OBSERVER ONLINE has learnt that three suspects have been held in connection with the brutal killing of the two United States missionaries in Boscobel, St Mary, on the Weekend.

A source close to the investigation revealed that the suspects were taken into custody a short while ago.

Police reported that 48-year-old Randy Hentzel and 53-year-old Harold Nichols rented motorcycles in Ocho Rios, St Ann, and went on a trail on Saturday. Residents later stumbled upon Hentzel’s body after 12:00 pm, face down with the hands bound. Nichols’ body was found sometime after 2:00 pm on Sunday with his head bashed in.

Autopsies later showed that Hentzel died of a gunshot wound while Nichols’ body had a gunshot and chop wounds.


  1. I juss waan fi know dem get di right people an not juss hurry come up “suspects” fi appease di U.S…

    And God know if ah really dem do di man dem suh…done dem.

  2. Same thing cross my mind!!! First time ja police on the job crime solve so quick give me a break killers still on the loose

  3. Everyone know know u dont go on rd alone at nite in ja somebody forgot to give these missionary that memo its unfortunate rip to them both

  4. Those Haitians polluted our soil. All those heinous murders and barbaric behavior came from them. Look how they burning all the trees on the island to make coal. Them soon start eat the f**king dirt like they do in Haiti. Jamaican was bad yes, but since thousands of haitians moved their the whole vibration changed. They all should be captured and killed because they are evil and destructive. In the 90’s they were raping,killing and mutilating Jamaican children because they believed that having sex with a child would cure their AIDS. Some of the foolish Jamaicans followed those animals just like how they are picking up their nasty style of harming the innocent. Kill mi dead ah dem cause it

  5. This jus a gi Jamaica bad name .jah know these people were helping others
    Come on have a heart I hope is the right people dem hold
    Dem tek people life di nutten

  6. Sigh, I really hope they didn’t just pick some random “fall guys” to appease the U.S government.

  7. Waiting to hear what’s the motive because Jamaican don’t kill white people jus so. And worse they were known for doing good works in the community.

    If is just a petty robbery a hope them hang the boy dem by dem b@lls.

  8. I hope they catch the bastards.. If not no visa nah run. America don’t ramp wid dem citizens

  9. Something is not right robbery don’t attracts such heinous crime. There is some other motive the media is hiding

  10. I am hearing that it might be over some land business. You know how country people are when it comes to family land. waiting to hear the full story

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