Renee for a 23 year old dancer yuh pop dung look like you all have young belly yuh fi do better young lady old before dem young I tell you! !!sher ah unno ah eat festival and dumpling for breakfast lunch and dinner mek unno big like hamster cho! Never met nuh team of dancer big and outta shape like sherine n renee. S.N. Renee guh buy some clothes n leave ppl tings alone! word on the street all u do is f*** for free ! Ha


19 thoughts on “23 GOING ON FESTIVAL

  1. Renee look bad fi true. How dem big so fi dancers I will never understand. As them get older it’s gonna get worse as their metabolism slows down. Plus that yellow rats nest on her head needs to be fixed. Blonde is not your colour my dear. It ages you.

  2. She is 23 and look so old ?????? No man ! I am touching 30 and look younger than them both . The wonders a full nights sleep can do along with less alcohol and partying.


  4. I don’t think she’s 23. I seriously think she 32 but true all she can show is dancing it must look bad that at 32 all you can show is you invented puppy tail. In all honesty tho she really wan fix up. She’s a good dance and I always say this. If they only tek time fix up loose some weight and really get into this dancing thing trust mi when I say not one dancer can touch dem. These girls have the talent they just need the whole package. Look at nekiesha the gyal bad but she rather spend her time running down married and suspected batty man den but herself in her work for her and her son. All Sher that girl can travel to the USA let me tell you she should use the as a way to get her and her girls on the map but no just look good dem bout. I wish these girls would get it together.

  5. Noo I am not a hater and frankly the only person I know out the group is sher. Which I honestly think put on too much weight for real. She not even have neck. But on a serious note that blonde hair girl cannot and I repeat cannot be 23 that’s impossible. Me haffi c her birth paper to believe such lies. I keep seeing a photoshoot that she and sher do on my feed and I was just thinking how really bad her body looks and how the weave just showing under the little patch of hair she have over it. And I repeat I am not a hater because I respect how u ladies hustle but come on man. Presentation is everything

  6. My cousin went to school with her she’s 23 years old some people look older then them age plus them bleach ah night time

  7. Jesus mi think a me one di think renee look awful fi a dancer.Sher is so cute,the fact seh sher know fi do makeup mi look pon har different cause renee neva yet look good.

  8. Best believe she a 23 and she no just too long turn 23 too, check her page, she no soon turn 24! You wanna she her without makeup……that would be another topic all to itself

  9. So Marvin really lef him wife and all up and dung and a pose with di next dancer..what a wicked bwoy!!

  10. The nickisha she just deh behind a Marvin pee pee cluck cluck. I ain’t mad atchya, clearly it’s been your man.

  11. So u a tell me say these big women don’t know that ur body needs rest? Fine, u bleach at nights cause that’s ur job, to dance at parties. But u still need to go home before the sum comes up and get your 6-8 hours of daily rest. And stop nyam and go sleep tight after, that’s a recipe for diabetes and heart disease.

  12. But any how who did know sher do her breast an her butt thats a fact an renee jus turn 23 the other day was her birthday

  13. That’s how you look when too much night dew fall pon you.. Start look Old before them young…point of no return

  14. Apart from the bleaching both ladies look fine to me but I would put both of them in their early thirties. As well as that, excess weight is very ageing. She could lose 10 lbs and would probably lose 10 years.

  15. unuh fi sidung tell mi now since wen yu haffi be mawga to dance kmft gweh guh look hype sum weh else…
    Tun up di ting ladies evidently unuh a do a damn good job if u have haters

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