Suh we waah fi know weh d car deh dwpcrl ca me c dis gyal a tek taxi wah Mek u mawga suh is your medication finish and who see z video wid yuh batty man n the boy a f**k him wyooiii what is this in Mobay this gal is a disgrace a bay enuh everybody a laugh y u nuh go dead gyal yuh is a walking dead


10 thoughts on “35 STORY INA ONE

  1. The person that send this in boring bad. Everybody now seh Yan have Sickle cell. This girl been sick her hole life suh wah the point. Wah yuh a try seh a aids she have. Unno mobay ppl get pon my nerve; because, all unno do is f**k Inna circle

    1. suck pussy suck cockjancro kingston known for aids because y’all ugly as f**k and f**k around like dog shit. don’t come for mobay people because one they are richer and two they look better and can afford more real shit…FOH HOE

  2. de phuck’n hate is real,mine yuh end up dead before har enuh….yuh nuh av nuh pus-c fi guh use yuh mouth wash out community unpaid watcher?!?!?! kmft

  3. Bwoy when you dumb you dumb. She has sickle cell, people who have it nuh usually fat, her weight going go up and down because of the illness. And yes she is walking dead as you say, because at any moment it can take over and kill her, since is that you praying on. The fact that she still alive is a miracle.

    She tek taxi, so what? Mi hav a car and tek taxi same way. And I guess it never cross you mind that maybe she so weak out sometimes because of her illness that she caan manage to drive.

    (my sister have sickle cell disease and ppl always a mek comment bout her too, but is a pity the idiots don’t even understand how much people with this illness have to fight everyday to stay alive)!

  4. spoon thats true cause mi have one friend with the disease and it even give her a stroke in the left eye. them ppl deh no normally fat at all. some ppl need to watch dem own dirty lives.

  5. what you saying is true spoon because me have one friend with the disease and a constant battle them have to all a watch her blood count and all. dem ppl no normally fat.

    1. Dah illness deh wicked like cancer! Mi hate when ppl a talk an nuh hav nuh understanding. The girl hav an illness and dem things deh a serious suptn. Like she siddung a wait pon suptn fi happen to di girl! Kmt!

  6. Sender go suck yuh mada and go take care of yuh dunce pickney and yuh whoring man. We know it’s u bulb yeye gal.

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