Three police officers are feared dead after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish Kip Holden told CNN. “There is still an active scene. They are investigating. Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything. It’s just been one thing after another,” Holden said.

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13 thoughts on “3 POLICE DEAD IN LOUISIANA

  1. U know what??imma just gonna come outn say it!!Obama’s presidency has actually made america more racially Divided than ever.

    Do u know many prominent people(esp blks) has put forward the argument that things were better off under segregation for Black ppl??

  2. They have push people to the limits, the people are not taking anymore bullshit… USA spends billions on military and wars every year, while the people suffer, states going broke and altogether little or no justice…
    The tide has turned now they are reaping what they sowed and it ain’t gonna be pretty…

    As for Obama they used him as a puppet…

  3. True thing Ms Met, with Obama in power they got scared thinking black people gonna rise and take over and they felt threatened and started to put up a stronger than before resistance against blacks to show they are still in charge…

  4. Sorry to say that this is going to continue and some innocent people are going to die, these police brought this on themselves, they need to prosecute and get the bad cops out before this gets worst.

  5. the police force is a mirror of white America! they’re disgruntled because they believe president Obama was giving black people too much freebies at their(white people) expense, they’re also disgruntled because Obama in his speeches gave hint that to minimize cases of police brutality the police forces need to be weakened, less military grade equipment, utilities etc. it doesn’t strike a good chord with the police institutions in America especially where middle men contractors and vendors are concerned, so they’re venting their frustration on black people who are the first ones they can get their hands on, hence theese most recent fiascos!

  6. Knowledge is the enemy of White Supremacy; now that we are coming into the know, we are revolting and the [establishment] is using force in their attempts to silence us. Unfortunately, they no longer have the control that they once did. This is the beginning–things are going to get way worst, as they will never cede justice to us.

  7. @yardielovthug America wouldn’t be faced with this problem if their white fourth fathers had made good on their promise to black people after the abolition of slavery, THE 40 ACRES & THE MULE! they made a promise and didn’t make good on it because they thought they knew what they were doing! if black people could build a whole nation with their bare hands at the mercy of the whip imagine what they could do with 40 ACRES! forget 40 acres, just give them 5 and the donkey, the fear was and still is that the 40 ACRES & THE MULE whould make black people economically empowered/independent and thats the last thing they wanted because of slavery they suspect reprisal from black people, so what they did? instead of making good on the promise they have black people sit on their ass, gave them public assistance, welfare, food from the dept. of agriculture, housing etc. as a way to deprive the economic empowerment this went on for generations until now it landed on the backs of their decendants, who are disgruntled and are rebelling and protesting in various ways INCLUDING THROUGH POLICE BRUTALITY, so SEGREGATION or no SEGREGATION the end result will be the same! @ MET you are right REPARATIONS IS A MUST but the question is how?

  8. Under segregation we had a thriving black wall street,we spent within our comunities..our churches,our institutions were stronger n u know why??? Becuase the black family was stronger,we bonded in brotherhood to face a common enemy.We had self reliance.

    Marcus Garvey wasn’t racist when he spent all his life imploring us to focus on our strengths as black ppl n support each other.

  9. They fought against obamacare health plan cuz whites felt it was a concession he made to blacks cuz we all know blk ppl are reknowned for not having insurance esp in usa! Ironically there are whites beneficiaries 100 to 1blk.

    The fact is they rarely turn away white ppl for lack of insurance but they would always turn away the blacks so white ppl have been up in arms that blk ppl now have access to quality affordable health care n sharing the same space as them!

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