that bullshit bout shower. Go fix you lean body if you even can because you so old. Where do you even find the time to be on here cussing the guy good woman and you have a young baby? You care more about this guy that your own child and that’s disgusting. The bad thing is the guy don’t even want to talk to you. You wrote him letters and all he does is save them and when his girl go see him every week they read it together and laugh at you. Haha you are a sad old lady. A war over this little boy who could be your son a million times.

  29. Brown man and safiya is the same age group so I don’t know where u getting that from but I could of swear that u same one said that’s his co defenent she got locked up with him so how she visit him that’s against the law now u bitches just making shit up now and everybody know when u on the visiting floor u can’t bting nothing out your cell so stop it

  30. This stink skinny ugly Grenadain bitch wanna be in mixup bad why u still on fire name ms Howard cat I taught u was dead no papers hoe u wanna start agin don’t let me start on u and u know who u are go breed and get your papers this war don’t concern u u too nuff

  31. Tasha u the only bitch that needed a dna for your Battyman son that your brother did fuck that’s why the little boy in consuling u told me that member

  32. We don’t care about nothing u saying stop making this about stinking Safire it’s about u stacia u work with police and she mad the whole of the 90s find out u walk with wire pin yuh body gyal dem say u stacia stop call dem pon three way with brown man cause u trying to set dem up that’s why they don’t answer none of his calls dem and the owner for asylum night club don’t like u everybody dun know u a police rat so abayyy

  33. Tasha me and u same age bitch u mad I accomplished more than u ? Do u have a bank account did U even open one for your children? mines do do u have a credit card or a phone bill u your name did u ever travel out of the country u can’t talk to me that monkey money u make at the hair store is my lunch money fucking bright bout granny mi so old bout mi ah hurt up unno head am laughing at you bitches because am getting under y’all skin how y’all hot for me for a nigga in jail that’s about to get deported all courtesy of your friend fallen star aka stacia listen y’all bitches is even more sick than I taught y’all ran out of words to say till unno chat pure fuckery listen I got money to make got place to go while u worried about me worry about your big belly baby father who fucking on u

  34. Safiya Leanboy Jackson everyone know you ah man mascot so stfu.Be ah Mother to your daugther and stop drop her on Newport by the Obeah lady for days nasty gal.You fuck the whole sh flatbush,50’s,90’s etc them Grenadian and Trini mendont want you bitch they only take an fuck after dance when you drunk.Give the promoting sh rest you cant never have an dance in Brooklyn so give it up.You pay Mappie Champagne for him liquor yet you broke bitch.Brownman dont want you even behind bars bitch you does cry abt it all time when you beg fuck you dont get you so stfu you never was in no relationship with is sh careless you make and get gtfoh.You offer to marry Brownman and he told you know waste gal get some ambition and class abt yourself self love is very important every day you build ah enemy nobody wants to be your friend.Since you love talk bout immigration and ICE how you feel now????Get ah joh bitch and stop their and the fake stuff you wear is Norah good look you stay bad.Big and stink like what happen your carecredit connect dont rock no more to do surgery enquiring mind want to know.

  35. All I know is I could never be going so hard for a guy who is clearly in a relationship with someone else. God a go beat you to send the guy to jail because he’s with someone better than you. That’s your baby father you evil bitch. That’s why you are forever going to be miserable, you fucking old cow. I feel so sorry for that poor child to have a terrible mother like you. I hope his family can get that baby away from you before you hurt her because you can’t and will never have Brownman.

  36. Damn ms Howard cat every time u come on here I know it’s you I hope u pay your landlord cause u don’t like to pay rent why u don’t drop dead by now u wanna be in everything get a child or a man and get off jmg this nuh concern u you the only ugly big lip bitch that get fuck on a drunking night if her clothes fake u wear fake shit too because u use to buy and borrow all her bags when u use to live with her u like 45 no life no man no child no papers but u in young ppl shit bitch bye u are a next walking dead always following up safiya life bitch u don’t see u lose longtime ago U love problems and when ppl see u u can’t watxh dem just keep quite please close your mouth and u need that care credit to fix your breast cause it long like psalms 91 bitch bye

  37. Some much ambition u speaks of and u been here for 20 years and more u 45 with nothing u old drunk all u do is drink your problem away nobody likes u not even your family u came tru Canada so stop it

  38. fake bitch I don’t do fake u mad u can’t get the clothes no more come suck me dry old woman u and your friends dem love watch out mi life unno cat get me out Abayyyy go drink bleach and die bitch

  39. Just asking how can somebody be in a relationship with someone when he is in jail I know brown man he can’t tame the whole of unno favor shit none of unno with him so shut up

  40. This bitch come from Long Island and she use to fuck Casey man she had beat her up in a party years ago she love set up man fi true everybody know her for that she had disappeared a while now she didn’t still doing the same shit wow she work for the police

  41. He don’t care about non of you bitches this off topic safiya shit; people are blind safiya brown man don’t want you babe it’s cool you have your man stop running down baby father likes it’s nasty it don’t look good and quiet frankly is stale! Let’s talk facts he don’t fck with u and you know he don’t stop entertaining these people trying to stay relavant it’s disgusting! Furthermore safiya where you found the girl picture to send on the website ? What real contributions are you doing beside running your mouth ? We will know the truth on who call who on who so let’s leave that set up 90s talk off this post because reality of it all you bitches probably salt him up with y’all pussy ; salty bloodclet ooman dem weh walk round fucking ! Another thing BrownMan and safiya is no where close in age she’s a hard back bitch compared to the 20 something year old man ! Little lesbian got what she wanted a baby red eye off his decent baby mother before you! claps to you sis you have a beautiful child ‼️ But your a ugly Person inside and that’s why he don’t fuck with you. So just quit tired of you bitches dragging this man name someone else man at that . Keep your mouth tf closed if nothing you doing can help because all you doing is creating mores lies about a man that isn’t worried about non of this shit stupid ass bitches get a fucking 9-5 stop steal and fuck man ah day time kmt

  42. @brownman brownman ,You sound like one of his whores ,All yall bitches sound so illiterate and dumb arguing back and forth over BROWNMAN Like really ,Unno need fi get a life the amount of bitches him fuck and duck ,Y’all shoulda shame to come Ah talk shit pin pink wall over a community cocky what don’t like use condom
    And fuck any and anything ,Look which part di man dey ,Him miss ah laugh offs unno when him hear dis back and forth

  43. Tasha it seem like you and stacia ah fuck ,Why you a live up under this post …For something that has nothing to do with you …Your bum ass friend soon get what’s coming to her


  45. Look bighole rica stop from call up my fucking name. What the fuck do I care if you still fucking brownman. All you do is walk and fuck and try keep party and your shit still a fucking flop you and that dog face bitch Bella walk with y’all pussies on y’all faces. Stop from call up my fucking name bitch

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