The Clarendon police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a 28-year-old woman allegedly by her three-year-old son.

The incident happened sometime around 3 o’clock in the quiet rural community of Nairne Castle in James Hill, Clarendon, shattering the usual Saturday afternoon solitude.

The deceased, identified as Rhea Ricketts otherwise called ‘Lucky’, was pronounced dead at the Spaldings Hospital in Manchester.

She had one bullet wound to the forehead.

Ricketts lived in Spanish Town, St Catherine but was in Clarendon to pick up the three-year-old child and his one-year-old brother after spending the Easter holidays with their grandmother.

The police say the firearm used in the shooting belongs to the child’s father who is a cop based in St Catherine.

It’s reported that the father, having worked last night, was taking a nap after transporting Ricketts to Clarendon to pick up the children.

He had reportedly placed the gun underneath his pillow before he went off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Junior Ricketts, the elder brother of the deceased said he was on his way to the house when he saw a family member overwhelmed with tears.

He said he enquired what was wrong and was told that Rhea had been shot by the three-year-old boy.

The police have swabbed the child’s hands and have taken his clothes for forensic examination.

At the house where the incident happened, there was uncontrollable weeping up to late this evening when a Gleaner team visited.


  1. WOW…the 3-year old is good shot. Why would Police Officer have a gun under his pillow with the safety off?

  2. met this reminds me of the story bout 4 or 3years back, in Miramar, florida , when the man killed his babymother and blame it on the little baby boy. comes to find out is Merciless family :travel

  3. Dis remind mi of the 2yo who shot and killed his mother in Walmart recently . what a tragedy, but supm in the milk aint clean bout da one ya.

  4. The father did it. An while reading this story I was like I hope they do testing for gunshot residue. An turn out they do. R.I.P young lady

  5. A de man himself kill de ooman. I never hear of a 3 year old being a sharp shooter, ever, in my life!

  6. My granny live in the same district and she tell me that di man kill di girl.. Dem have problems long time. Dis wicked man a pin the mother death on this poor child is disgusting. He is gonna get what he deserve when it come back to show no gunshot residue. Everyone in this community is so close everybody feel it.

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